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 4 of 5 Videos: trimming the ears

Tim uses a #40 or #10 Andis ceramic blade for the ears, depending on the look he wants. We do not shave the ears with a raiser.

Hairless #0-4 do not get their ears trimmed as they either do not have any or there’s so little.

Hairless #5-7 may or may not get their ears trimmed. Depending on the face and the personality, we will let it grow moderately.

Hairless #8-9 generally gets trimmed all off since they have so much furnishings. It gives them a cleaner look. On a few, once in a while, Tim will leave trim everything except for the hair along the edge of the ear. When these ear hair grows, it give a full yet light look which can look really beautiful.

Powderpuff gets all the ear hair trimmed off. As we do not tape our Chinese Crested puppies, powderpuffs ears may or may not go up or stay up.

Mythic Prince Fishlegs (was born as Deacon) is our young adult model for this series of grooming. He is a hairy hairless chocolate colored Chinese Crested man. He is a very hairy hairless.

He lives with his Mommy and 3 other Mythic Kingdom Chinese Cresteds.

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