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Mythic Kingdom Puppies




Chinese Crested young adults and adults that have already been adopted, adored, and pampered by their forever families.

Many of them live with one or few of our  Chinese Cresteds.

Examples of Chinese Crested young adults, adults or retired parents who were bred, raised, and loved at Mythic Kingdom.

They have all been adopted and are living as pampered and loved pets with their forever families.

Thank you Mythic Kingdom Puppy Families for loving our Chinese Cresteds and keeping us updated.

  • Degrees of hairlessness & powderpuffs
  • Different sizes, from super micro, micro, tiny to small
  • Eye colors, from the standard brown and black to double blue eyed, green, hazel, amber, blue odd eyed, and mosaic eyed
  • Different skin colors

For details on these items and other information on Chinese Crested eye coloring, check our blogs.

The pictures taken at Mythic Kingdom are with Tim’s hand (he is 5′ 8″) or with Christina’s tiny hand (4′ 10″). Or we take pictures of our puppies with a water bottle, wine bottle, soda can or something else to give a reference point in size. We never photo shop our  pictures. What you see is how it is. We are into natural. All Mythic Kingdom young adults, adults and retiring adults are to be spayed or neuter by their forever families, as per our contract.

GKHAN: already adopted 2017


5 on the Mythic Hairlessness Scale   $3,000

Mythic GKhan was named this because he was such a regal looking puppy. I thought a big name would be perfect for this little boy. As a baby, GKhan or as I would call him Khan or Khanny (Tim definitely did not like it when I called him Khanny), was very confident and just a great example of a Chinese Crested in personality and looks. Yes, I did spoil GKhan by carrying him too much, kissing him just too much and telling him he’s the best. But who wouldn’t have done the same. He was just so darn cute. He wanted to be involved with everything we did and would snuggle with anyone available. He got along great with our cats and everyone he met. With so much doting, he believes he’s the man. However, he is more than willing to share a lap, and be in the mix.

When GKhan was really young, his ears were curled back. We have had several Chinese Cresteds with curled ears. As adults, the curl is more subtle but you can see the curl at the tips of the ears. GKhan is also a lovely #5 hairless. He had even distribution of hair on his body (looks like the body hair was sprinkled on) with plenty of furnishings to look lovely.

When it came closer to his 1st birthday, I knew he needed another family who would be able to give him all the love he needs. He’s not demanding in any way, but he would be happier getting more one on one attention than even the 4 of us can give. He deserves the best. So as soon as I mentioned that he is available, we had several families who wanted him. It was really difficult for me to choose 1 family over another sine I knew he would fit into any family. At the end of the day, Tim said Madeline who already had our powderpuff girl, and who flew in to pick up our very hairy hairless Fishlegs should be allowed get him. Given all the families are qualified, he said the families who already have a deposit in or have our Cresteds get priority.

So with happiness for GKhan and sadness in my heart, GKhan and our chocolate powderpuff Hiccup flew with our Puppy Nanny to their Mom and waiting siblings. Madeline said he is a lovey boy and really enjoys getting lots of love from her. He’s smaller than she had thought, at 7 pounds. GKhan is a very special boy so I am happy his Forever Mommy loves him for who he is, beautiful, vibrant, happy, playful and oh so sweet.

Thank you Madeline for being a great doggy Mommy to 4 of our Chinese Cresteds.

BANJO: already adopted 2017


8 on the Mythic Hairlessness Scale   $4,000

Prince Banjo is a gorgeous doll faced super hairy hairless Chinese Crested young man. He is a very tiny guy with lovely conformation. At 1 year and 3 months, Banjo is only weighs in at 5 pounds. He has a table top back, perfect tail set, great gate and a lovely modified deer. With his tiny size, tons of furnishings, markings, and doll face, he is just too pretty for words. He is one of the prettiest Chinese Crested born in our home.

He is a lower energy boy. He prances rather than runs. He strolls over to give and get love. Banjo idea of the best time is to be near his humans and get plenty of one on one love time. He is very sweet and mellow boy. He is never in a hurry and is just chill about it all. He is a tiny little co-pilot. He gets along really well with everyone so he can have siblings as long as they are not high energy (that means wild beasties). Banjo is a little Prince and he prefers others who have manners. Banjo is very sweet and polite when he wants somethings. He asks rather than demands. He is a gentle Prince and not a diva (though he looks like one). As he is not pushy or assertive, he would like others to be polite with him and use a gentle approach. He’s very easy going with other pets, including cats.

