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Chinese Crested Hair Color Change – chocolate

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Chocolate colored Chinese Cresteds

Chinese Cresteds are born in many hair and skin colors. Some families ask for very specific colors while most do not care what coloring they have since they love all Crested. For the families who have or had Cresteds, they know Chinese Cresteds are color changing artists. From birth to late in life, their hair coloring does change.

We want new Crested families to take the time to read, watch and learn about Cresteds prior to adopting one. This way, the hair change, or skin color change, is not a surprise. As few families are set on a certain colored Crested, we want to make it very clear that the hair color is ever changing.

For some hairless and powderpuff Chinese Crested puppies, the change can be subtle to total transformation. Most puppies color lightens. Few puppies will stay the say color through their life. This is just one of the charm and magic of Chinese Cresteds.

Generally, white hair will always stay white. All other colors will lighten up a bit to a lot. f a puppy has Reds look like brown but it’s red, changing to almost white to a dark blonde. Browns will lighten up from cinnamon to really dark blonde. Of course, some browns, or known as chocolate Chinese Cresteds, will keep the lovely and rare chocolate color. Blacks being a recessive color will lighted to a silver or gray or almost white. Few puppies born with black will keep the black.

This powderpuff Chinese Crested is Prince Gator. He was born a medium milk chocolate color and through the course of his puppyhood, his coat color did lighten up. His Forever Mommy says he is  her cinnamon bun. The last set of pictures are of him at 6 months. You can clearly see his hair color starting to turn darker again, close to his birth color but not quite as dark. Throughout his life, his hair will continue to darkening a bit and then lightening up.

Since he is a chocolate Crested, Prince Gator has the amber hazel eyes, tan nose and lips. We do not tape our Chinese Crested puppies’ ears so Prince Gator’s one ear is up while the other is half up which gives him a really sweet and endearing look. He is a wonderful boy.

Prince Gator at 1 week, 9 weeks, 19 weeks and 6 months. The last two pictures are close up of his hair/coat color changing.


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