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We know you are very serious about bringing home the perfect puppy for your family. We are just as serious and passionate about breeding the best puppies for families who want the best, just like your family. The Q&As are very helpful in getting to know us. They cover just about every, from the very beginning of the adoption process to the years of support we provide to our families. In any particular section, you can follow the links to read in more detail. Are we different than other breeders? Yes, we are.

If you have questions or would like to discuss with us in further detail about anything after reading this page and our other pages, please write them down on the puppy adoption form. We are more than happy to answer your personal questions.






Q: What is the adoption process?
A: We know there is a lot of information on our website. We love our puppies and we want you to read the breed information. After reviewing all the information on our website and after having called or visited other breeders, if you are ready to proceed with the possibility of bringing home a Mythic Kingdom puppy:
1. You have read the information on our website and educated yourself
2. We receive your completed puppy adoption form.
3 We arrange a call to answer any questions you have for us and for us to clarify any points on the adoption form. This is a great way for each of us to get to know each other. Every family is interviewed by both Christina and Tim.
4. We will provide lots of information on the puppy/puppies you are thinking of adopting.
5. All qualified families are encourage and welcomed to come visit our puppies at our home. Families living within reasonable drive from us must come. Families have flown in to visit us as far away as California, Washington, South Dakota and Florida. This is a great way to gauge if the puppy and your family are a great fit.
6. If you are not within driving distance, then we can arrange a SKYPE call with the puppy/puppies you are interested in, if you like.
7. We will provide any additional information or answer any questions you may have.
8. If the puppy you have your heart set on is a puppy we feel is a great fit, then we will accept a deposit. After receiving the deposit, “RESERVED” will be placed next to your puppy’s profile. We will start training your puppy if you have any particular needs outside of our list. “PENDING” will be placed next to your puppy’s profile after we receive partial payment. “ADOPTED” will be noted after we receive full payment.
9. Families with deposits in gets to choose a puppy, with Mythic Kingdom’s approval, in the order the deposits are accepted. The original adoption fee will be honored for families with deposits if the puppy is staying smaller than projected and the adoption fee goes up. Many families have adopted a super tiny puppy that way.
10. If you are not able to come to our home to pick up your baby, then we will start working with the Puppy Nanny to arrange for dates as it takes about 2 weeks to get a date. Puppy Nanny gets paid in cash directly by the family at the airport when they hand deliver your puppy. This fee ranges from $350-$400 to continental USA.  Alaska and international locations are more. We do not allow adoptions to countries that quarantine. It is too stressful for puppies. We do not “ship” our puppies out in cargo alone!
11. We will post updates and photos of your puppy bi weekly or monthly so you feel a part of your puppy’s growth.
12. 2 weeks before your puppy is coming home, Christina will email you to set up and order the food, supplements, treats and other items your puppy has been raised on. She will do it to make sure your puppy does not suffer from stomach issues due to new food. She will then email you so you have complete control over your accounts and have full control over what is delivered on future orders. Our puppy families have found this level of service to be amazing.
13. Christina can go over with you the other puppy supplies so you can feel confident everything is all ready for baby’s home coming.
14. You will schedule a wellness check up for your puppy with your Veterinarian within 48 hours of arrival to your home.
15. If you pick up your puppy, your puppies goes home with a signed contract, puppy vaccine record and cd with baby pictures (as of  late 2015, we are watermarking all our pictures with Mythic Kingdom on it as people are using our pictures to sell puppies they do not have. We are doing our best to prevent heartbreak when these unknowing and unquestioning families send in money and never get their puppy. To our puppy families, you will get a cd with all the puppy pictures without any watermarking so you can print them out or use them as you please).
If your puppy is flying with a puppy nanny, then we will email you a copy of the signed contact for you to counter sign and email back to us.
16. The You will email, text or call us after you bring home your puppy. If the Puppy Nanny has hand delivered your puppy, you will email or text us when your puppy is in your arms.
17. You will email or mail us a copy of the puppy wellness check up with your Veterinarian. NO EXCEPTIONS!
18. We are here to answer your questions. All families should call, email or text Tim if they have any questions, no matter show small. Every family gets Tim’s email and cell phone number prior to or at the time of adoption. Of course, Christina is also available 24×7.
19. All Mythic Kingdom families email us their spay/neuter procedure paperwork (as stated in the pet puppy contract) on/or about 6 months of age for puppies or within 2 months of adopting a young adult or retiring adult. NO EXCEPTIONS!  We reserve the right to spay or neuter a puppy or dog prior to them leaving our home. The procedure will be payed by the family. SO if you want to have an accidental litter of puppies, please contact other breeders.
20. All Mythic Kingdom families must email us each year a picture and update on their puppy.
We also love to get pictures and update of your precious little Princess or Prince throughout the year!


Q: Why is your adoption form so detailed?
A: As you will see from everything on this site, we like details and are thorough. All the questions on our adoption form has evolved over the years. It is to help us get to know you and for you to ask us relevant questions. All this with a focus on placing your perfect puppy. We don’t just sell any puppy to the first person who comes along.

Q: How detailed should I be on the adoption form?
A: Fill it out in a way that is natural and feels right for you. We want the entire adoption process, from start to bringing home a puppy to be a good experience. We only use the information you provide to get to know you and for us to ask you questions with the goal of making the best puppy match, if we are a great breeder/family match.

Q: Where is the adoption form?
A: The adoption form is posted on this website. You can fill it out and email it back. If you have any issues downloading the form, you can copy the form and paste it on to an email. We have provided both versions for you and the links are below.

Q: I already have Chinese Cresteds or have had one in the past. Do I need to fill out the adoption form? Can we just do a phone interview?
A: All families are required to fill out the adoption form. It’s the first step to us getting to know you. We are serious about our puppies being adopted into the best families.

Q: We read everything on your website. Can we just do a phone interview?
A: If you would prefer, you can call us before you fill out the adoption form. It is better for all of us if we have your adoption form so we can ask you questions during the call. If our call goes well and you want to proceed, you will need to fill out the form. Then we will arrange a call with Tim.


Q: What do I do if I have a question about the puppy after adoption?
A: You can reach us via phone, email or text anytime post adoption. Tim is always available to answer questions on training. Christina is available for all other questions. We can assist you on puppy supplies, training, grooming, socialization and anything else you may have questions about. We believe an informed puppy parent makes for a better puppy parent. We are a here to support all our puppy families.

