BREED + EDUCATE = MYTHIC KINGDOM: Outstanding family breeders of the world's most beautiful and tiny rare colored hairless and powderpuff Chinese Crested puppies & the rare breed of the sweetest Mi Ki puppies. Sharing the love of Cresteds and Mi Kis with you!

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2/4: Puppy pictures and videos of teacup sized Chinese Crested Prince Tiger and micro sized Princess Tora posted.

1/29: Pictures of our newest available Mi Ki puppies posted. Princess Fifi and her brother, Prince Frankie. They are too cute!

1/21: Pictures of Chinese Crested puppies, Prince Bentley and Princess Guinevere, taken with and without clothes. Guinevere is being adopted by Dawn who has 3 of our Chinese Crested girls. She is addicted to our tiny Cresteds.

1/2/18: Chinese Crested Princess Barbie is adopted by Julie and Gary. One of her parents or a puppy nanny will bring her home when she is around 10 months. Her new name is Haukea which means snow white in Hawaiian.

12/16: Chanel’s Chinese Crested puppies pictures taken with the tiniest clothes, collars and harness. These items are for sale (they are Asian sizes and smaller than American sizes).

10/26: Judith who flew in (lives in Germany) to meet us is adopting Chinese Crested Prince Calisto.  He will fly to CA or Germany with a Puppy Nanny in early January.


The only place in the world for the smallest hairless & Powderpuff  puppies. We specialize in rare colored eyes. Low/medium-medium energy dogs bred as super loving, smart, and devoted life co-pilots.


The rare made in the USA “Forever Puppy” breed of long coat little Mi Kis. Long coats are non shedding medium to medium/lower energy dogs bred to be smart, playful, and adorable little life companions.


Focus on educating and supporting Puppy Parents through phone calls, emails, visits at our home, videos, Skpye sessions, pictures, texts and articles.


Going above and beyond what other breeders do, constantly striving to learn, improve and setting the highest standard of excellence as breeders.


5 star references from families who have and love Mi Kis or Cresteds and have visited Mythic Kingdom to bring home their 1st or 3rd Mythic Kingdom Puppy.



Our passion:  Breeding the smallest sized Chinese Crested puppies, blue eyed and odd eyed Chinese Crested puppies in the world, as well as the rare breed of tiniest Mi Ki puppies out of health tested parents.  To go above and beyond what other breeders do by treating each puppy and our valued puppy families like royalty.

Our mission:  Share the love of Mi Ki puppies and hairless and powderpuff Chinese Crested puppies with you.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”

Steve Jobs

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