Banjo was adopted by Kristyn and Brian at 15 months. Kristyn has met Danny Bonaduce’s Chinese Crested boy several times and loves his playful and sweet personality. But for Kristyn, a much smaller sized Chinese Crested would be best for her lifestyle. They flew in from California to pick him up from our home. Banjo is going to get lots of time  at home and out. He will also get to hang out with other pampered dogs at the doggy spa his parents own too.

Thank you Kristyn and Brian for flying to our home to pick up Banjo.

BANDIT: already adopted 2017


9 on the Mythic Hairlessness Scale   $2,500

Bandit is a pink and palomino with white, black and brown super hairy hairless boy. He was born much darker but his black and brown lighted up to a gray and blonde. Even his black ears are so much lighter. His hair pattern on his back and sides is a tiger stripe pattern. Bandit has a really pretty doll face with big eyes, shorter muzzle and just the sweetest expression. He is a cobby bodied Chinese Crested guy with shorter legs and stockier body. This body type with his doll face makes him look very girly and pretty looking. He is a lower energy boy who really likes to sit on laps. If he had it his way, he would go from lap to lap and get gentle pets. I our home, he was as easy as easy can be. At 14 1/2 months, he is only 6 pounds. He is very small and lower energy but if another 4 legged kid bothers him too much, he does let them know he’s not happy with them.  He is more than happy to chill and snuggle with 4 legged siblings but he really wants to be around his humans.

Then one day in November, Dawna and Jeff flew in to pick up our powderpuff Prince Blue Jay. While they were in NYC sight seeing, they knew they would get another Chinese Crested from us. So they asked about the available young adults or retiring adult boys. I knew Bandit would be great for them. He gets along with everyone as long as they are not too active. So when Dawna and Jeff came to our home to pick up Blue Jay, they held Bandit and it was love. Dawna who enjoys giving doggy message was petting both Blue Jay and Bandit on her lap. They both would close their eyes and enjoy the moment. They did call their airline to make sure there was room for Bandit. Lucky for them, they were able to fly both Blue Jay and Bandit first class. These boys are going to be so spoiled!

Mythic Bandit will live with Mythic Blue Jay who is 1 1/2 years old at the time of his adoption, as well as an Australian Shepard sister and a Chihuahua sister.

Thank you Dawna and Jeff for adopting both Bandit and Blue Jay.

DAHLIA HOPE: already adopted 2017



Mythic Princess Dahlia Hope was adopted by Cindy and her husband at 8 months of age. They have a little Yorkie and fell in love with Dahlia. Cindy wanted a little girl to take to her office everyday and be her constant companion. After doing a lot of research, she felt a Chines Crested would be perfect for her lifestyle. Of course, after reading that Dahlia was a lower energy girl who is very loving and sweet, as well as seeing her adorable face, it was love. Cindy also liked that Dahlia was a young adult and she was only 5 pounds.

We had name her Dahlia since they are considered one of the showiest flowers in a summer garden. We knew she was going to be gorgeous and hoped she would be on the bigger side for us. But she stayed too small. Great for our families but not so great for us. Dahlia was born very dark, with white, black and red (looks brown but it’s red since it fades out to a blonde) hair. As a young adult, she lighted up as we had predicted but still retained a deeper coloring than most Cresteds with her hair coloring. She has soft and straight hair, not too thick so easy to maintain. We kept her hair long since it was such nice quality. Her Mommy considered having us give her a nudy cut but chose to keep it long.

Dahlia flew out with our Puppy Nanny to her Mommy and Daddy in Texas. She joins an active alpha Yorkie sister and a mellow Gray Hound brother.

When Cindy finally got to hold Dahlia Hope in her arm’s she said, “She is even prettier in person and smaller!” Yes, we get that a lot.

Thank you Cindy for loving our little powerpuff Princess.

INDIGO: already adopted 2017


6 on the Mythic Hairlessness Scale   $3,000

Mythic Prince Indigo is a very rare Chinese Crested with his 1 blue eye and 1 brown eye with blue mosaic. He is a pink and black with white and black furnishings. He is a hairy hairless so his furnishings are thick enough to give him a superstar look. I think his markings are really pretty.

We had such a wonderful time with Indigo. He hanged out with us and we did not ever list him. I wanted to enjoy him as long as I could.