Q: Can I email you pictures of my puppy?
A: Of course. We love it when families email us pictures and update on their babies. After all, we love them too. Email them to

Q: Why do you have pages for some of your already adopted puppies?
A: We become very close to many of our Puppy Families and they call and email us updates and pictures all the time. Many of them call just to say hi. The ones that live close to us invite us over to come over and socialize. They are available to speak with prospective families about us. We also have families who ask about how certain puppies are even post adoption. They have their fans who follow them. To thank our puppy families’ generosity and support over the years and to satisfy the Puppy Fans, we have pages where updates and pictures are posted.



Q: What does the puppy come with?
A: Each puppy bred and born at Mythic Kingdom comes home to you with the following:
♥ Bred from health tested Queens and Kings carefully chosen for their royal beauty, outstanding pedigree, size and coloring, as well as royal personalities.

♥ A signed pet puppy contract (families must email proof of spay/neutering).

♥ 8 year genetic health guarantee for genetic issues! We stand behind our puppies! Ask other breeders if they give 8 years!

♥ Socialized from birth around children, dogs, cats and everyday home life situations and noises.

♥ Each family with deposit or full payment will see updated pictures on the puppy’s baby photo gallery and updates of their little puppy prior to going home.

♥ Each family with a deposit or partial/full payment can come visit their 4 legged baby each week if they would like.

♥ Each family with deposit or partial/full payment can do as many Skype sessions as they like with Tim and their puppy baby.

♥ Each family with deposit or partial/full payment may request a photo between formal photo sessions. Christina will text them from her phone.

♥ Up to date on de-wormings – at least 2 rounds prior to placement.

♥ Up to date on vaccinations – at least 1 set of shots at 8 weeks prior to placement.

♥ All the baby photos on a CD for you to print out and enjoy! These will not be watermarked.

♥ Started on pee pad training. Most of our puppies are fully potty trained by the time they go home! (If you are adopting a young adult or retiring adult, they are used to doing their business outside.)

♥ Freshly bathed, ears cleaned and nails trimmed.

♥ Groomed:

> Hairless Chinese Crested puppies will have face, ears, body and nails done.
> Powderpuff Chinese Cresteds will have face, ears and body cut in a Pony/Nudy cut with nails done. If you want them to have just their face trimmed with a sani trim, please let us know by 6 weeks.
>All puppies will have their ears cleaned with a natural ear cleaner and ear dry.
Of course we are more than happy to show you how to groom your puppy if you want. We do this when you pick up your baby or via Skype.

♥ 2 individual meal size containers of pre soaked or dry kibble for the airplane or car ride home.

♥ Some kibble to last until your puppy food arrives to your home & some all natural treats for the ride home or the next few days.

♥ Life time of support from us – yes we really mean it. If you have a question or need advice, you can call, email or text anytime of the day or night.

♥ Pre loved with beauty and charm so natural to a Mythic Kingdom puppy.

♥ A lifetime of puppy kisses and hugs from your Mythic Kingdom Prince or Princess!


Q: How many puppy vaccines do puppies have before going home?
A: All puppies have their shots up to date prior to going home. They will have at least 1 set of puppy vaccine. We will give you a vaccination record to give to your vet when you bring your puppy home. You will work with your vet to set up the completion of the puppy vaccinations.

Q: How can I know the puppy is healthy?
A: We never let any puppy go home with their family if we feel he or she isn’t ready for their new home. We care for each of our puppies on a daily basis and we know each of our puppies. If shipping or flight is needed, the puppy will have had a vet check up and a health certificate will be issued by our vet saying the puppy is healthy. We require all families to get their puppy checked by a vet within 48 hrs from the pick up date even if a puppy has had a check up from our vet. If for some reason the puppy has a life threatening disease you can return the puppy for a replacement puppy.

Q: Do you offer a health guarantee?
A: Yes all of our puppies come with a written health guarantee for life threatening congenital defects up to 8 year of age if they are feed the customized food and supplements they are started on and get proper and routine medical attention, as stated on our contract. No other Chinese Crested breeder offers 8 years! They may offer 1 or 2 years at the most. We believe in our puppies. We know they are from the healthiest bloodlines. We stand behind our puppies with this amazing health guarantee. We do not cover hypoglycemia, worms or other issues or causes that are not genetic.


Q: I want a particular color furnishings or haired puppy.
A: Puppies are born a certain color and DO CHANGE color as they grow. Some changes are slight while others will really change colors. We post many pictures of our puppies as the grow to show how their coloring change over time. We do our best to inform each family of the adult color but we do not guarantee color. Keep in mind that Crested change hair and skin coloring through the years and change from winter to summer. If you MUST HAVE a particular color, then adopt an adult dog. Even then, an adult will continue to change coloring through out their life. Or you can adopt a breed that only come in a certain color.

Q: Do Chinese Cresteds change skin color?
A: Yes. Chinese Cresteds change their skin coloring as they grow. All pink puppies will most likely develop spots or patches of colors. Most of the time, it is slate, black or palomino. A newborn puppy with almost faint or tiny spots willgenerally  end up with poka dot or light sprinkling of colors. The ones born with bigger spots will generally be solid with some spotting. They will also change skin coloring depending on how much sun they get. Yes, they do tan just like humans. Most hairless Chinese Cresteds love to sunbath and will seek the sunniest spot in the house.

Q: I read that all hairless Chinese Cresteds get sun burn. Is this true?
A: Yes and no. If the skin has pink or white skin where the sun can get to it easily, these parts will burn if out in the sun during the brightest parts of the day.  The ears, top of the muzzle, back and thighs can and will burn. If they have slate, black or palomino coloring, these ares will not burn but get darker in coloring.

