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Ideal Hairless Skin

April 27, 2017.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#hairless

HAIRLESS CHINESE CRESTED SKIN Skin care is one of the basic questions Chinese Crested parents ask. We breed for perfect skin, without blackheads or blemishes of any kind. It is based on genetics, nutrition, and grooming products used. Most Cresteds will go through some breakouts during their teen years, 4 months to 1 year. It [...]

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CRESTEDS: Cowboy (Dorian), Donovan, Fishlegs (Deacon) & Dahlia Hope videos

April 27, 2017.CHINESE CRESTED VIDEOS.#Chinese Crested videos

Videos of our tiny sized hairless and powderpuff Chinese Crested puppies playing and being socialized by us and families who come to us to visit their puppy.Videos of each puppy are posted, as well as group videos. If you like our articles, you can: click LIKE (under the header picture above) and leave a comment [...]

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