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CRESTEDS: Maestro, Mozart, Major & Muzette videos

December 6, 2016.CHINESE CRESTED VIDEOS.#blue eyed Chinese Cresteds

CHINESE CRESTED VIDEOS: Queen Coco and King Mickey's puppies DOB 11/12/16 from left to right in the picture above: Prince Mozart, Princess Muzette, Prince Maestro and Prince Major From true hairless to super hairy hairless, this set of hairless Chinese Crested puppies are really pretty. Plus the two puppies have the blue green eyes. Mythic [...]

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CRESTEDS: Prince Smokey and Prince Bandit

December 6, 2016.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#adopted Chinese Cresteds

CHINESE CRESTEDS: ADOPTED TOGETHER PRINCE SMOKEY and PRINCE BANDIT 11/19/16:  "We just came back from our first family outing (in New Hampshire). Smokey and Bandit are great travelers! They slept quietly the whole trip here (5 hours on Thursday evening). They are such good boys!! Each of them has put on about a pound already! [...]

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