Q: I read that all hairless Cresteds need sunblock to prevent sunburns. Is this true?
A: NO! We do not recommend using sunblock. If a family lives in a very sunny area of the USA and they have an active outdoor lifestyle, we let them adopt a darker skinned puppy or adult. If they live in a sunny area but use common  in regard to sun exposure, we will let them adopt a pinker puppy. Yes, we did have had a lady call us for a puppy. Where she lived and coloring came up.  She said she has been doing this with her Crested and she felt this was the best way to deal with sunburns. After I expressed my opinion on the negative impact of daily sunblock use, I told her she needed to contact other breeders. She said other breeders don’t care about sunblock so why are we so against it. She wanted her next Crested puppy from us but we chose not to let her adopt a puppy from us. It’s common sense that using sunblock on a daily basis does not make any sense. As parents, we would not put sunblock on our human kids everyday so why is it a good idea to do it on our 4 legged baby?! We would keep them out of the sun during the harshest part of the day or put on long sleeve cotton clothing.  This is what we recommend. Always choose a natural and common sense approach. If you are planning on putting sunblock on your puppy, please contact other breeders as they will not care. We do not want our puppies to go through this. It’s common sense that using sunblock on a daily basis does not make any sense. As parents, we would not put sunblock on our human kids everyday. We would keep them out of the sun during the harshest part of the day or put on long sleeve cotton clothing.  This is what we recommend. Always choose a natural and common sense approach. If you are planning on putting sunblock on your puppy, please contact other breeders. We do not want our puppies to go through this.

Q: I read that all Cresteds are highly allergic to wool and any lanolin products. Is this true?
A: Yes, this has been written as the truth but from our experience, this is not the case.  We have wool carpets that adults and puppies play and nap on without ever having any issues. I wear wool sweaters and hold puppies without any issues. Knowing that our adults and puppies are not allergic to wool, we do not put wood clothing on our Cresteds. We use cotton shirts and pjs, and then a layer of fleece, alpaca, angora or cashmere.  We recommend you do the same.


Q: How do I know what size the puppy will be as an adult?
A: We weigh each puppy from day one each day or weekly. This, along with the parents and grandparents sizes, their weekly growth patterns and past puppies from the same parents, will give us a very good indicator of their projected size as adults. It is only after 6 weeks when our puppies are starting on pre-soaked kibble with nursing that we will star to project their adult weights. Generally, most toy breed breeders will project based on tripling the weight at 8 weeks and doubling the weight at 12 weeks. Over the years, we have found this to be less accurate. Some puppies at a certain point slows down in their growth.

Q: How do I know what size the puppy will be as an adult?
A: We do our best to inform each family of the projected adult weight but as this is not a science, we do not guarantee the size. We also take pictures of the puppies next to a soda can, wine bottle, in Tim’s hand (he is 5 feet 8 inches), a flower or something else that is very standard to show families the size of our puppies. We never photo shop our puppy pictures so what you see is what you get.

Q: If we MUST HAVE/need/want a certain size, what should we do?
A: If you are a size chaser, and want a certain size, we recommend that you buy an older puppy, 7 months and older, depending on the breed and breeder. If you MUST have a certain size, then buy an adult. That is the only way to be guaranteed the exact adult size. We understand some families need a certain size since they may have certain issues. As we are the only breeders of tiny Chinese Cresteds, 100% of our Crested adults can fly in cabin with our families. 100% of our Mi Ki adults can fly in cabin with their families.  We understand few of our families need a certain size due to their lifestyle. To guide you in choosing the perfect puppy for you, we will let you know what sized puppies each Mommy and Dad has produced. We do our best to project adult size and have done an outstanding job so far. That is why our puppy families are coming back for the 2nd and 3rd puppies from us. But we do not guarantee the final adult weight or size. Adopting an adult is the only way to be guaranteed the adult size. Even then, you could end up over feeding and not giving enough exercise which will increase weight. We have bred more puppies that ended up few pounds smaller than we projected. We have also produced a very few puppies that were a few pounds larger than projected but majority of them ended up well within the projection. We will work with you in finding your perfect little four legged baby.

Q: Why don’t other Chinese Crested breeders have smaller puppies?
A: We are the only breeders of micro, teacup and purse sized Cresteds which are much smaller than the standard sized Chinese Cresteds. Due to our family’s life style, we prefer them smaller. We are also smaller people in height so we like them smaller. Our breeding program is focused on breeding the smallest Chinese Crested puppies for other families who want and or need small Cresteds. We have wondered why other breeders are not keen on getting the breed smaller. From attending many dog shows and speaking to breeder friends and acquaintances, we have found that they like the standard sized Crested since they choose to breed to show. That means they need to produce puppies in the 11” to 13” tall which translates to 9 pounds to 16 pounds in weight. Some of their Cresteds end up being in the 17-23 pound!!! For us, this is just too big. Smaller Cresteds are easier to travel with and snuggle on the sofa or bed and that is what we love to do. They eat less and poo less. Everything is smaller. Sometimes, smaller is better.

Q: What size Chinese Crested can I get?
A: We breed for several sizes of Crested well below the AKC breed standard. Super micro is the smallest around or below 4lbs. Then we have the 5-8 pounds and the smallest of the standard size at *9-10 pounds. We do get super  micro and micro sized Chinese Cresteds. These are HIGHLY DESIRED by our families. Many of these puppies are adopted by families with deposits in before they are even born! Most of our Chinese Cresteds are 5-6lbs range. If you must have a Crested that is a certain size, the only way to get one is by adopting an older puppy (7 months or older) or an adult. Adopting adult is the only way to guarantee he exact size. Keep in mind that dogs do gain some weight after being spayed/neutered and at old age. Diet, exercise and other factors also play a role in the size of a dog. We do our best to project the weight of our puppies based on multiple factors. NO breeder can or should guarantee the exact weight of a puppy’s adult weight.
As of 2016, we may offer the super rare double blue eyed and blue odd eyed (1 blue and 1 brown eyes) Chinese Crested puppies and young adults. These will be in the 3-9 pound range. As with all our puppies, we will do our best to project adult size. Of course these puppies will be super socialized and loved just like every one of our puppies.We are the only breeders in the world to breed the smallest sized blue or odd eyed hairless and powderpuff Chinese Crested puppies!

Q: Are the smaller sized Crested puppies higher priced?
A: Yes. Due to their rare size and demand, our tiniest puppies are more. We also have less puppies born in each litter as our Moms and Dads are smaller.  And yes our puppies are more than other Chinese Crested breeders.  As we are the only breeder of tiny Chinese Cresteds, we get deposits in from families who want or need a small puppy from us. Not only are we the only breeders with a focus on breeding the smallest Chinese Cresteds, we are known to go above and beyond what other breeders do and offer. We spend time and money to research and test the best items for our puppies so we can recommend what works in real life to our families. We invite every family to visit us, not just once but as many times as they like. Our families understand how much time, effort, love we have put into our breeding program and how much we love our puppies and puppy families. They feel it while going through our website, they hear it as they get to know us and know it after they have a puppy from us. They know we spend enormous amount of family time to breed and raise our stunning puppies, to socialize them, feed them the highest quality food, supplements and treats and raise them as if they are going to live with us forever. They see why we give an 8 year genetic health guarantee unlike any other breeder out there!  All of these factors adds to the overall cost of a puppy. Many families come back to us for their 3rd puppy or refer us to their family, friends and colleagues because they love us.