Then Kristina filled out our adoption form for a hairless Chinese Crested boy. We spoke on the phone several times as she never met a Chinese Crested in person. “I saw a special on Chinese Crested’s on Animal Planet a few years ago and have been interested in getting one but I thought my children were too young to be careful with a small dog. I found your website a long time ago and check back every so often to admire your pups.” We went over the information on Chinese Crested since she would be a new Crested parent. For her family, a medium energy boy would be ideal so we spoke about hairless Prince Caesar and our hairless G Khan whom we did not have listed. With her 4 children, 2 large dogs, birds and fish, she preferred G Khan as he was older. During our phone conversations and waiting for their visit to our home, a perfect family came forward to adopt Caesar. Then, after speaking with a Mom who already had 3 of our Chinese Crested, I had mentioned G Khan. Well, it was love. When I told Kristina that the other Mom wanted G Khan, she was really quite upset. I told her if a puppy, young adult or retiring adult is perfect for a family who already has 1 of ours, they do get priory.  I said to come and visit and she can meet Indigo and our other Cresteds. This way, she’ll get to interact with Cresteds in person and not virtually. I said, things work out and not to be in such a rush. Well, Kristina, her husband and 4 children came to visit us. They are a lovely family, with a mix of mellow and active kids. They got to hold and socialize our youngest Chinese Crested puppies and also hang out with Indigo and few of our other Chinese Crested adults. Well, Indigo took a liking to every one of them right away. He sat on everyone’s lap, picked up and petted… He was in heaven. And of course, Kristina and her family were in love with his medium energy.

To make a long story short, as Kristina was leaving our home with Indigo, she said to me, “You are right. Things do work out.” Everyone in their home are in total love with Indigo!

Thank you Kristina for trusting us to match your family with the perfect Chinese Crested.

LOTUS: already adopted 2016


5 on the Mythic Hairlessness Scale   $7,500

Mythic Blue Lotus was adopted by Dawn and family who already have 2 of our micro sized Chinese Crested girls. We were planning on keeping Lotus but at almost a year, she is way too tiny to be a Mom. So we let he be adopted and live a happy life as a pet. Lotus was bred and born here at Mythic Kingdom. She has amazing double blue eyes! She is medium energy and loves everyone. She thinks she is the alpha, and is certainly the alpha of the puppy pack and the adult, until a female adult reminders her she is not. When she gets her reminders, she is more than happy to leave the top spot and go play. We will miss our little top guest greeter.

Thank you Dawn

TARA: already adopted 2016


3 on the Mythic Hairlessness Scale   $1,000

Tara was bred and born at Mythic Kingdom at 2010. She was an absolutely lovely girl! Her tail was always wagging.  She loved everyone. Tara gave us such beautiful Chinese Crested puppies and like her Mom and sister, she was one of our most devoted mothers. Tara was born pink with medium slate spots that grew larger ending up covering most of her body with a bit of pink spotting on her neck and underside. Her tri color crest ended up being whitish blonde as an adult. As a puppy, Tim showed her in AKC conformation shows which she loved! She did well until she become 1 years old and then she was not able to compete due to her being smaller than the standard sized Crested. Also, her true hairlessness played against her in shows as super hairy hairless Cresteds are fancied for showing. Tara was adopted by a family who has one of our true micro sized hairless girls. She gets to spend her retirement doing what she loves best, sunning and giving lots of love.

Thank you Diana for adopting Tara and Luna!

JEAN CLAUDE: already adopted 2016


9 on the Mythic Hairlessness Scale   $3,000

Jean Claude is a chocolate super hairy hairless Chinese Crested boy with tan nose and hazel eyes. He is named after Jean Claude Van Dam. At birth, he was so hairy that he could have passed for a powderpuff but he does not have a powdery undercoat. As they say, only is groomer can tell. Jean Claude has a playful and loving personality. He is a cobby boy who weighs in at just 5 pounds but he looks much smaller.

He was adopted at 7 months of age and flew out with our puppy nanny when he was 8 months. He now lives with the Kahn family who already have our Kubai and Michelangelo, 2 of our true hairless boys. They have always loved Cresteds but now that they have our smaller sized ones, they are hooked. They love the portability and the beauty of our Cresteds. They also notice that we socialize our puppies and that makes for a super easy transition. 

