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Coco is a chocolate Chinese Crested

She is a very hairy hairless Crested

Coco’s name from her breeder was Softy because she was softer than her siblings. She is sweet and loving, hence her name. We changed it to Cocolicious “Coco” because she is chocolate Crested. She and her sister were adopted from their breeder together as puppies. We added them into our breeding program to strengthen our bloodline, as well as to add the chocolate gene which is rare.

Coco is between a deer and cobby. She is very hairy with a thick band of hair down her back and legs. When sprint time comes around, she really needs a grooming. She is not hairy enough to let her hair completely grow out like a super hairy hairless and not hairless enough. But because she is so hairy, she has wonderful think furnishings.

Coco at our home has bloomed and is much more confident and outgoing. She get’s on great with everyone. Like her sister, she loves to eat. She has never met food she didn’t like.

Coco’s green hazel eyes has become more hazel as an adult. She has really nice big eyes with a shorter muzzle, a doll face. She has given us all types of puppies and has birthed chocolate Cresteds. Like her, most of her puppies are a bit softer. But with socialization, they are all happy and loving. Coco’s puppies tends to have more of a doll face like her.

Home of the smallest and tiniest sized Chinese Cresteds in the world, and the rarest colored eyed Cresteds!

“The ode lives upon the ideal, the epic upon the grandiose, the drama upon the real.”

Victor Hugo



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  • Avery Sophia . May 1, 2017 .

    Thank you for caring about your puppies and making sure families are educated.

  • (Author) Mythic Kingdom . May 1, 2017 .

    Thank you!

  • (Author) CMPaulhus . February 20, 2017 .

    Thank you for your belief and support of us. It was great meeting your brother when he flew out to pick Angel up. Give your Angel a kiss from her breeder family.

  • Leatrice Noel . January 5, 2017 .

    The very best breeders‼️ They are very loving and caring reguarding their puppies.
    They help families with everything needed for your new puppy.

  • Dean G. . January 2, 2017 .

    You have a super website. We have been able to learn more from you than from our breeder. We keep checking in for more info. Thanks.

  • celicia r . November 27, 2016 .

    we are big fans.

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