Here are some examples of our tiny sized Chinese Cresteds versus the standard sized from other breeders.


Q: What color eyes do Chinese Cresteds have?
A: Most Chinese Cresteds, both powderpuff and hairless kind, have brown to black eyes. But we do breed Cresteds with green, hazel and amber color eyes. In 2016, we may have Chinese Crested puppies with blue eyes or odd eyes. Any color other than brown or black is RARE and highly prized. It has taken us a long time to refine our breeding program to be able to have puppies with these unusual eye coloring. We have an article of Chinese Crested eye coloring with examples of examples of Chinese Crested puppies with green, hazel, amber or blue eyes.

Q: Do you have blue eyed Chinese Crested puppies for sale?
A: Yes, we have the most elusive blue eyed hairless and powderpuff Chinese Cresteds. We have the smallest sized blue eyed, double and odd eyed Chinese Cresteds in the world! We like them small so our unique and rare colored eyed puppies are just as small too.

Q: Why breed tiny sized blue eyed puppies?
A: Anyone who knows Christina know that she is naturally drawn to the “odd” and unique. She has a fascination with what other people my consider to be weird. To her, the unique is beautiful. She has always been fascinated by Mythic puppies with green, hazel or amber eyes. She has photographed and posted information on Crested eye colors to educate others. She and Tim met 1 odd eyed powderpuff Chinese Crested when his parent adopted one of Mythic Kingdom’s puff boy. But the double blue eyes eluded them. Then destiny brought Christina and Tim their first sets of double blue eyed Crested parents. Also, Mythic already being the only breeder of the tiniest Chinese Cresteds, it was a natural evolution in choosing to specialize in breeding the tiniest of the rarest eye colors.

Q: You mention odd eyes. What is it?
A: Most mammals have eyes that are very similar in coloring, 2 brown eyes, 2 blue, 2 gray… It is extremely rare to have 2 eyes of different colors. Examples of this would be 1 blue and the other eye brown, 1 hazel and the other eye blue, 1 blue and the other eye green. No there are no health issues related to being odd eyes. It is just really striking and stunning.

Q: Do you have odd eyed Chinese Cresteds for adoption?
A: Yes, we d. We are the  first and only Chinese Crested breeder to focus on breeding the odd eyes out of health tested parents and in a smaller size than the AKC standard. We know our Crested families will love them.

Q: Will you accepted a deposit for a blue eyed, odd eyed,  green, hazel or amber colored eyed micro miniature Chinese Cresteds?
A: Yes. But know that if a puppy has these rare color, the price is higher than the listed adoption fee. Mythic Kingdom may choose to keep the puppy and either refund all money paid towards the puppy, let the family choose another puppy or roll it to a future puppy.

Q: Can I start the adoption process if I want to wait for your puppy?
A: You may. Know that it’s well worth it. We can use the time to get to know each other which is our goal.


Q: What are the grooming needs of a powderpuff Chinese Crested?
A: Chinese Cresteds are very clean and do not have a doggy smell. If they have long hair, they should be brush on a regular basis. Like your self, it is best to do it each day and make it a great way to spend quality time together. If your puppy has the pony cut, then brush the crest, socks and tail once a week (or more if you like). The pony cut is amazing since it is so much easier to care for. Dante, our daughter loves her powderpuffs in a pony cut. She says, “It’s the best of both worlds.” Wash the puppy once a week or bi monthly. The cleaner the puppy, the better the experience in kissing and nuzzling your puppy. Use good quality brush, canine shampoo and conditioner. The better and natural the product, the better the results.

Q: What are the grooming needs of a hairless Chinese Crested
A: Naked Chinese Cresteds should be bathed once a week with a mild and as natural as possible puppy shampoo. Please do not use human shampoo as dogs have a different ph level than humans. You can use a bath scrubbing glove or clothe to exfoliate the skin. Of course, only use light pressure to scrub. You can use a conditioner for the crest, socks and plume but that is not necessary for all hairless Cresteds. Hairless Cresteds dry very quickly since they do not have fur but do make sure to completely towel dry them in the winter and you can use a hair dryer as well. To order the puppy shampoo we use, go to the GET READY Information page.

Q: How do I or my groomer keep my puppy looking as good as you do?
A: It’s very easy. You and your groomer can follow the lines of the grooming that Tim as already created. If you need additional information, you can look on our website for examples or if needed, Tim can speak with your groomer.


Q: Are Chinese Crested’s ears suppose to be up?
A: Yes. According to the AKC standard, both hairless and powderpuffs are suppose to have up ears if they are being shown. In Canada, powderpuffs are allowed to have down ears while the hairless must have up ears to show in the conformation ring. So that is why you see puppies with taped ears. Breeders want to have the ears up. You may h ave seen much older puppies or young adults with their ears taped with the hope that they will go up.

Q: Does Mythic tape ears?
A: NO. At Mythic, we DO NOT TAPE puppy ears. Over the years, we have noticed that the tape only caused the puppies suffering. As the puppies play, and they should play, they pull and rip off the tape. Of course the smaller puppies find this absolutely miserable. We used medical tape, green frog tape… but nothing worked during puppy litter play. Tim would tape ears every day and we found either the ears went up or did not. Sometimes, the ears go up and then one might go half down. We have noticed that when a puppy is tired from play, their ears might start to flop. Then after rest or the next day, their ears are up.
As a general rule, 98% of our hairless puppies and 95% of the powderpuff ears are up by the time they leave our home without ever taping. The super tiny ones ears will go up sooner than the ones that will be larger for us breeding program. This is a great indicator of how small our Chinese Cresteds will be.

Q. What if I really want up ears on my Crested?
A. Then adopt a puppy that has the ears up already. That is around 5 weeks to 12 weeks. On the average, hairless puppies start getting their ears up between 4 weeks to 6 weeks and then have it all the way up by aroud week 8 which  is very young compared to other breeders. You will see other breeders taping ears at 6 months+! Powderpuffs start later. We do not gaurentee the powderpuff’s ears will go up. If you  really, really, really want up ear on your powderpuf, we will show you how to tape when the puppy comes home.  But we will encourage you to use a natural approach. We believe it is better to let nature takes it’s course and love a Crested with their natural beauty.



