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Meaning of the name Mythic

May 23, 2016.GENERAL INFORMATION.#Mythic Kingdom

Why we are called Mythic Kingdom Meaning of the name Mythic pronounced as “mith ik” When we brought home our first Chinese Crested girl on a show contract, our breeder asked us what name we wanted for her AKC name. Since we were getting her on a breeding/show contract, we will have our name as [...]

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Mi Ki: Ideal Puppy Family

May 23, 2016.MI KIS INFORMATION.#Mi Kis

Our ideal Mi Ki puppy & ideal Mi Ki family You probably met one of our sweet Mi Ki puppy and now want a Mi Ki puppy, young adult or retiring adult of your own. You have thought about him or her or them. You have dreamed of one day kissing and loving your Mi [...]

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