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born in NYC, NY in November 2001




  • 2016 National Society of High School Scholars
  • Bloomfield Archers 2014
  • Wo-Pe-Na Archers 2013
  • Gifted Child Society since 2007
  • U.S. Archery Association 2013
  • Stanford University’s Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) since 2010
  • Mensa since 2010
  • Demonstration team at her Wushu school since 2011 – 2016
  • HAP (High Aptitude Program) at her school since 2009-current


Made it on the 2016 -2018 US Junior Wushu Traditional Team

53 Martial Arts Competitions Wins:

  • 2016 Capital Wushu Kungfu Championships : 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze metals
  • 2015 New Jersey InternationalWushu-Kungfu Tournament, 1 silver and 1 bronze metals
  • 2014 Karate Tournament of Champions: Gold, silver and bronze
  • 2014 Terp Wushu College Gages: 3 out of 3 golds
  • 2014 US Open Martial Arts Championships in NYC: Dante won all three golds.
  • 2014 4th Annual New England Kung Fu-Wushu Championships: 1st in spear, 1st in hand and silver in broadsword.
  • 2014 5th New England International Wushu Championships: 1st in spear, 1st in broad sword and 3rd in hand
  • 2014 Dante won 2 out of 2 events at The Long Island Open Karate Championship: 2nd in hand and 3rd in sword.
  • 2014 Capital Wushu Kungfu Championships: 3 out of 3 golds
  • 2014 Long Island Karate Tournament: 2nd in hand
  • 2013 9th University Wushu Games: 3 out of 3 wins: 1st hand, 1st staff, 1 broadsword
  • 2013 Karate Tournament of Champions: 3 out of 3 wins: 1st hand, 1st broadsword, 2nd staff
  • 2013 Battle in Hersey: 2 out of 2 wins: 1st in hand, 1st in weapons
  • 2013 3rd Annual “New England” Kung Fu – Wushu Championship: 3 out of 3 wins: 3 golds!
  • 2013 U.S. International Kuo Shu Championship: 4 out of 4 events: 1 1st place and 3 2nd places
  • 2013 USAWKF National Championship: 3 out of 3 wins: 1st place staff, 1st hand and 2nd broad sword
  • 2013 NJ International Wushu-Kungfu Tournament: 3 out of 3 wins: 2nd hand, 1st broad sword and 1st in staff
  • 2012 Karate Tournament of Champions: 2 out of 2 wins: 1st place long weapon, 1st place hand
  • 2012 Unleash the Warrior: 2 out of 2 wins: 1st place long weapon, 1st place in hand
  • 2012 USAWKF National Championships: 1 out of 1 wins: 2nd in hand

Archery Competition Wins:
2015 NJ JOAD Championships: 2nd place
2014 NJAA Outdoor State Championship: 1st place

2015 Performed Martial Arts at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center, NY
2015 Performed at the Prudential Performing Arts Center in Newark, NJ during the NJ Devils game
2014: Ranked in North America 1st in long weapons, 2nd in open hand and 3rd in short weapons for Intermediate Girls 9-12 through ICMA
1st place in the individual competition at her middle school math team 2013 5/19/14: Trained with the Chinese National Wushu team
Principle’s List at her middle school (straight A’s for the year) 2013
Presidential Gold Award for Academic Excellence 2012

Nationally ranked (top 200) in math in the U.S.A. 2012
Peer mediator at her elementary school for 2010-2011 and 2011-2012
Arts Studio Program (visual arts) at her school in 2010-2011 and 2011-2012
A published poet since 2009 at 7 years old
Attended seminars given by His Holiness The Dalai Lama 3 times
Green sash in Wushu learning the staff, as well as the broad and straight swords
Did volunteer work at local library 2013
Big sister to Chinese Cresteds since birth 2001
Big sister to Mi Kis since 2011

Committee Service Work:

2009-2013 Pet therapy work at rehabilitation center/nursing home

2013 Wushu demo at Parsippany HS Asian American Club fund raiser event for Operation Smiles

2012 Summit Middle School Emergency Shelter teaching Kung Fu to children affected by Hurricane Sandy


People for People’s Leadership Program by the Director of Saturday Workshops at the Gifted Child Society in 2011.

Dante was asked by American Mensa to review a book for Amazon. She is a avid and prolific reader so doing a review as a natural for her. Here is her review:

5.0 out of 5 stars The Bliss of the Gift of Imagination, July 20, 2012
By Young Mensan BookParadeSee all my reviews This review is from: The Unforgotten Coat (Hardcover)
“The Unforgotten Coat” by Frank Cottrell Boyce is an unforgettable story of two mysterious brothers who befriend a girl (Julie) and appoint her as their “good guide.” The brothers pretend they believe they are being chased by a demon. There may not be a real demon, but they are being chased. Julie learns more about the tricky brothers’ background and finds the true meaning of fear.

These “Mongolian” brothers show Julie the bliss of having the gift of imagination. As an adult, she pieces together parts of their story and figures out what was really happening from the pictures to the coats to the demon. Julie and the brothers give you laughs and you, the reader, can really compare yourself to these moments of fun.
“The Unforgotten Coat” can be suitable for adults, teens and kids alike. I personally wouldn’t suggest it for anybody under 6 because of the way the humor is being shown. It only slightly surfaces and could be hard for younger readers to understand. Also, the meaning and importance of the plot can be hard to grasp. Kids can probably relate to the conveyed feelings of the characters better though.

This book has some very interesting parts. My personal favorite parts are mostly the funny moments. I enjoyed that the author used the simile “it was like watching high tension tennis.” The new students were contradicting the teacher and the classmates were looking back and forth, back and forth as if following the ball. I also thought it was especially funny when Julie found “Mongolia” was just pictures of Bootle angled and set up so it gave the illusion of being a certain way. Finally, the last picture reached my heart with the brothers thanking her for being their good guide. This book is definitely specially because in total it teaches you that if you use your imagination, you can convince yourself its one thing. This can make you mentally stronger.

This story should be read by ages 8-800 because of the subtle humor. Younger kids might understand half of it. Also, the book’s importance could be irrelevant to them. They won’t be able understand the fear of these people. This book would be 5 stars because it gives perspective mystery, and is thought provoking. I would recommend this to any reading lovers.

Review by Young Mensan Dante P., age 10 Northern New Jersey Mensa

Read Dante's short story Hunter Hunted

Home of the smallest and tiniest Chinese Cresteds & the sweetest teddy bear faced Mi Ki puppies.

I don’t know everything,

I don’t know how it rolls,

So show me how I should be,

Show me how it goes.

You may not be my teacher,

Or my parents either,

but show me, show me, show me,

Show me how it goes.”

Dante P.

Tim and I thank everyone who have so generously contributed to our children’s lives with the goal of shaping compassionate human beings. Thank you to all the teachers, coaches and people who see their potential  and inner beauty. Just like our puppies, our goal for our human children is for them to be joyful and contributing members of society, to give more than they receive.

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