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Pandora, our 4 pound adult Chinese Crested Princess, sitting by her standard sized Chinese Crested sister from another breeder. Yes, our Cresteds are that much smaller

Mythic Kingdom Chinese Cresteds vs. other Chinese Crested breeders

Breeding smaller sized puppies is not new and many dedicated and ethical breeders have spent years devoting to producing smaller puppies in other toy breeds. Shih Tzu, Maltese, Yorkies, Chihuahuas, Poodles, Schnauzers and Collies to name a few have all been bred down in size. Everyone knows there are 3 sizes of Poodles, standard, miniature and toy.

Now, reducing size can be done well or not. There are breeders who know what they are doing and others who are just shooting in the dark. We respect the great breeders who have introduced the smaller sized versions of their favorite breed.

Chinese Cresteds are normally 9-16lbs. They are in the American Kennel Clubs toy category with Shih Tzu, Maltese, Yorkies, Chihuahuas and toy Poodles. So why are they are the standard Crested so big? “Their ratters! Their suppose to be big!” No they are not ratters. Our Cresteds do not rat and I don’t know of any Cresteds that work. They are bed mates, lap warmers, snugglers, kissers, huggers and door greeters.

We have worked diligently to breed for the smaller size by picking smaller parents out of smaller parents and smaller grand parents. We breed for smaller as that is our personal preference. We love them small so we can carry them, take them on car rides and have many on our laps and in bed. It is so great to be able to pick them up with ease and carry them as constant companions without straining our arms or backs. It’s wonderful to put them in a carrier and take them into a store. It’s great when they can come with us to visit friends. Like the general population, friends welcome tiny dogs while the bigger ones should be kept at home.

Mythic Kingdom Chinese Crested puppies are much smaller than the average Chinese Crested puppies. Even though they are tiny puppies, they are bred to be hardy and healthy as well as being stunning looking puppies. They are born to be loved companions and to be included in everyday family life. But like all small creatures, they should be looked after properly.

What is a small, tiny and micro sized Mythic Kingdom Chinese Crested Dog?
“Purse sized”, “teacup” and “micro puppies” are words given by breeders to describe the size or projected size of a tiny puppy, there is no fixed standard even for other small breeds. These are just words to describe the projected size of a puppy. Each breeder has their own definition of teacup or micro to determine different sizes and weights of their puppies.

For us, the focus is first on health and then size. We breed for between 4-8 pounds which is ideal for a toy dog. Within this, we categorize them into 2 size groups:
4-6 & 6-8 pounds
As of 2015, we do have few Chinese Crested puppies that end up being under 4 pounds. These are the ones we call Super Micro Chinese Cresteds and these pups are coveted by our families. Most are girls, as girls end up smaller than boys, but we have had a handful that are super micro boys. We predict them to be around 4 pounds and they end up being smaller than that as adults. In 2016, we will have Chinese Crested puppies that will end up being closer to the 9 pound range since we started our double blue eyed and odd eyed Chinese Crested puppies, they will be in the 7-9 pound range to start and then reduced to the 4-8 pounds over time.

So if you have looked for a smaller Crested, you know they are EXTREMELY RARE or non-existent. Finding a breeder who health test to produce healthy and tiny sized Chinese Crested puppy is a valued rarity. We are the only Chinese Crested breeders dedicated to doing health testing to breed healthy and tiny Chinese Cresteds starting from AKC Champion bloodlines. Since we have taken our time and spent lots of resources on getting and maintaining the smallest and healthiest Moms and Dads, we produce smaller sized puppies (as well as smaller litters).

