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Picture taken at 8 months and only 5 pounds.

Picture taken at 11 weeks hanging out with friends and greeting all the visitors. He has a goatee in this picture as Tim thinks it looks cute on some boys.

Picture taken at 7 weeks. He is an ideal hairless Chinese Crested.

Picture taken at week 5. His ears are all the way up before week 4! He is a very happy and confident tiny man.

Picture taken at almost 3 weeks. His ears are starting to go up already!

Presenting our future Chinese Crested King: Mythic G Dragon. He is named after a world famous KPop singer. I asked our daughter what is a great name for a tiny man with a lot of confidence and smarts and she suggested G Dragon. It was perfect for our little guy. G Dragon is super smart. He recognized himself in the mirror. He knows his name and always comes on command. At 12 weeks, he is so tiny but has learned to go up and down the wooden stairs! He is confident and wants to be in the mix. He cannot be stopped. He climbs out of the puppy pen. He lets us know when someone is around the house. He loves to play with everyone. He loves to start the play but gets it right away if someone is not in the mood. He is always watching to see who is around and what they are doing. He follows me around the house and waits patiently to be picked up. He’s eager but not pushy, loving and bold, playful and mellow. I have to say, he is the total Chinese Crested package! He will make a fine future King.

G Dragon’s ears went up before week 4 which is the earliest we have ever seen. He has a perfect Chinese Crested body in miniature. His skin is flawless! It is soft, silky and completely blemish free. He has the confidence to hang in our pack.

Our Queen Karma, true hairless pink and palomino with all white furnishings is his Mom. She is the alpha of the doggy pack. She is loving and demanding. After all, she is THE QUEEN so when she wants attention, we as her servants must obey and pet her. Karma comes from a long line of the best Chinese Crested parents. She is so attentive and is a devoted Mother. She has given us super micro sized and true hairless Chinese Cresteds, like our Mythic Angie who is only 3 1/2 pounds. She makes beautiful, confident and healthy babies. Just like his Mom, G Dragon is full of himself. He thinks and knows he’s the best!

4/20/17: G is the family greeter when we have anyone visiting. He is great with everyone and he is a regular at the front door giving everyone tail wags of welcome. We are going to let G be adopted to the perfect family as we are going to keep another boy. We are very focused on breeding certain traits and will keep a boy who has curled ears which are so unique. G has perfect skin, absolutely flawless with no blackheads or any blemishes. His hair is super soft and he is only 5 pounds at 8 months. Since he has the confidence to be in any family situation and he gets on with all four and 2 legged people, we know he will be an amazing Crested baby.  It’s obvious how much G is loved by us. It shows in his play and in the way he wants to be included in every day activities.

We took videos of G with Indigo, one of his younger buddies, as well as updated pictures. We are going to do an article on perfect hairless Crested skin.

Photo Gallery of G Dragon taken:

day 4, week 2.5, week 5, week 7, week 11, 8 months

4/20/17: Videos of G Dragon with his buddy, Indigo.

1: playing; 2: chilling/playing; 3: napping after playing

11/6/16:  Raiden playing with G Dragon and Tae Yang our Chinese Crested boys, with Princess Pearl Louise who has to be included.    G Dragon is the very outgoing, confident true hairless pink and slate boy with white and black/brown furnishings.

Home of the smallest and tiniest sized Chinese Cresteds in the world, and the rarest colored eyed Cresteds!

“The ode lives upon the ideal, the epic upon the grandiose, the drama upon the real.”

Victor Hugo



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  • Tessa and Vincent . May 1, 2017 .

    Omg Christina! G Dragon is GORGEOUS!!!!! Dave and I love him. He sounds so much like Oli. If we didn’t already have 3 of your precious boys, you know we would have to bring him home!!! I want to kiss him. Our boys are doing great! They are the loves of our life. Our home is so blessed! I know some lucky family will get to experience the Mythic Kingdom magic with his tiny man. Best to everyone.

  • I Johnson . April 23, 2017 .

    G Dragon is so wonderful! He comes to the front door to greet us when we visited with a wavy tail and smiles. If we didn’t have 2 and soon to be 3 of your Crested boys we would love to have him! We love how he plays with the other adults and puppies, and always willing to sit on our laps! All of your Crested are perfect!

  • Martin Farllini . April 19, 2017 .

    Helpful information. Fortunate me I found your web site
    by chance, and I am shocked why this accident didn’t came about
    earlier! I bookmarked it.

  • Brigit . December 16, 2016 .

    He is such a joyous puppy. We have learned a lot about caring for our Crested from your site. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  • Happy Crested Dad . November 18, 2016 .

    Love your Cresteds!!! They are the prettiest!

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