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CHINESE CRESTED: Tiger, Saki videos

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2/4/18 Prince Tiger at 10 weeks

11/29/17 Prince Tiger at day 4.

2/4/18 Princess Tora at 10 weeks

11/29/17 Princess Tora at day 4.

PENDING: Prince Tiger to Johnny and Royce. His new name is Archie.

ADOPTED: Princess Saki (birth name Tora) to Monica

Mythic Queen Saki To Me “Saki” and Magic Man gave us 2 gorgeous colored Chinese Crested puppies. This is a repeat breeding. Saki gave us a boy and a girl and they turned out to to be very tiny. Princess Kimono as an adult is under 4 pounds and Prince Saki, was born as Obi, is only 5 pounds. They are both super hairy hairless with the same coloring of pink and apricot spotted skin with white, black and tan (looks like brown) hair with the faintest tiger striping. It was less since they had a lot of white hair. Kim and Saki both have the really pretty girl faces of both the Mom and their Dad. Tiger and Toro are born with the same colors too but with a stronger tiger striped pattern. They should also end up being really tiny sized and very pretty.

We have only had a handful of Chinese Crested puppies born with this tiger striped color patterning. It does fade out but it sure looks pretty. We will post examples of super hairy hairless and powderpuff puppies born at Mythic Kingdom with similar patterning to show how it looks as they grow.

The names of these puppies are inspired by their color and markings. Of course the name Tiger is self explanatory. Tora is tiger in Japanese so we thought that is a great name for the Princess. Besides, my nickname when I was young was Tiger. As a child, I was feisty, miniature sized and charming. I know these puppies will be that and so much more!

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Prince Archie (birth name Tiger)

DOB 11/26/17

11/29/17: Mythic Prince Tiger at day 4.

2/2/18: Mythic Prince Tiger at week 10 modeling tiny dog clothes and beds.

2/2/18: Mythic Prince Tiger at week 10. He is one of the best pet model!

Prince Tiger modeling

6/15/18: Tiny Prince Tiger at almost 7 months. He is a medium lower energy boy who is just a sweetie pie. He is a lover and loves to give lots of love. He is only 4 pounds. He still has his unique tiger stripe markings on his skin. It will get darker if he is out in the sun.

Princess Saki (birth name Tora)

DOB 11/26/17

10/29/17: Mythic Princess Tora at 4 days.

2/1/18: Mythic Princess Tora at 10 weeks. She is a very very tiny little Crested.

Princess Saki (Tora) modeling


Prince Tiger and Princess Tora modeling pet clothes, dog beds, collars and more. Tora has her hairless grooming while Tiger has his body hair. We wanted people to see what a very hairy hairless looks like pre-grooming.

Prince Tiger and Princess Tora with their Mommy at day 4. They are very unique with their tiger striping.

Tiger and Tora’s Mom and Dad information link’s below.

Our passion: Breeding the smallest sized Chinese Crested puppies  in the world with rare eye colors out of health tested parents. To go above and beyond what other breeders do by treating each puppy and our valued puppy families like royalty.

Our mission: Share the love of hairless and powderpuff Chinese Crested puppies with you.

“The most magnificent creatures in the entire world, the tiger is.”

Jack Hanna

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    I just Love your babies !!! WOW are they beautiful !!!!!

  • Bee55454 . November 20, 2017 .

    OMG they are pretty!

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