Thank you to the Kahn family for their support and belief in our very special Chinese Cresteds.

CARLY: already adopted 2012



Carly is an outstanding powderpuff Chinese Crested. She has great conformation and a wonderful outgoing personality. She loved to go outside and do meet and greets. Because she had such a show presence to her, we kept her hair long. It never tangled and she looked stunning all the time. We had so much fun with her that it was really difficult for me to let her be adopted. There are certain dogs and puppies that I get very attached to and the families who want to adopt them go through an even more interviewing process. We are never in a hurry to get anyone adopted. And since she was so much fun to have in our home, we kept her as long as we could. When she was about to turn 1 years, we let her be adopted by a family who came to visit us. They were perfect for her. They promised to make sure they take her out all the time so she gets her social time.

Thank you Cathy and family for  loving her.

GIGI: already adopted


6 on the Mythic Hairlessness Scale   $3,000


Mythic Gigi was adopted by a lady who’s cancer came back. Gigi was returned to us when she was about 2 years old and weighing 6 pounds. She was still a super happy and outgoing girl, just like her Mother, Tara. As soon as we brought her back, she was confident and greeted everyone with a tail wags. She was able to be off the leash as she stayed close and came as soon as we called her. In fact, she was so friendly that we were afraid she would jump in any car and go happily off with anyone. After being with us for a few months, she was adopted by Gila and family. Gila grew up in Texas and now lives in Mexico with her family. She flew to Texas to meet our nanny and picked up Gigi. Gila’s two very young children adore Gigi and vice versa. Gig lives up to the Chinese Crested reputation of being great with babies and toddlers. Gigi gets to run on the beach and gets to socialize with so many people. Gila was so pleased with Gigi’s happy personality. Of course she is a lovely girl so she gets lots of attention for her beauty.

Thank you Gila!

CANDY: already adopted


8 on the Mythic Hairlessness Scale   $1,000


Candy Cane was named Eye Candy because she is so pretty. She came to us from a breeder when she was about 10 months. When she came out of her cargo crate, she was so tiny and so elegant. She was extremely shy and was very timid. She was called “Little Girl” by her breeder but would not come to us by that name. We had to gently coax her to go outside or come to us. She was so nervous about any noise in the house. Once when she was out on the brick patio, an acorn fell by her and she jumped 3 feet scared out of her skin. This is not normal so we started to make more noise around her and move our feet quickly if she was near us. This was to teach her that we are not going to hurt her and normal activities are just that, normal. No more babying her. It took us a good 8 months but she ended up being so much more confident. Vacuum noise and other sounds did not bother her. She was still not as outgoing as the Crested raised in our home from babies but she was able to live a life without fear. I kept in touch with her breeder and later found out that she keeps her puppies in a barn far from the house. That explained by Candy was not socialized. Candy gave us beautiful puppies, mostly spotted like her. Because of her more timid ways, when Candy was about 4 years old, we retired her out as we thought she would prefer an early retirement. Jean who has a horse boarding farm adopted her and a super hairy hairless Crested boy, Crush. She has had Chinese Cresteds and love the breed. It took time for Candy to get used to Jean and her family but she settled in and is a wonderful girl. She naps with Crush, get it “Candy Crush.”

Thank you Jean for giving Candy a wonderful retirement and also adopting Crush.

ROMEO: already adopted


3 on the Mythic Hairlessness Scale   $1,000


Romeo is a sweet sweet boy! He came to us when he was about 7 months and was only 4 pounds. It took us forever to find a super tiny boy like him as he is so rare. He has a deer body, skinny with long legs. He has hazel eyes and when he was happy, he smiled showing his teeth in a grin. He was more chill and needed some encouragement when he first come to our home. He is a lover and got along with everyone. Like a typical Chinese Crested boy, he was happy to move over to make room for someone else to wanted to join in on a lap. That is why I named him Romeo. Raiden in particular really enjoyed hanging out in the yard with him as he was playful and easy going. He has super soft and perfect skin. He is a also a true hairless with just enough Crest to look good without any body hair. Romeo gave us some hazel eyed and tiny puppies. He was an excellent Dad and played with any puppy. When Romeo was about 5 years old, he was adopted by a family in New York who have 5 children. Their eldest daughter is socially very shy so they were told that a dog would be very good for her. They came over to visit Romeo and their daughter ended up petting him during most of their visit! Their other children had their turn holding him and having him on their laps too. Even the youngest, 1 year old was able to pet and love him too. The parents were so happy to see that Romeo was as we said and was a great therapy dog. They came back to pick him up and Romeo lives happily ever after with them. It make me so happy to know that he is living a wonderful life as a retired pet and is making a family, and in particular a young girl, so happy.

