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November 7, 2016.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#Chinese Crested videos

CHINESE CRESTED: KING G DRAGON Picture taken at 8 months and only 5 pounds. Picture taken at 11 weeks hanging out with friends and greeting all the visitors. He has a goatee in this picture as Tim thinks it looks cute on some boys. Picture taken at 7 weeks. He is an ideal hairless Chinese [...]

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Hairless #1

November 7, 2016.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#hairless

HAIRLESSNESS - #1 BALD NAKED Pictures taken at day 3, week 8 and at 16 1/2 weeks. LEVEL OF HAIRLESSNESS:  We have met a lot of Chinese Cresteds over the years from other breeders, as well as the puppies born in our home. Just when we thought we have seen the most bald naked Chinese [...]

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Degrees of Hairlessness

November 7, 2016.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#Chinese Cresteds

#3 TRUE HAIRLESS DEGREES OF HAIRLESSNESS Chinese Cresteds are still an exotic breed, filled with mystery. In particular, the amount of hair a hairless Chinese Crested can have is mysterious to most people. Chinese Cresteds can be born with double layer of hair, powderpuffs, and as hairless. But hairless puppies can be almost bald naked [...]

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