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CHINESE CRESTED: LuluBelle, Kendra, Kenny, Korena videos

October 12, 2017.Mythic Kingdom.11 Likes.2 Comments

left to right:  Princess Korena, Princess Kendra, Prince Kenny, and Princess LuluBelle. The K babies are a 1 week in these pictures and are very fat and healthy. LuluBelle is 12 days old in this picture. She’s fat and plump little Crested just the way Tim likes them at this age.

Princess LuluBelle is a gorgeous very hairy hairless Chinese Crested girl with pink skin and tri colored furnishings born to Queen Lily and King Magic Man on 10/2/17. Her hair is mostly white with lovely markings of red and black around both eyes and ears with a tiny spot on her head. These markings will fade out to an off white or blonde coloring as an adult.

Princess Kendra, Prince Kenny and Princess Korena were born to Queen Karma and King Mickey Blue Eyes on 10/7/17. They look like tiny snow balls. Princess Kendra and Prince Kenny are pink with all white furnishings. Princess Korena is pink with mostly white with cream around her head and on her sides. The cream coloring will fade out to an almost white as an adult.

Princess LuluBelle will join Princess Kendra, Prince Kenny, and Princess Korena when she is a bit older for puppy socialization time. Around 3 weeks when the Mommies go out for potty breaks, she will nap with the others. Then she will spend more and more time with them as the Mommies loosen up on spending all their time with their babies. She will not miss out on any developmental milestones by being a singleton.

All of these very hairy hairless puppies will be show stoppers with all their thick furnishings. They will have the thick and flowing crest, long full plume, and the thick gogo boots on their feet. These Chinese Crested puppies will look like miniature show dogs. They will all have the look shown on the web as examples of Chinese Cresteds. Since this is the full furnished look used on the web, most families seek this kind of puppy. You can learn more about the degree of hairlessness hairless Chinese Cresteds can be on our site.

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DOB 10/07/17

10/9/17  Princess Kendra at 3 days old. She and her brother look exactly the same. Thank goodness, they are of different gender.

DOB 10/07/17

10/9/17  Prince Kenny at 3 days old. He is pink with pure white furnishings.

DOB 10/07/17

10/9/17  Princess Korena at 3 days old. He is pink with pure white furnishings.

DOB 10/02/17

10/9: Mythic Princess LuluBelle at 1 weeks old. Isn’t she so pretty?


10/13/17: Mythic Princess Korena, Mythic Princess Kendra, Mythic Prince Kenny, Mythic Princess LuluBelle.

Learn more about the different degrees of hairlessness in hairless Chinese Crested breed. These puppies are #8 on Mythic Hairless Scale.

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  • JimNathan . October 29, 2017 .

    Beautiful example of Chinese Cresteds. Our 1 baby is super hairy also and we adore him. He’s the clown of our family. The other 2 are powerpuffs and the last 1 is a moderately hairy hairless. All of them are so loving, each with a very distinct personality. Your site is just addictive! Someday, one of your baby will be ours. We don’t need the smallest as any of yours will be significantly smaller than our kids. We are not picky about colors either since they are all beautiful. One day your going to get our adoption form.

  • Fresh Yacon Root . October 23, 2017 .

    I take pleasure in looking through your blog site. It was rather thrilling. 🙂

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