How do we base projected adult sizes? At Mythic Kingdom, projected sizes are based on the parents and grandparents, birth weight, growth pattern of each puppy, bone structure, when the ears go up naturally (we do not tape ears like other Crested breeders), the adult sizes of the puppies the Mom and Dad have produced and other knowledge we have learned from past experiences. We do our very best to project the final size of a puppy by what we know and observe as each puppy develops. We are usually pretty close to our estimations on size but we do not guarantee it. We have had puppies projected to be around 4 pounds end up being 2.5 pounds, not even reaching 4 pounds. Most of our girls end up in the 4-5 pound range and the boys in the 5-6 pound range. A very few of them get close to the 8 pound range but rarely.

As it is impossible to determine the exact weight of any puppy, if you want a Crested of an exact weight it is best to buy an adult or young adult so you know for sure what the final weight is. That is the only way to be guaranteed the adult size. Even then, if you over feed or your Crested goes through life’s stages, he or she can gain or loose weight. We make care all of these issues so families can love their Crested for who they are and not just size chasers. Yes, we do have families coming to us with “We must have a Crested smaller than 4 pounds.” We tell them that we cannot guarantee that, no good breeder can or should. Yes, we have families who already love one of our micros or tiny Cresteds and they want another one even smaller. “Please breed even smaller, 2 pounds.” We have told them NO! 4-8 pounds as a goal is reasonable for health and the modern lifestyle. Yes, size does matter. But in a world of a few pounds, it’s more important that they love the dog they have. After all, we humans are the same and each of us want to be loved for who we are and not “too bad your a 2 pounds over” or “if you were only a bit tinier.”

We love tiny and our puppy families love them too. We are smaller people so smaller is better or us. Many of our families have Cresteds or have loved them, so they really appreciate how great our puppies are. Many of our puppies are adopted by families who come back for their second or third Crested puppies. We have families adopting one of our puppy after their family or friends adopt one of our Cresteds. We love our puppy families. They get to know us and believe in our very special breeding program. Our passion and mission of sharing tiny size Cresteds with the world is made possible by the support, belief and appreciation from our puppy families. They know us and our puppies. They love us and our puppies. They give us glowing referrals and we are thankful!

Pandora, our 4 pound adult Chinese Crested Princess standing by a standard sized Chinese Crested “Uncle Chester.” Pandora’s human Grandmother is Chester’s Mommy and he and Pandora get playtime. Chester is not a Mythic Kingdom Chinese Crested.

Photos of Pandora taken 7.13.16 by her Mommy, Christine S. Thank you for all the updates on Pandora and for the use of these picture.

Mythic Kingdom has the world smallest Chinese Cresteds!

“We all need to figure out what’s right for us because nothing about life is one size fits all. Even for an Olympian, that’s for sure. And such discovery starts with you paying attention – to yourself.”

David Agus

Comments (13)

  • Josh . November 12, 2017 .

    Our Mythic Blu Belle is almost 4 pounds compared to our Rosie who is 15 pounds. We thought all Cresteds were Rosie’s size since that is what we experienced. We met several Chinese Crested breeders before buying Rosie and met many Cresteds in person. They are all beautiful but….. our Blu Belle is the belle of any ball! It took us couple of years concerned that a miniature Crested may not be as long lived or as healthy but after being owned by Blu Belle, our concerns were unfounded. She has never been sick in her life. She’s a tiny fire cracker of happiness. What a pleasure to have Blu Belle from Mythic Kingdom. They said she was going to be tiny and sweet, and she is that and more. She loves her sister and is the sweetesf little girl. We would never have any Cresteds except from Mythic Kingdom. Our vet agrees too. Not only are their Cresteds so exceptionally pretty, they are by far the most caring breeders we have ever met.

  • JJJS . November 2, 2017 .

    Our current Crested kids are 12, 16 and 19 pounds. These are the sizes we have had over the years, from hairy hairless to puffs. We always thought this was the standard sizes. When we went to dog shows, the Cresteds were the sizes of our larger ones, I think around the 15 pounds range. And they were all super hairy with the amazing furnishings. It must be lovely to have a miniature one or two or five…from Mythic ;-D

  • (Author) Mythic Kingdom . November 2, 2017 .