Q: Who breeds and raises the puppies?
A: We breed and raise our puppies as a family. We are husband and wife with two younger children who love what we do. The puppy are played with everyday. Their areas are cleaned out several times a day. We raise them the way we would want a breeder to if we were adopting a puppy. Our human children were both born around puppies and it has been very good for them as well as for the puppies. Click on the links below to read more about Dante and Raiden, our two human children.

Q: Do you both work?
A:  Yes. Timothy runs a finance company and works from home allowing him to take care of puppies all through the day, as needed. Christina worked in NYC as Manager of Business Development with a hedge fund firm.  After many years, Christina chose to pursue her passions: raise her human and pet children, educate and support pet parents, and launch a line of tiny sized pet clothes and accessories as our puppies are so tiny. Even though we are very busy, breeding and raising puppies is a family passion. This is a passion and not a job. We feed only the best to our puppies and make sure they start off right. It takes a lots of time and dedication to things just right and go above and beyond what other breeders do but we love it. We love tiny Chinese Cresteds and Mi-Kis. We are committed to sharing our love of the tiniest and prettiest Chinese Crested puppies and rare Mi Ki puppies.

Q: Who socializes the puppies?
A: Proper socialization from day one is very important to us at Mythic Kingdom. We all want puppies that are sweet, loving and confident. Timothy, Christina, Dante and Raiden play with each puppy everyday. We all have a different style of interaction with the puppies so the puppies get a wide range of handling and socialization. We play with each puppy one on one, as well as in a group. They are held while we work, watch a movie or are just relaxing as a family. When the puppies are old enough, we also take naps with them. After they get their first puppy vaccine, the puppies get to socialize with our adult dogs which is very important part of puppy socialization. We also invite friends and families over to help us socialize our puppies as well. When puppy families fly or drive in to visit us, they play with our puppies. They get to visit their puppy or puppies they are interested in, as well as all the other puppies. Everyone knows, when they visit us, it is puppy time. 


Q: Where is Mythic Kingdom located?
A: We live very close to NYC in Blairstown, New Jersey. The house is in Blairstown but the mailing address is in Columbia, NJ.  In late 2014, we moved to a beautiful 11 wooded acres with a year round stream with micro waterfalls. Along with our loved pets, we have chickens, quails and pigeons. We look forward to expanding our micro farm with other smaller sized farm animals. Our two and four legged children are growing up enjoying the clean air and eating the organically grown food we raise. It has been a dream of ours to live simply and naturally, in harmony with nature. As it is a very short and easy drive to our home from most East Coast cities, families who fill out an adoption form and have been interviewed by Christina and Tim will be invited to visit us. Of course, families can continue to visit us by flying into the many airports in NYC, NJ and PA. It is a scenic day trip to visit us in North West New Jersey. Families who visit us can also ski and snowboard at Shawnee Mountain (26 mins)  or Camelback Mountain (35 mins). They can also enjoy white water rafting on the Delaware River, hiking in the numerous parks, visit wineries, farms and go antique shopping. Lots of information is posted on the GENERAL: Information page, including how to get to us, more about us, local attractions…


Q: Can we come and see the puppies?
A: Of course! We want qualified families to come visit us at our home. After we receive your adoption form and both Christina and Tim have spoken with you, you will be invited to visit us. All families within driving distance are required to visit us prior to adopting a Mythic puppy. Families have flown to NJ to meet us and our puppies. We have 5 major airports near us. to see a list of airports – click here

Q: Can we visit our puppy more than once before we bring him home?
A: Yes, of course. You are welcome to visit your baby as often as you would like before he is ready to go home with you. We understand you are eager to hold your baby. We ask that you give us some notice so we can find dates/times that work for both you and us.

Q: What days and times came we visit?
A: Visits can be arranged after we get a completed adoption form and you have spoke with both Christina and Tim. Due to the many requests for visiting us by perspective puppy families and families who have already fallen in love with our puppies and are waiting to have them get big enough to come home, we have listed the visiting time slots. In the past, some families have stayed from 6-8 hours which really did not work for our family. We have two children and Tim has a business to run so these super long visits really did not work. We have found that the 2 hour slot is great for families meeting us and our puppies for the first time to families picking up their puppies. If you have already put down a deposit, partial payment or full payment for a puppy, you are welcome to visit us on a weekly basis.
Our visiting hours are:
Mon-Fri 10am-12pm & 12:30pm-2:30pm both Christina and Tim are available; 3pm-5pm Tim is available only.
Sat 10am-12pm both Christina and Tim are available;  12pm-2pm; 3pm-5pm Tim is available only.
Sun 10am-12pm & 12pm-2pm both Christina and Tim are available. Tim is home all day for families visiting again or picking up their puppy.
Sun 10am-12pm & 12pm-2:30pm both Christina and Tim are available. Tim is available to be home for families picking up their puppy or puppies after these listed times.
All visits are arranged by Christina

Q: What days and times can we pick up our puppy?
A: Parents who have visited us and are coming back to pick up their puppy can come during the regular visiting hours. They can also come before or after hours too. All puppy pickup are arranged by Christina.

Q: Do you have hotels near you?
A: Yes, there are several nice hotels right around us. Some families stay in NYC for a vacation and drive out to visit us. We have provided a list of hotels, Bed & Breakfasts and Inns near us.

Q: Are there attractions or points of interest near you?
A: Yes. We have provided a list of activities, places to eat and things to do while you visit us.

Q: Will you show me how to groom my puppy?
A: Yes. During your visit, Tim would be more than happy to show you how to groom your little one. Tim will show you how to trim nails or anything else you want to learn.

Q: Can I see the Mom and Dad?
A: Yes. During your visit, we will show you the Mom. If the Dad is at our home, we will see him too. But if he lives with his forever family or we have used an outside stud, then we can show you pictures of the Daddy.

Q. We live far from you. How can we keep in touch with our puppy’s growth while we wait for our puppy to come home?
A. We know not everyone who adopts one of our beautiful puppy lives close to us or can fly in to visit more than once. So we do our best to take bi monthly pictures of the puppy’s growth and also note developmental progress. As you have noticed, we provide more pictures and information on our puppies than any other breeders. We also offer SKYPE sessions (virtual visit via the internet) for our families. We have found this to be a great way for our families to have puppy visits.

