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Crested Adult Hair Trim Intro

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Chinese Cresteds are born as hairless or powderpuffs. Within the hairless group, there are varying degrees of hairlessness. Whether your Crested is a true hairless or all the way to super hairy or a powderpuff, these video articles will show you how to easily trim your Crested to perfection. Keep in mind that grooming is a reductive process. The true hairless or bald naked Cresteds will not need the trimming for the top of the socks, base of tail or around the crest since they won’t have body hair growing up that high. For them, it’s a trim around the face and taking off any stray hair.

Remember to never cut the crest (bangs) that hangs over the face. The crest will get longer and yes, they can see through it. We have seen couple of Cresteds with their crest cut above their eyes and it looks terrible! It takes away from their elegance. OK, if they get burrs or gum stuck in their crest, then cut it and let it grow. As for the ears, you can let the hair grow long or keep it trimmed or anything in between. On most Cresteds, I prefer it trimmed each time they get a buzz down. On few, I like it to grow out and then have it trimmed. Of course, for the super hairy hairless and powderpuffs, I definitely recommend a sani trim each time. Every Prince and Princess likes a nice clean bum.

As you have probably seen, Chinese Crested breeders and professional groomers place the Cresteds, puppies and adults, on a grooming table with a collar hook up to keep them on the table with as little movement as possible. Yes, we do have a grooming table. Sometimes Tim will use it. But most times, he opens up Groomer Daddy Hair Salon on the bathroom counter, stairs or kitchen table. It works for us and our smaller sized Chinese Cresteds. We like to be flexible and make it as pleasant as possible for our puppies, young adults and adults during grooming.

Most of our families take their Chinese Crested babies have their groomer come to their home. Very few take them to the groomer. And some have learned the art of keeping their Crested babies looking lovely at home. Tim used to do Skype sessions with Mythic Kingdom puppy parents. They thank him for his time and patience. After several families suggested we post videos in stead, we finally did.

When our puppies, young adults or retiring adults fly home with a Puppy Nanny or their family picks them up, they will be freshly groomed. From that point on, have your groomer follow the lines that are already there.

Of course, for Mythic puppy parents, if you have any questions or need further guidance, give Tim a call. You have his number. If you groomer has questions, Tim will speak to them.

Mythic Prince Fishlegs (was born Prince Deacon) is the model as he is a bit bigger. He is a very hairy hairless #7 Chocolate Chinese Crested with white and brown hair and hazel eyes. You can learn more about how much body hair he has and see close up pictures of Prince Fishlegs.

#7 Degree of Hairlessness

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  • Jsouthernbelle . November 27, 2017 .

    You make it look so easy :-D. Ours are wrigglers. But then again having a bigger Crested sit on a lap for a hair cut would be tricky. Thanks for the instructional videos. Give us more please.

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