    Hi Glenn. Now you have Princess Cleo to love. No Crested can never replace another one. But because of loving Mimi, you are able to love another Crested. I ever met Mimi but she sounds absolutely lovely. I am always happy to get your calls. I can tell you love your little Cleo!

  • (Author) Mythic Kingdom . November 2, 2017 .

    We love them small. Our first Crested girl was 13 1/2 pounds at her prime (hit 16 pounds at her heaviest since she loved to eat). We have families who have Cresteds from other breeders that are as big as 23 pounds. I would not have changed a hair on her but it is so much easier living with smaller Cresteds. They are mini bites of sweetness.

  • Ol1969August . September 15, 2017 .

    OMG! They are too cute for words. Standard sized Cresteds are so cute but yours are out of this world cute! Our 14 and 17 pound babies would look like giants next to yours. The smallest Crested we have ever met was about 10 pounds and we thought that was tiny. LOVE LOVE LOVE yours!

  • glennwilcox . July 23, 2017 .

    I lost my little girl January 3, 2017. Migon was 11 years old and developed a heart murmur. I gave her heart medicine and fluid pills, but her heat just gave out. I loved that girl, my wife told me I loved that dog more than my grandkids. I had to admit that was true. My wife passes away almost 4 years ago. I miss her very much. I never fusses at her and she had total confidence that I would care and protect her. Mimi was about 12 lbs and white with pink spots when she was a baby. I always kept a sweater on her. Over time here black and white hair turn all white. She was always within 5 feet of me. When I sat ,she would always sit net to me on my left side. Anytime she might get a berry stuck in her foot or saw something she did not like, she would have me pick her up and take care or protect her. Every moment we had together was nothing but love. I miss her so much.

  • BethR . May 22, 2017 .

    Thanks for the information. It was such a pleasure to speak with you and Tim. As soon as we are ready for our next baby, we’ll contact you again. We are so excited to have a tiny one from you. Beth

  • Denny . April 9, 2017 .

    Just Super! Our Crested girl is 17 1/2 pounds from a breeder in Florida. She’s a big and beautiful diva. We would love to adopt one of your Crested one day. Thank you.

  • Bettu . April 2, 2017 .

    We love your Cresteds! They are absolutely fabulous and so much smaller than what other breeders are offering. We want 2 from you next year as ours are both seniors. We were told by their breeders they were going to be 15 pounds but ended up at 19 and 17 pounds which is close enough. After seeing yours, we want them to be under 10 pounds. We take our with us when we travel and smaller will be much better with our active travel schedule. We are so excited! Thanks

  • (Author) CMPaulhus . November 21, 2016 .

    Hi. Not sure if you are the lady I spoke with last week. Our Chinese Crested puppies are all placed as pets. We do not give breeding rights and we do enforce our contract. As stated, other breeders will let you do whatever you want as long as you pay extra for breeding rights. Our Chinese Cresteds are much smaller than other breeders so it’s not as easy as having a boy and then getting one of our tiny girls to start breeding. If you are not the same lady who called us 4 times, then you can fill out our adoption form so we can get to know you better and see if you are right for one of our future blue eyed Chinese Cresteds. Thank you.

  • Chantal Mytych . November 19, 2016 .

    We are looking to adopt a small Chinese Crested with blue eyes if you have any please contact us thank you

  • (Author) CMPaulhus . November 7, 2016 .

    Hi Chantal, please call us 646-525-5345 and we would be more than happy to answer any questions not covered in our Crested Q&A page and the Crested blog articles, as well as go over our Chinese Crested puppies available now or in future litters. We post a lot of information so when we do speak with families, our time is used effectively. We love to hear from Crested families.

  • Chantal Mytych . November 5, 2016 .

    My husband and I are interested in adopting another Chinese Crested we got one three and a half years ago and we love him to pieces please contact me at 734-447-7008 I would really appreciate it

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