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Puppy Supplies

March 23, 2016.GET READY INFORMATION.#Bringing Puppy Home

SUPPLIES FOR YOUR PUPPIES HOME COMING Christina will assist you in ordering the food, supplements and treats. She will email you with our kit options and set everything up. Christina is also available to assist you on the rest of the puppy supplies, if needed. PET NUTRITION Puppy/Dog Food: Over the years, we have tried [...]

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Mi Ki Hair Colors

March 21, 2016.MI KIS INFORMATION.#Mi Ki colors

MI KI BREED INFORMATION Mi Ki Hair Coloring Mi Kis are just marvelous little creatures and their hair color ranges from pure white to sable to midnight black.  They can and do change their hair coloring as they grow. They come parti or multi colored or in a solid color.  Since there is such a [...]

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Ideal Mi Ki puppy dog

March 5, 2016.MI KIS INFORMATION.#Mi Ki sizes

MI KI BREED INFORMATION THE FOREVER PUPPY DOG The rare Mi Ki (pronounced Mee Kee) is an intelligent, calm, sweet matured and affectionate dog.  They have a moderate activity level making them ideal for apartment or condo living as well as in a house. They can easily be trained to use a pee pad, litter box [...]

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