Airports, Driving Distance To Mythic Kingdom


Q: Why is it better to get a puppy from a health tested line?
A: When you buy a Chinese Crested puppy from a health tested line, you can know that the breeder has done everything possible to give your puppy the very best start in life. This means only the adults that pass the breed recommended health tests are used for breeding. As reputable breeders, we know from health tests which Dams and Sire can be mated together to produce healthy and stunning puppies. As breeders, we love our Chinese Cresteds. Chinese Crested puppies will live for 10+ years and those years should be filled with love and discovery, not constant visits to the veterinarian. We want our families to enjoy and treasure their life with our puppies. We want you to know that we are committed to being the best breeders and that means spending the time and money to do health tests.

Q: If health testing is so important, then why don’t all breeders do the recommended health tests for their breed?
A: It costs money and time. For one parent, we can spend as much as $720 in just the tests which does not include the travel expense of getting them to the different specialists, fees to have them registered with the different health databases and postage paid. Often, a canine specialist for tests are far way so it takes time and money to see them. It is simply easier and cheaper not to test. But we believe it worth us spending the money and time to produce the healthiest puppies for our families.

Q: Why do you show your health tests when other breeders are not transparent or open?
A: We are proud of all the work we have put into producing the best Chinese Cresteds. We also like to share with our families information on our breeding program so they understand and know how special their little puppies are.

Q: Are puppies from health tested lines more expensive?
A: Yes. The price difference can be very little to a lot depending on each puppy. Health testing is only one of many factors when pricing a puppy. The question for a family is what price is too much when you want a puppy to love for the next 10+ years? Do you want to skimp and buy the cheapest puppy now and have to possibly deal with medical issues down the road? Or is it more prudent to spend a little more on a stunning and well socialized puppy from a reputable breeder who love the breed and has invested time and money into doing the recommended breed tests? We believe an ounce of prevention saves pounds of cure.

Q: What heath tests do you do for your Chinese Cresteds?
A: Chinese Cresteds are known for their overall health but we choose to do the recommended breed tests: PLL and PRCD-PRA (DNA eye tests). We also do OFA eye test (before 2013, it was CERF eye test), OFA Cardiac (heart test) and OFA Patella (knee test) on the newest generations of our Chinese Cresteds.


Q: Are your Chinese Crested parents registered?
A: Most of our Chinese Crested parents are all registered with AKC. 2 of our Moms were adopted with full breeding rights without AKC registration. We wanted them because of their rare chocolate coloring and their smaller size. Coco and Diva’s breeder had registered the Mom but not the Dad.

Q: Why do you only use these registries?
A: AKC is the only reputable registry for Chinese Cresteds. All of our foundation Moms and Dads are from AKC Championship pedigrees. They Have very impressive pedigrees, with AKC conformation Championships, AKC Grand Championships, International Championships, AKC Dams/Sires of Distintion, AKC Dams/Sires of Merit, AKC Agility Champions, AKC Grand Champions of Agility.

Q: Are your puppies registered?
A: If we are planning on keeping a puppy for ourselves, then we will evaluate the puppy we are thinking of keeping. Since we are VERY SELECTIVE  and keep very few puppies for ourselves in our breeding program, most puppies bred and loved at Mythic Kingdom get adopted into loving and wonderful pet homes where a registry paperwork is not necessary. Most of our girls are too small to becomes Moms and we keep very few Dads. If we are keeping a puppy for ourselves, they do not get registration paperwork until they have passed their tests at 1 year of age.

Q: Can I get a copy of the puppy’s registration paperwork?
A: No. We used to pay for registration paper for all our puppies at our expense. This took a fair amount of time and money. However, we found over the years that families did not care about it or less than 5% of the families were registering the puppies. So we have stopped providing registration paper on Companion/Pet contracts. We can give you a pedigree paper which shows the puppies lineage. The only family that requested this even though our policy is transparent wanted the paperwork after a detailed conversation because they wanted the option to breed the puppy. We do not give breeding rights. All of our puppies are to be loved pets and not for breeding or having “accidental” litters. It takes so much more to be a ethical breeder than to have 2 dogs to mate.


Q: Can we see references from families who already adopted a Mythic Kingdom puppy or puppies?
A: Absolutely! We have posted just a few to give a good example of families who have driven in to picked up their puppies, families who have flown in or had the Puppy Nanny or Puppy Chauffeur hand deliver their puppy. Some families visit us once as they flew in, others fly in to visit and then fly in again to bring their puppy home. Some families fly in to visit us and then come back the next day to pick up their puppy. Other families have visited us once a week as they were waiting for their puppy to get old enough to go home! We are so appreciative of all our puppy families who love our puppies. Without them, we would not be able to pursue our life’s mission of bring into the world these exceptionally very sweet, beautiful and tiny sized puppies.

Q: Why are your referrals not the standard ones other breeders show, if they show them at all?
A. We are not like other breeders. Yes our Puppy Families really love us! They truly appreciate the enormous amount of love we give to our puppies. They also recognize that we spend more time interviewing, educating and supporting our families. They appreciate the puppy profiles with developmental updates, as well as the puppy photo gallery of so many pictures of each puppy. They see that each of our puppy is special and not  just number (yes, many breeders give each puppy a number and not a name! yuk!). After our families go through the adoption process and live with our puppies, they see we are special, just like our puppies.

Q: Do you have families who adopted more than 1 puppy from you?
A: Yes. Many of our puppies are adopted by families who already love our puppies. Once they adopt one of our puppies, they “will not go to any other breeder.” So they come back to us when they are ready to bring home their 2nd or 3rd Mythic Kingdom puppy. Of course it’s wonderful to know that our puppies are so loved and will have canine siblings, and that our families love us.

Q: What types of people adopt a Mythic Chinese Cresteds?
A: Our families are from many backgrounds. It runs the gamut of ages and  lifestyles. They live in cities, suburbs and in the country. Many travel a lot or regularly with our Cresteds while others are “home bodies.” Some are active and seek the spotlight while others are more mellow and private. Basically, our families are very much like our Cresteds, they are so diverse. The Crested magic cast their spell on them.  But most importantly, they understand and appreciate how we do things. We are different than other breeders and to them, it’s a good thing.

Q: Can we speak with a family who have adopted one of your puppies?
A: Absolutely! We would be more than happy to arrange a call with one of the many families who adopted our puppies.



