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CHINESE CRESTED: Aragon and Aramis videos

April 5, 2018.Mythic Kingdom.10 Likes.2 Comments

Prince Aragon at 4 weeks

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Prince Aragon at 9 weeks starting to model dog clothes

AVAILABLE: Prince Aragon

#8 HAIRLESSNESS Prince AragonKing G Dragon

Prince Aramis at 4 weeks

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Prince Aramis at 9 weeks starting to model dog clothes

ADOPTED: Prince Aramis to Oscar and family

#3 HAIRLESSNESS for Prince AramisG Dragon Ideal Hairless Skin

Mythic King G Dragon has his first set of beautiful sons with Mythic Queen Artie. This is the first litter for Artie also so these boys are special.

Prince Aragon has a really cute doll face and at week 4, he a medium-lower energy boy. He is outgoing and social. He does like to be held and snuggled. When he is on the floor, he likes to take the lead in the play with his brother. He is a super hairy hairless so when he grows up, his furnishings are going to be amazing, looking like a miniature version of an AKC Chinese Crested. The red and black around his head will most likely fade out and he will have pink skin with white and gold furnishings. At 4 weeks, his ears are starting to go up on their own. He is probable going to be very tiny as his Dad is 5 pounds and his Mom is 4 pounds.

Prince Aramis is a lower-medium energy boy at week 4. He’s very chill and is content to be held. He’s face is very much like his Daddy, especially his eyes. If he stays on a similar growth pattern as his Dad, G Dragon, his eyes will get rounder looking and less almond shape. Just like his Daddy, Aramis’ right ear is already almost up and is curled back. His left ear is half way up. His left is a blue color while his right looks like it has some hazel in it but that will most likely change to a medium to golden brown. At 4 weeks, Aramis is very tiny and should end up being around 4-5 pounds only.

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AVAILABLE: Prince Aragon

DOB 3/8/18

Pictures of Prince Aragon Modeling Dog Apparel

Tiny Chinese Crested Prince Aragon is a dog clothing model for DOG+DIVA. He’s gorgeous and has a dynamite personality.

4/5/18: Mythic Prince Aragon at week 4.

4/5/18: Mythic Prince Aragon at week 9 wearing dog clothes for the first time. He thinks the clothes and blankets are his toys.

6/15/18: Mythic Prince Aragon at week 14. He loves to play but is also a lover too! He is a smarty and great at following directions. Voss water bottle is 7.5″ tall to give an idea of his tiny size.

6/15/18: Mythic Prince Aragon at week 14 playing. He is a medium energy Crested and just so cute.

6/21/18: Mythic Prince Aragon at week 15 playing with China’s Chinese Crested puppy girls.

ADOPTED: Prince Aramis

DOB 3/8/18

4/5/18: Mythic Prince Aramis at week 4. (video will be posted by Saturday)

4/5/18: Mythic Prince Aramis at week 9 starting to model dog clothes and beds from DOG+DIVA PET FASHION BOUTIQUE. He’s more interested in us than modeling.


Prince Aragon and Prince Aramis at week 4

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  • eggB55 . May 9, 2018 .

    adorable cresteds 😀 I want to bring home all of them!!! We are such fans of your puppies. They are the most gorgeously lovely Chinese Cresteds!!!! ;-D

  • JimNathan . April 24, 2018 .

    I think your blog articles are just wonderful!.
    You must hear it all the time, but I thought I would let you know how informative you are. Even as life long Chinese Crested parents, we have learned a lot from your site over the couple of years. Our breeders did not share these breed specific information with us. We also commend you for being so thoughtful in interviewing families. You are setting a standard very few breeders can ever reach or even attempt to.

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