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Mythic Mickey Blue Eyes is our small pink and black with white and black hairy hairless double blue eyed Chinese Crested Dad.

Mythic Mickey Blue Eyes is our small pink and black with white and black furnishings hairy hairless double blue eyed Chinese Crested Dad. He joined our family in early 2015 so he could add additional blood line and his blue eye gene to our very selective breeding program. He is 7 1/2 pounds and is bigger than any of our current Crested Dads but we felt he would make an excellent mate to our Crested Queens. He has met and surpassed our hopes.

He has the very modern and current look of an AKC show Crested with his almond eyes, long and narrow muzzle and hairy body. His conformation is great: tail placement right off his back, good ear placement, level top and very nice movement. But he has double blue eyes which is not popular in AKC shows. 99.9% of AKC show breeders do not promote blue eyes even though the AKC standard does not disqualify double blue eyes or any colors other than brown or black. As long as they are both of the same colors, it is considered part of the AKC Chinese Crested show standard. There has only been 1 show breeder who showed and championed the double blue eye Cresteds. Thanks to her and her devotion to blue eyed Cresteds, there are a few more of them, though they are EXTREMELY rare. So we are very thankful to her for promoting blue eyed Chinese Cresteds.

Mickey is a confident boy with lots of play in him. He enjoys running around and playing chase. He does love his lap time and will share a lap with everyone. He is not an alpha and fit into our home so well from day one. It was an easy trasition to our home with our human children, dogs and cats.

Mickey was bred by a hobby breeder and placed with Linda with AKC breeding rights. She was going to breed him with her 2 hairless girls but she did not realize how much work goes into breeding, raising and placing puppies into homes was going to be. Linda  is older so she never bred any puppies (Mickey never had puppies before) and was looking to re-home the 2 out of 3 Cresteds she had. She let us have Mickey for our breeding program. We declined her 2 girls as they were too big for us and they did not come from smaller lines. We did introduced Linda to another very small hobby breeder, Teresa, whom we got to know very well, who took one of her girls. We felt comfortable making the introduction as that breeder loves Cresteds and said she would keep her in the house as her loved pet and not just as a breeder girl. Thank you Linda for letting us have Mickey! He is just amazing and so much more than we had ever hoped for!

With our small and tiny Moms, Mickey has given us micro sized to tiny powderpuff, true hairless, hairless and super hairy hairless puppies. Most of the girls ended up being 4 -5 pounds and the boys are 4-6 pounds only. He has very strong skin and furnishings genes. Depending on the Moms, his puppies have his skin and hair coloring. Few have their Mom’s flight coloring. Very few have his more modern houndy face while most have the doll face which we favor. No matter what coloring and style of face, his puppies are just beautiful and tiny.

Home of the smallest and tiniest sized BLUE EYED and BLUE ODD EYED powderpuff Chinese Cresteds in the world!

Our passion: Breeding the smallest sized Chinese Crested puppies, blue eyed and odd eyed Chinese Crested puppies in the world, as well as the rare breed of tiniest Mi Ki puppies out of health tested parents. To go above and beyond what other breeders do by treating each puppy and our valued puppy families like royalty.

Our mission: Share the love of Mi Ki puppies and hairless and powderpuff Chinese Crested puppies with you.

“Fashion is mysterious, as a rule. Why are blue jeans a classic? You just hit on something that happens to be timeless and right.”

Diane von Furstenberg

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  • Bouchard . March 7, 2017 .

    I have followed your page for a few years now, and in another year or two I hope to be on your waiting list. Thanks for providing so much information about your dogs, it makes me feel confident that when the time is right I’ll get a fantastic dog from you. Can’t wait to see future odd blue eyed litters!

  • Jennifer . November 30, 2016 .

    I love your Chinese Crested dog Mickey Blue Eyes. We are new visitors. We visit your page and are now following you too.

  • Britney . November 30, 2016 .

    Hello my name is Britney and I just wanted to drop you a quick message here instead of calling you. I discovered your mythic Chinese Crested dog Mickey Blue Eyes page and noticed you have a lot more visitors.

  • Britney . November 27, 2016 .

    Love your dogs! Cheers!

  • Clara . November 23, 2016 .

    I just want to tell you I was looking for topics like yours. Your site is a way of life. Here’s to your success!

  • Edward . October 30, 2016 .

    We have never seen blue eyed Chinese Cresteds in person but would love to. they are so stunning and very mysterious looking. Our Cresteds have black brown eyes. Would love our next Crested to be one of yours. When will you have blue eyes or odd eyed puppies for sale?
    fyi-Thanks for the information you have on your site. It is better than any other site, not just Cresteds ones. Your family is really top notch!

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