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Mythic Chinese Crested Benji

November 16, 2017.Mythic Kingdom.20 Likes.6 Comments

Benji 6 pounds and his standard sized brother 12 1/2 pounds

Zak is on the left and Mythic Benji is on the right. They are both example of hairless Chinese Cresteds. Benji was born at Mythic.  Zak was bred by another Chinese Crested breeder.

Mythic Kingdom Benji is a hairless pink and palomino Chinese Crested bred at Mythic Kingdom. He was an absolutely lovely little boy when he was with us. Now that he is all grown up, he is just as cute and sweet. He is a boy a of people ask us about. “He’s so cute.” “We want one like him.” “I’m in love.” The songs of adoration goes on and on. So this page is for all you Mythic Benji fans.

Benji went home to his Forever Parents, Jann and Jeff, when he was around 5 months. We told them he would be really tiny compared to the standard size. They have a standard sized true hairless Chinese Crested boy, Zak, from another breeder. Benji and his big brother Zak gets along great.

Mythic Benji playing with Tim at 15 weeks in this video.

11/12/17: Email update from his Mommy

“Benji is 6 pounds, Zak is 12 1/2 pounds. Zak is going to be 13 in February. I can’t believe it.

Benji is a little trouble maker. He keeps Zak young. Zak likes to sleep in in the mornings, where Benji prefers to bounce out and seize the day. hmmmmm kind of like Jann and Jeff. So then Benji want to know why big brother isn’t as happy as he is about getting up.

They are serious snuggle bugs with each other when Benji get’s tired.

Benji loves to play and is such a happy boy. It’s hilarious when we say no to him. He very dramatically drops to a military crawl and goes full on cute face. It’s so hard not to just bust up laughing.

Here’s one more pic… the guys love their pawTree. 😀

We do love our boys!!”

Home of the smallest Chinese Cresteds in the world.

Benji is a 3-4 on the Mythic Hairlessnesss Scale, while Zak is about a 2. Since we did not breed him, we don’t know how much body hair versus furnishings Zak had as a baby. But based on the photo sent by his parents, he looks like a true hairless. Benji was born all pink with white furnishings. He had a sprinkling of body hair but very little with crest that grew down his neck. As he grew, the tiniest and palest tan spots developed. These are the palomino spotting which will darken in the summer with the sun. The palomino coloring can be anywhere from milk to deep dark chocolate.

Thank you Jann and Jeff for being such great puppy parents, and for sharing your photos and updates with us.

“I will not be just a tourist in the world of images, just watching images passing by which I cannot live in, make love to, possess as permanent sources of joy and ecstasy.”

Anais Nin

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  • (Author) Mythic Kingdom . November 24, 2017 .

    Dear RyanH. He’s going to be bigger if he’s already 5 pounds at 8 weeks. Our puppies are much smaller at that age. Benji was not even 2 pounds when he was 8 weeks. By the time he left our home with a puppy nanny around 15 weeks, he was around 3 pounds. Do you know the sizes of his parents and grandparents? That will give you a good idea of his projected adult size. You should speak with his breeder. She or he should have gone over all that during the interview process. Also, 8 weeks is very young for a puppy to go home. Most of ours are eating food and supplements and still nursing. Please make sure you take your puppy to your vet for a wellness checkup and he has had his 1st puppy vaccination. No matter what size, love him and give him lots of kisses.

  • RyanH. . November 24, 2017 .

    We have a pink and palomino hairy hairless Chinese Crested puppy. He is 8 weeks and is 5 pounds already. Do you know how big he’s going to get? His breeder said he’s going to be small. We wanted smaller as our other Crested boy is 17 pounds.

  • (Author) Mythic Kingdom . November 23, 2017 .

    Hi Ron. Thank you!!! We are really thankful for our wonderful puppy families!

  • ronald . November 23, 2017 .

    We have been parents to 11 Chinese Cresteds so far. Nova is our 4 pound of baby love. She is 7 years old and the sweetest baby ever. We have our 16 pound super hairy hairless Lacey who is Nova’s cuddle sister. Lacey and our other Crested babies have all been adopted from AKC show breeders, except for 1 that was from a pet shop in Florida. (yes we know that was not the best decision). They have ranged from 11 pounds to 19 pounds, from very hairy to powdepuffs. Of course Nova is the smallest Crested we have. We have always loved our Cresteds no matter the size, color or amount of hair but after being Nova’s parents, there are differences. It’s not just the much smaller size. We were at first concerned that smaller meant not has healthy. We were concern that we may be getting a runt or a baby that would need extra care. But after knowing Chris and Tim, and loving our Nova, it’s been amazing. Princess Nova is just a gorgeous little dynamo in a tinier body. Dr. Sue always gives her a clean bill of health each year, and so far, she is very very impressed with the health of Nova. Not that smaller Crested is for everyone. But for us, it has been a blessing. From the moment we held her at their home, we knew she was raised in a family setting. Her tail is always wagging and she loves everyone. She was socialized with kids and got so much love, she thinks she is the Princess. The other major upside is, we get to take Nova everywhere as we are not able to do that with Lacey. We do take both girls on vacation since we are able to fly first class but in coach, Lacey is too big to fit under a seat. How what would our life be without our Nova! We love our Nova. Tim and Chris are incredibly knowledgeable and nice. They opened up their home to let us visit prior to adopting Nova and again to pick her up. Most breeders never allow us visit them. Even though Tim and Chris are nice, they are strict. We are devoted Crested parents but even with us, they went over so much. They have a very clear vision of which family is best for their puppies and frankly, we are very thankful that they don’t allow just anyone to adopt. No they are not the standard Chinese Crested breeder with standard Cresteds. We are very thankful that they are not. Over the years, they are always interested in how Nova is, as well as the rest of our family. They really do care which is so rare for a puppy breeder. We really do feel so very blessed in having a baby from them. Their Chinese Cresteds are the best in a miniature version.

  • Josh . November 22, 2017 .

    We are so thankful for our Mythic puppy, Blu Belle. She is the most precious Crested ever. We love all our Cresteds but so far, she is the smallest and we have never had any medial issues with her at all. After you have a puppy from Mythic Kingdom, you’ll know how lucky you are.

  • Josephine189 . November 21, 2017 .

    I love him!!! He is so cute! I loved watching his video when he was little so it is great seeing pictures of him all grown up. What a cute pip squeak! My Crested boy would look like a giant next to him. ;-D

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