Q: I love a puppy and am ready to move forward. Can I send in a deposit?
A: The deposit will be only accepted after we have reviewed your puppy adoption form and both Tim and I have spoken with you.  We need to get to know you, your lifestyle, time line and what your dream puppy is like. Tim and I both must like you and your family since this is a long term relationship. If you are visiting us, you can bring a deposit then.

Q: Can we give you a deposit so we are in line to get a puppy from a future litter?
A: Yes. We love getting to know families really well. When puppies are born, we evaluate each puppy to see which puppy will do best with a particular family. The better we know you, the better we are at matching the perfect puppy with your family.

Q: Are deposits refundable?
A: The deposit you put down for a puppy will be used for a puppy you choose, with Christina and Tim’s approval. If you change your mind or if your situation changes, the deposit can be rolled over to another puppy one time. We do not refund the deposit so make sure you want to work with us when you send in your deposit.  We are known for never asking or pressuring for a deposit. We only accept it when everyone is on the same page. We work with families to add the perfect 4 legged babies to their home and we know sometimes this takes time. We have found this system to work very well for our puppy families and us.

Q: Why put down a deposit on a puppy not yet born?
A: As we specialized in breeding the best little Chinese Crested puppies, we do have a waiting list. Often, we will get to know families before a litter is even bred. This time gives us a great opportunity to get to know each other. Our families know we are outstanding breeders of quality. They can see we go way beyond what other puppy breeders do for their puppies and puppy families. So they want  a puppy from us. As we place puppies to families on a first come first served basis based on deposits received, assuming the temperament and other factors are a perfect match, some families will put in a deposit very early. This way, they are first in line for a puppy of their dreams.

Q: Why put a deposit down early?
A: If you see an available puppy, young adult or adult that you like, we recommend you to put a deposit on the puppy. We have a lot of people that are interested in our puppies and we can’t promise you will get the puppy you want unless you place a hold on him/her with a deposit. The deposits work on first come first served basis as long as Christina and Tim believe it’s a great temperamental match. Also, once a family “adopts” a puppy, the adoption fee will not change even if the puppy ends up being so much smaller than projected, except for puppies that end up having blue eyes.

Q: How much do I need to put down if I want to reserve a puppy?
A: $1,000 is the standard deposit for Mythic Kingdom puppies.

Q: What do I get after making a deposit?
A: We will let you know when we receive it. Then we will email you a deposit receipt agreement, as posted on our website, for your records. We will also notify you of how your puppy is doing, if you have already chosen a puppy, or we will notify you of puppy(s) when they are born.

Q: If I am waiting for a puppy to be born and you have a litter or litters, do I have to pick my puppy then?
A: You can wait. You do not have to pick a puppy by a certain time as the deposit does not expire. We’re not going to pressure you to pick a puppy. We have had families who fell in love with the puppies already born, the next litters or few waited for up to 3 years for their perfect 4 legged baby to be born. That’s a bit excessive but like everything in life, we are all unique.



Q: How much are Mythic Chinese Crested puppies?
As we breed for the tiniest and healthiest Chinese Cresteds out of AKC Championship pedigrees and health tested parents of outstanding beauty and sweetest temperaments, our puppies are not cheap. Our puppies are a great value for their outstanding quality and the enormous amount of time and energy we put into training and socializing our puppies. We are for families who want the best. This is a general guideline on our pricing. As each puppy is unique, the pricing may go up or down depending on the projected size and other factors. We are happy to provide to families with deposits the weekly weights of the puppy. We do our best to project the estimated adult weight by daily weighing the puppies. Unlike other breeders, we also take pictures of our puppies with standard objects everyone knows and have in their home, like soda can, water bottle or wine bottle. We have not seen any other breeders who take weekly pictures of puppies to show their development as we do. We have been told by families that we are outstanding in our commitment to breed, raise and place the best puppies available. We are sure you have notice the difference between our puppies and our website in comparison to other breeders. At Mythic Kingdom we breed the best and our puppies are only for families who want the best. This is the general guideline:
Puff boys start at $1,500 and up
Puff girls start at $2,000 and up
Hairless boys start at $2,500 and up
Hairless girls start at $3,000 and up
Projected micro sized girls start at $3,500 and up.
Double blue eyed and odd eyed puppies are more.
Micro sized puppies that have double blue eyes and odd eye puppies are more.

Q: What about rare eye color puppies prices?
A: If a puppy has double blue eyes, odd eyes, green, hazel or amber eyes, Mythic Kingdom reserves the right to:  1. Keep the puppy. If we do, the family with a deposit in for that puppy can either get a full refund on any and all deposit or payments made towards the puppy, apply the money to another puppy or roll it to a future puppy.  2. Raise the puppy price from $1,000-$2,000+.  3. Or let the family adopt but have the puppy spayed/neutered prior to the puppy’s hand delivery or pick up.

Q: What happens if I have a deposit in on a puppy. Will you honor the adoption fee agreed upon?
A: Yes for non blue, odd, green, hazel or amber eyed puppies. For the families who have a deposit in and have picked their puppy, if the puppy’s size is much smaller than first projected, we do not raise the adoption fee. We will honor the listing price at the time of choosing. We have had many puppies projected to be small or tiny end up being much smaller. Few end up being under 3 pounds!  Many families adopted a puppy at a much lower adoption fee because they had a deposit in and chose the puppy at a younger age. Unlike other breeders who want their puppies gone, our older puppies that are 6 months or older that end up being micro sized are not less. They are more because families want older puppies or young adults that have already been trained by us and are tiny sized. Many of our families already love Cresteds and now they want a tiny size. So when a puppy is older or is a young adult, they are more valuable because of the 99 – 100% accuracy of their adult size.

Q: What about double blue eyed or odd eyed puppies?
A: Blue eyed Chinese Crested puppies are extremely rare. There are only 2 other breeders who have blue eyed Chinese Cresteds. 1 is an older lady and the other sells their puppies through a pet shot situation. They both breed for the standard size, 9 pounds to 22 pounds +. We are the only breeders to breed for the smallest size. We are the breeders to breed for our type: smaller, doll faced with medium build. There is no breeder like us.