Thank you Nicole and family for loving him.

Our passion: Breeding the smallest sized Chinese Crested puppies in the world, with are eye colors out of health tested parents. To go above and beyond what other breeders do by treating each puppy and our valued puppy families like royalty.

Our mission: Share the love hairless and powderpuff Chinese Crested puppies with you.

“There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.”

Niccolo Machiavelli

Interview and Adoption Process: We love our puppies. We are very choosy and work with qualified families who understand and wants the same highest quality of life and care for these precious puppies. Tim and Christina interview all families. If you are within driving distance to us, a visit is required. We are very serious about what we do. We spend a lot of time educating our prospective families. Even if they have Chinese Cresteds or have loved them before, we go over most of the information provided on this website. We give you opportunities to ask us questions. The adoption process is slow and thoughtful which has worked great for us, our puppies, and our puppy families. If you are in a rush to buy a puppy, young adult or retiring adult, please contact other breeders. We do not place puppies just based on just gender, color, size… The most important part of our process is getting to know you and vice versa. This way, we can continue to be amazing at matching the perfect puppy with your family. This process is important since these 4 legged babies will be a part of your family for years and it should be a match made in heaven. Due to the care we give, many of our puppies are adopted by happy families who already have our puppies. They are on their 4th hairless and powderpuff Chinese Cresteds from us.  All families who adopt from us have gone through our adoption process by filling out our adoption form, and have spoken with Christina and/or Tim. They have been invited to visit us at our home. Information on visiting us (flying in or driving) is posted on the Q&A page, along with other very useful information. Qualified families are welcomed to visit us as often as they like while waiting for their puppy. All our puppy families have both Christina and Tim’s contact information.

Spay/Neuter: All prices of puppies are as pets. That means they are adopted with a strict spay or neuter contract and proof of procedure from your veterinarian, along with a clear picture of the puppy with the spay/neuter incision mark and face must be emailed or mailed to us, no exception. We reserve the right to keep a puppy, young adult or retiring adult longer and have them spayed or neutered prior to leaving our home at the family’s expense. So if you are looking to have an “accidental” litter of puppies, please do not contact us. If you are a breeder looking to buy a Chinese Crested puppy for breeding, please contact other breeders as we do not give breeding rights. All our Chinese Cresteds are adopted by families as loved pets only!

Forms, Receipts, Contracts, and Other Information: They are posted on our website for you to review prior to filling out the adoption form, putting down a deposit, or any payment on a puppy/dog. Articles on Chinese Cresteds, as well as other very useful information are available. We like families to be educated, taken the time to read and get to know us, and on the same page.

We Stand Out as Outstanding Breeders: We are not like other breeders. We are not in a rush to sell a puppy and get them out of our home. Just because someone want to send us money for a puppy does to mean they will get a puppy without going through our adoption process. We do not ship our puppies in cargo. We do not tape ears. We don’t chase families. We do not feed our puppies junk. We do not let families who want an expensive “accessory” get one of our puppy or adults… However, we do spend the time and love to breed and care for our puppies and 4 legged parents. We do stay current and use the highest quality puppy food and supplements. We do decline non qualified families. We do interview, educate, and support our families during phone calls, emails, and texts prior to adoption, as well as during visits, and through our website after the adoption. We are different than other dog breeders and we are proud to be different.

