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The only breeders of the world's smallest and sweetest hairless and powderpuff Chinese Cresteds, specializing in the rarest of eye colors. We thoughtfully and carefully breed and raise the tiniest sized double blue eyed, odd eyed, green, hazel, amber, brown and black eyed Chinese Cresteds. Yes, our tiny babies are the smallest Chinese Cresteds out there. But they are also bred for health, absolute beauty, loyalty, smarts and charm. We super socialize our puppies from day 1 with our entire family, husband, wife and 2 children. We also give an unheard of 8 year health guarantee. Ask other Chinese Crested breeders if they will do what we do. There maybe imitators who will come along but non will ever go above and beyond like we do for our puppies and puppy families. As human parents, we place great emphasis and value on dreaming big, hard work and always striving to improve.

Come visit us and see why families who know and love Chinese Cresteds adopt their third puppy from us, as well as why first time Crested families choose us when they are bring home their first puppy love. Yes, we go above and beyond what other breeders do and it shows in our exceptional puppies and the outstanding references from our puppy families.

More information on the history, skin care, health, grooming, pictures of true hairless, hairy hairless, super hairy hairless and powderpuff Chinese Cresteds that have already been adopted and other information can be found on the Chinese Crested Q&A page.

You can leave a comment, feedback or suggestions at the end of each article. If you would like to see other information posted in this category, please let us know. We strive to educate and support our puppy families.

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Crested Ear Grooming

November 17, 2017.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#hairless powderpuff grooming

 4 of 5 Videos: trimming the ears Tim uses a #40 or #10 Andis ceramic blade for the ears, depending on the look he wants. We do not shave the ears with a raiser. Hairless #0-4 do not get their ears trimmed as they either do not have any or there's so little. Hairless #5-7 [...]

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Crested Body Grooming

November 17, 2017.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#hairless powderpuff grooming

 2 & 3 of 5 Videos: trimming the body Tim uses a #40 Andis ceramic blade for the body. We do not shave the body with a razer. We do not use hair remover like Nair. Our Chinese Cresteds are so pretty that this is all they need. As a warning to others, using hair [...]

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Crested Face Grooming

November 17, 2017.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#hairless powderpuff grooming

 1 of 5 Videos: trimming the face Mythic Prince Fishlegs (was born as Deacon) is our young adult model for this series of grooming. He is a hairy hairless chocolate colored Chinese Crested man. He is a very hairy hairless. He lives with his Mommy and 3 other Mythic Kingdom Chinese Cresteds. INTRO TO CRESTED [...]

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Mythic Chinese Crested Benji

November 16, 2017.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#adopted Chinese Cresteds

Benji 6 pounds and his standard sized brother 12 1/2 pounds Zak is on the left and Mythic Benji is on the right. They are both example of hairless Chinese Cresteds. Benji was born at Mythic.  Zak was bred by another Chinese Crested breeder. Mythic Kingdom Benji is a hairless pink and palomino Chinese Crested [...]

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Crested Adult Hair Trim Intro

November 8, 2017.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#hairless powderpuff grooming

INTRODUCTION TO CHINESE CRESTED HAIR TRIMMING Chinese Cresteds are born as hairless or powderpuffs. Within the hairless group, there are varying degrees of hairlessness. Whether your Crested is a true hairless or all the way to super hairy or a powderpuff, these video articles will show you how to easily trim your Crested to perfection. [...]

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CHINESE CRESTED: GKhan pictures & videos

November 3, 2017.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#Chinese Crested videos

Prince GKhan is a great example of a hairy Chinese Crested #5. At 8 months, his furnishings are growing long and he looks amazing. He is a medium energy Chinese Crested with lots of love and play. Baby pictures of GKhan growing are posted, as well as videos of him. I had named him GKhan [...]

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Hairless #5

October 25, 2017.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#hairless

HAIRLESSNESS - #5 THE AVERAGE AMOUNT OF BODY HAIR AND FURNISHINGS A HAIRLESS CHINESE CRESTEDS HAVE Pre grooming below Post grooming below LEVEL OF HAIRLESSNESS: Number 5 hairless Chinese Cresteds have the average amount of body hair versus furnishings. That is why they are #5 right in the middle. They may have a thick band [...]

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Chinese Crested Hair Color Change – chocolate


Chocolate colored Chinese Cresteds Chinese Cresteds are born in many hair and skin colors. Some families ask for very specific colors while most do not care what coloring they have since they love all Crested. For the families who have or had Cresteds, they know Chinese Cresteds are color changing artists. From birth to late [...]

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High Energy Level Crested

October 11, 2017.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#blue eyed Chinese Cresteds

Bold, Inquisitive, and Super Loving LOW - MEDIUM - HIGH Who's the four legged kid with a zest for life? They absolutely love everyone and everything. The wind is blowing so they're happy. The bees are buzzing so they are happy. They are the playful and loving monkeys in a tiny pony body. Life is [...]

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Medium Energy Level Crested

October 11, 2017.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#Chinese Crested videos

Confident, Loving, and Playful LOW - MEDIUM - HIGH Who's the happy four legged kid with the wagging tail and ready for loving. They are curious, confident, and just like all Cresteds, they are always willing to give lots of love to their humans. They may be in the middle of play with other four [...]

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