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post adoption At Mythic Kingdom, our puppy families are treated like royalty. We stay in touch with our families and provide post adoption support. We stand behind our Chinese Crested puppies and Mi Ki puppies. Most articles can apply to most families but few articles are just for our puppy parents. These articles require a password. All families who are about to adopt one of our Chinese Cresteds or Mi Kis will get the password. If you have one or several of our puppies and don't have a password, please email us so we can give it to you. Feel free to leave a comment, feedback or suggestion on these articles. If you want information that is not posted here, send us an email and we will work on it. The most important part of being a great puppy parent is to love your pet as individuals and take the time to make each moment special.
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Puppies from Other Breeders

October 12, 2016.POST ADOPTION INFORMATION.#Breeders

QUESTIONS from families with puppies from other breeders or with rescue dogs In the past, we have had many families how have bought a puppy from other breeders calling us asking for guidance and assistance. The first thing we ask is, "Have you contacted your breeder? They should be the ones to guide you." When [...]

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