Size: AKC Chinese Crested breed standard is measured in height of 10 -13 inches at the withers, top of the shoulder blades on the back, which translates into 10 – 18 pounds, give or take a few pounds. No other toy breeds, including Yorkie, Maltese, Chihuahua, toy Poodle, Shih Tzu and Pomeranian to name a few, are measured in height. All of them are measured in weight. Even within these toy breeds, there are few breeders to breed on the smallest side of the AKC standard to way below the standard in size. The standard sized Chinese Cresteds other breeders have are just too large for us. Some of our families have Chinese Cresteds from other breeders that are 19-23 pounds! Mythic Kingdom breeds for the prettiest Chinese Crested puppies for sale that are micro sized 4-5 pounds, tiny 5-6 pounds and small sized 6-8 pounds. Some people describe our hairless and powderpuff Chinese Cresteds as teacup puppies, purse sized or miniature Chinese Cresteds. Our goal is to breed the healthiest, super socialized, prettiest and tiniest hairless and powderpuff puppies in the 4 – 8 pound range. Many of our puppies end up being micro sized Chinese Crested adults at 4 pounds. Very few are small sized at 8 pounds. Most mature at 5 – 6 pound range which is significantly smaller than every other Chinese Crested breeders’ dogs. We use health tested Sires and Dams that are from smaller lines or are known to give smaller puppies consistently. Our hairless and powderpuff puppies for sale are in this smaller weight range. Puppies that are the same weight may look smaller or bigger depending on if they are deer or cobby types. Deers are taller and look bigger because they have longer legs. Cobby type look smaller since they have shorter legs. Mythic Kingdom’s ideal type is medium boned with the medium to shorter legs with doll face with larger eyes, shorter muzzles and smaller ears which gives them a really pretty face. Few will have a more traditional or standard look with smaller almond eyes and longer muzzles with bigger ears. We do our best to weigh and project the adult weight as the puppies grow. If you must have a certain sized or colored Chinese Crested, please buy an adult as that is the only way to know what the adult size and coloring is. We have a great track record of estimating adult size and adult skin and hair coloring. But no breeder can give a guarantee of the exact adult weight, size or coloring, as many factors go into it, like how much exercise, diet, sun exposure, and age affect the overall appearance.

Rare Chinese Crested Eye Colors: We are also the only breeder to have the tiniest sized double blue eyed, odd eyed, green/hazel, amber, mosaic, and blue odd eyed mosaic eyed hairless and powderpuff Chinese Cresteds in the world. These very rare eye colored puppies are super special dogs. The largest ones we have will still be smaller than what other Chinese Crested breeders breed for and offer for sale.

Price: Our Chinese Crested puppies for sale are not cheap. Since our parents are smaller and from smaller lines, we have fewer puppies in each litter than other Breeders. The fortunate families who have adopted 1 or more know they are worth their weight in gold. We are so pleased to have experienced die hard Crested loving families and families who brought home their first Crested from us come back to bring home their 4th Cresteds from us. Mythic Kingdom’s hairless and powderpuff Cresteds are rare, and are treasured for their aesthetics (smaller size, rare coloring, conformation…), loving personalities, outstanding health, and being raised in an active and loving home with young children. All prices are subject to change without prior written notice or consent. For families who have a deposit in on a non blue eyed or odd eyed puppy, if the puppy ends up being smaller than projected, the adoption price does not go up. Many families have ended up buying a Chinese Crested puppy from us at a really great price because they had a deposit in and they chose their puppy early, between birth – 6 weeks. If the puppy has rare eye coloring, Mythic Kingdom reserves the right to either keep the puppy or raise the adoption fee by $1,000 – $2,000+. If Mythic Kingdom is keeping a puppy or cannot place the puppy, any deposit, partial payment or full payment will be either refunded or the family can choose another puppy depending on the family’s preference. If the family cannot adopt a puppy/dog for any reason due to lifestyle change, relocation, health, finances, change of heart, or any other reason, the deposit and any money paid towards the puppy will not be refunded but can be put towards anther puppy 1 time. If a puppy is older and is staying tiny, the price DOES NOT go down as we have spent the time to love and raise them through puppy hood. They are for families who want a certain size as buying a young adult or adult is the only way to know for certain the adult weight and size. They are also for families who need an adult. Our families have found our young adult and retiring adults transition very easily into their family.

Stay in Touch: We love to hear from you, before, during, and post adoption. Before adoption, we will notify families with a deposit in of available puppies that are born. Do to the number of inquiries, we do not notify other interested families of new puppies. During the adoption process, both Tim and Christina are available for any questions, advice, or anything else. Post adoption, we are here for our families. They agree to email us a picture of their Mythic Kingdom puppy/dog on their birthday. We want to see how each Prince or Princess is doing. Our families have 1 or few breeders to update while we have more families to keep track of. We really appreciate our puppy families’ yearly updates.

Family Recommendations: You will notice that our puppy families give us amazing references after they go through the entire adoption process. They really appreciate the love and care we give to our puppies, dog parents, and to them. We go out of our way to go above and beyond what other dog breeders do. We love what we do and it shows!


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