Q: What if the puppy ends up being smaller or bigger than projected?
A: Breeding is part science and part art. Projection of adult size and weight depends on many factors. We do our very best to project the adult size. but it is a projection. Some puppies end up being smaller than projected and few end up being a bit bigger. There are no guarantees on adult size as many factors go into size and weight. If you need or must have a certain size, as stated before, you should adopt an adult. That is the closes to getting exact as even adults will fluctuate in weight or size. We do not refund, make partial refunds or offer other compensations if your puppy ends up being smaller or bigger than  projected.

Q: Why are some puppies on the ALREADY ADOPTED PAGE priced lower and some higher?
We place an adoption fee when a puppy is born. This price may go up or down depending on many factors: size, coloring, furnishings, eye colors. As puppies grow and develop, we adjust their adoption fee. We have had many puppies projected to be 4-5 pounds and they ended up under 3 pounds!  Some families adopted a puppy at a much lower adoption fee because they had a deposit in and chose the puppy at a younger age. Unlike other breeders who want their puppies gone, our older puppies or young adults that end up being micro sized are not less. They are more because families want older puppies or young adults that have already been trained by us and are so exceptionally tiny. Many of our families already love Cresteds and want a tiny sized. So when a puppy is older or is a young adult, they are more valuable because of the 99 – 100% accuracy of their adult size.

Link below shows examples of already adopted Chinese Crested puppies. Description and adoption prices are shown to give you an idea of the range of our puppies.

CHINESE CRESTED - Examples of Puppies and Prices


Q: What form of payment do you accept?
A: We accept the following payment options:
1. Personal checks for deposits and payments, as long as there is 7 business days to clear
2. Certified Bank Check
3. Cash. Please note, only cash is accepted if you are picking up your puppy and making final payment. We give you a signed contract at the time of pickup.
4. PayPal “friend to friend” using If you want us to send a payment request, then PayPal charges a fee which will be passed on to you.
5. Bank wire transfers

Q: What receipt do we get after we put down a deposit for a puppy? A: We will email you the deposit receipt, as posted on our website, for you file. If we know which puppy you are adopting, then we will make a note of the puppy’s name, as well putting “RESERVED” for by your puppy’s profile. Otherwise, we will put down “for a Chinese Crested puppy/dog.”

Q: What receipts do we get after making a partial payment on our puppy?
A: We will email you a partial payment receipt, as posted on our website, with a note of the payment, the balance due, your information, puppy’s information and the estimated date of pick up or delivery via Puppy Nanny or Puppy Chauffeur.

Q: What do we get after making full payment on our puppy?
A: We will email you a full payment receipt, as posted on our website, with a note of the payment in full, your information, puppy’s information and the estimated date of pick up or delivery via Puppy Nanny or Puppy Chauffeur if your puppy is being picked up or hand delivered at a a much later date.  If your puppy is being hand delivered within a few days of full payment, then we will email you a signed contract, as posted on our website. You will counter sign and date it and email it back to us. If you want, you can mail it back to us. (keep a copy for your records if you are mailing it). Or we will send 2 copies of the signed contract with the Puppy Nanny for you to sign one and send back with the Nanny. If you are picking p your puppy from our home or meeting us at Newark International Airport, then we will 2 signed contracts, 1 for you and 1 for you to counter sign for us.



Q: What does Pet Contract mean?
A: This means you are buying a well bred puppy from health tested parents. They have been super socialized to be a wonderful and loving family member. All puppies, young adults and retiring adults are placed on pet contracts and must be spayed or neutered. Proof of the procedure from your vet with a clear picture of the spay or neuter incision mark must be emailed or mailed to us. No exceptions. We reserve the right to contact your vet on the procedure. The health guarantee is included in a pet contract and you will have lifelong support from us.

Q: Can we see your pet contract?
A. Yes of course. We stand behind our puppies and provide an 8 YEAR genetic health guarantee!  We are the only Chinese Crested breeder who offers 8 years. All other breeders offer 1-2 years at most.

Q: Do you place puppies into show homes or breeder homes?
A: NO. All Mythic Kingdom Chinese Crested puppies, young adults and retiring adults are placed on a strict spay/neuter pet contract. NO EXCEPTION!

Mythic Kingdom Puppy Contract


Q: Do you place retiring adults as breeders?
A: NO! When our Moms and Dads are don giving us beautiful and healthy puppies, they either stay with us forever or we find loving homes where they spend the rest of their years living as loved pets. This means you are buying a well bred puppy from health tested parents. Retiring adults are placed on pet contracts and must be spayed or neutered. Proof of the procedure from your vet with a clear picture of the spay or neuter incision mark must be emailed or mailed to us. No exceptions. We reserve the right to contact your vet on the procedure.

Q: Can we see your retiring adult contract?
A. Yes of course. The link is attached below.

Mythic Kingdom Retiring Adult Contract


Q: Can we adopt one of your puppy if we live outside the USA?
A: It depends. If your country has quarantine rules, then no. If not, then yes.

Q: How can I have my puppy sent to my country?
A. Just like puppies being adopted within the USA, all puppies and adults must be picked up or hand delivered via a Puppy Nanny. You are welcomed to fly to our home to pick up your puppy. The Puppy Nanny service fee varies depending on your country.

Q: Can I breed my puppy or dog since my country has very few Chinese Cresteds or the quality is not good?
A. NO. Just like puppies being adopted within the USA, all of our Crested must be spayed or neutered. If you are looking to breed, contact a reputable breeder in your area. They will be more than happy to sell you a Chinese Crested for breeding. And the cost of getting the puppy to you will be a lot less too.

Q: Can we adopt one as a pet?
A: We really appreciate families loving our puppies, young adult ad adult Cresteds. BUT, it is easier to adopt a Crested from a breeder within your country. The adoption process is not as strict nor long  as ours. The cost of delivery will be less. IF you are still wanting to adopt a Chinese Crested from us and your country does not a dog quarantine rules, and you understand our non policy on hand delivery, we will let you adopt if we find our puppy is perfect for you. We reserve the right to have the puppy, young adult or adult spayed or neutered, at your expense, prior to the Crested leaving our home.

Q: Can we see your Non USA Family contract?
A. Yes of course. The link is attached below.

Mythic Kingdom NON USA Contract

Our passion: Breeding the smallest sized Chinese Crested puppies, blue eyed and odd eyed Chinese Crested puppies in the world out of health tested parents. To go above and beyond what other breeders do by treating each puppy and our valued puppy families like royalty.

Our mission: Share the love of hairless and powderpuff Chinese Crested puppies with you.

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family”

Kofi Annan

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