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MI KIS: Princesses Coco & Lexi

November 21, 2016.MI KIS INFORMATION.#adopted Mi Kis

MI KIS: ADOPTED PRINCESSES COCO & LEXI micro sized Princesses Coco and Lexi are both only 4 pounds. They are adopted  by a family that had a home in New Jersey and in Florida but after adopting Coco, they moved full time to Florida. They do come up to NYC/NJ area often with Coco and [...]

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CRESTED: Prince Quincy

November 21, 2016.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#adopted Chinese Cresteds

CHINESE CRESTED: ADOPTED PRINCE QUINCY super micro sized Quincy is the most naked hairless Chinese Crested boy we have ever bred or seen. When he was  born, I was thrilled because I love true naked Cresteds. SIBLINGS: His Mom had 3 boys so we named them after famous martial artists. Quincy was named Jet because [...]

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