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CHINESE CRESTED: Haukea, Ziggy (Bentley) & Alina pictures & videos

November 4, 2017.Mythic Kingdom.11 Likes.5 Comments
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ADOPTED: Prince Bentley has been renamed Ziggy. He is adopted by Clarke and Nico who already love a standard sized, 13 pounds, Chinese Crested.

ADOPTED: Princess Barbie is adopted by Julie and Gary. Her new name is Haukea, Hawaiian for snow white. She will stay with us until she is about 10 months and then fly home with one of her parents or a puppy nanny.

ADOPTED: Princess Alina is adopted by Dan and family. They met 1 of our Chinese Crested girls and following a high recommendation, they put down a deposit before Princess Alina was born.  Alina’s Mom fly out to pick her up. Alina lives with her parents, 3 human siblings and a standard sized Chinese Crested brother.

Group picture at week almost 6 weeks: Mythic Princess Alina, Mythic Prince Bentley, Mythic Princess Barbie in the order of size (notice Alina and Bentley’s ears are up while Barbie’s are just starting to go up).

Group picture at week 3: Mythic Princess Alina, Mythic Prince Bentley, Mythic Princess Barbie.

These babies will most likely show palomino spotting as they get a bit older with more gold showing up in the furnishings. Due to their light coloring, it a challenge to take pictures of such tiny babies and really show off their beauty. As we do not photo shop or alter our puppy pictures in any way, we will experiment with different lighting to capture them as they are. They are very healthy and  are so adorable.

Princess Barbie and Prince Bentley are about a 7-8 hairless. Princess Alina is about a 5 hairless.

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11/16/17: Princess Alina at week 3.

12/4/17: Princess Alina at week almost 6 weeks and both ears up.


11/16/17: Prince Bentley at week 3.

12/4/17: Prince Bentley at week almost 6 weeks. He’s having lots of fun playing with Tim’s hand. Still has his Mohawk.


11/16/17: Princess Barbie at week 3.

12/4/17: Princess Barbie at almost 6 weeks.


11/3/17: video of the puppies at day 9

11/16/17: video of the puppies at week 3

12/4/17: video of the puppies at almost 6 weeks. From left to right: Princess Alina, Prince Bentley, and Princess Barbie.

Group pictures taken at 3 week from left to right: Mythic Princess Alina, Mythic Prince Bentley, and Mythic Princess Barbie.

Group pictures taken at 9 days: Mythic Prince Bentley is pink with all white furnishings hairy hairless #8 Crested with the Mohawk cowlick. Mythic Princess Barbie is a pink and palomino hairy hairless #8 Crested with all white and gold furnishing. Mythic Alina is the hairless #5 pink with white furnishings girl.

Learn more about the different degrees of hairlessness in hairless Chinese Crested breed, as well as sizes.

We are the only breeders to have the smaller sized hairless and powderpuff Chinese Crested. See the differences in sizes in adult Mythic Kingdom Chinese Cresteds versus the standard sized adult Chinese Cresteds from all other breeders. Mythic Kingdom adults look like forever puppies.


Home of the smallest and tiniest sized Chinese Crested puppies in the world, and the rarest colored eyed Cresteds!

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Comments (5)

  • RoyceSmall . April 25, 2018 .

    We have been checked your site for couple of years now and it just keeps getting even better. 100% appreciation.

  • (Author) Mythic Kingdom . November 23, 2017 .

    Dear Mam055Small. We have a very strict adoption process. The information is on the Chinese Crested Q&A page. In brief, all families are required to read the information posted on our website. Yes, it’s a lot but it’s there to educate. After we receive a completed adoption form, we arrange a call. If that goes well, we will invite you to our home to meet us and our puppies. If you are within driving distance, we do ask that you come. Many of our families have flown in to visit/ and or pick up their puppy. Only after we get to know you and vice versa, we have answered your questions, know what your ideal puppy is, your lifestyle… only then will we accept a deposit. So the first step is to read the Crested Q&A page. Thank you, Mythic Kingdom

  • Mam055Small . November 23, 2017 .

    Your puppies are so beautiful. How do we send in a deposit to reserve Princess Barbie?

  • (Author) Mythic Kingdom . November 5, 2017 .

    Dear Lovesunandsnow,
    Thank you for your feedback. It’s great you take your Crested to as many places as possible. Yes, our puppies are not cheap and we are also very particular about who gets to adopt our puppies. They are treated like little Prince and Princess at our home and we want each of them to continue the lifestyle of royalty. Of course not all our families are super affluent. Some are middle class parents who love Cresteds. We want to make sure each parent is able to care for our puppies. In the mean time, enjoy the pictures and videos. Best regards, Mythic Kingdom

  • Lovesunandsnow . November 4, 2017 .

    These puppies are darling. 😀 I have a Crested girl and she is my sweet baby love. After having her, I started to lots of research and found your site and am a long time fan. Your puppies are just the most darling. I cannot seem to pick a favorite. I didn’t know I could have a Crestie that is a toy size. The breeder I got my sweet baby from said she was one of the smallest Cresteds she ever had, at 12 pounds. Now she is 16 pounds. I do take her to as many places as I can but it would be ideal if she was a bit smaller so she could go EVERYWHERE with me. So with each lovely puppy you have, I just dream of giving a sibling to sweet baby. I know your puppies are worth every dollar so I have been setting money aside to adopt one hopefully next year. I enjoy looking at the pictures of the puppies growing up. 😀 ;-D

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