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Mythic Princess Lotus is adopted by Dawn and family who already have 2 of our Chinese Crested girls. They adopted Fifi, a 4 pound powderpuff girl, and Venus, a 3 pound hairy hairless girl. Dawn loves our Cresteds and us. After living with her Mythic Kingdom girls, she came back for her third. When a girl super hairy hairless girl she called about was adopted by another family, we started to speak about her next ideal Crested. We spoke about Lotus and after looking at her pictures and going over her great personality, Dawn knew she was her girl.

Lotus was adopted at almost 1 years of age. We had kept her for our breeding program but she is too tiny to be a Mom. With her narrow deer type body, I would have been stressed if she was to deliver puppies. So after discussing with Tim, we chose to let her be adopted. We knew she would find a family right away. As soon as we choose to let her go, we had several families who wanted her. But we chose to let Dawn adopt her since she already has 2 of our micro sized girls. We know she will be loved.

Lotus will fly out with a puppy nanny this Friday to Illinois to live with her family.

We’ll miss Lotus. She was part of our welcoming committee, along with her best friends G Dragon and crew. She always let us know when someone was at the front door. She then will let the new people know she is in charge of the puppies, in the house. Then she would go check every visitor out and after being satisfied that they are “good to visit,” she would start to wag her tail and play with everyone, just like before the visit. Everyone who ever came to visit her thought she was just stunning. “We’ve never seen a blue eyed Chinese Crested before!”  “She is just so happy!” “Wow she loves to play and is friendly!”

Lotus is also used to sleeping in the big bed like a human baby in my arms. She knows when bedtime is and will go up to the bedroom with us. She likes to play with G Dragon and the other puppies or adults who are in bed mates for the night.  Between play, she makes sure I know she loves me by giving me kisses during her play. She doesn’t want me to feel left of the fun. Then when I say lights out, she crawls under the blankets (we have a lot since we are in cold New Jersey) and make her self all comfy. And there she sleeps all night.

Lotus is the world’s smallest sized double blue eyed hairless Chinese Crested in the world!

See her grow below.

Video of Mythic Blue Lotus playing with puppies. She is almost 6 months in this video.

Home of the smallest and tiniest sized BLUE EYED Chinese Cresteds in the world!

Our passion: Breeding the smallest sized Chinese Crested puppies with rarest eye coloring in the world, out of health tested parents. To go above and beyond what other breeders do by treating each puppy and our valued puppy families like royalty.

Our mission: Share the love of hairless and powderpuff Chinese Crested puppies with you.

“Fashion is mysterious, as a rule. Why are blue jeans a classic? You just hit on something that happens to be timeless and right.”

Diane von Furstenberg

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  • Evanngelina09runs . July 12, 2017 .

    She is beautiful! Her face with the blue eyes is just remarkably beautiful.

  • D Stillman . April 14, 2017 .

    The first time I saw Cresteds was at a dog expo in Florida and they were quite big considering they are in the toy category. I am completely fascinated by them. They look like mythical creatures. I did ask all the breeders there about sizes and they all said Cresteds are suppose to be bigger. Their dogs were on the average about 13 – 17 pounds, one bit smaller and some bigger. When I was in NYC, I went to another expo and all the Crested there were big too. My husband and I want a smaller one as we are used to tiny 4-7 pound Yorkies. The breeders we met seemed too eager to sell us a puppy without asking much from us. We started searching for other breeders and found you. We did read everything on your website, which by the way is fantastic beyond belief! We will fill out the adoption form so we can be approved for a puppy. We will be happy with any eye color, though the double blue eye like Princess Lotus is gorgeous. Thank you for your consideration.

  • (Author) CMPaulhus . October 27, 2016 .

    Glad you got to meet our tiny sized Cresteds. We love them. Happy to hear you have read all the information on our website. It’s a lot. It’s an important part of our adoption process. When you are ready, fill out the adoption form and then we will speak.

  • Josh . October 27, 2016 .

    Dear Mythic,
    We have read everything on your website twice now! We are so impressed. We were officially introduced to you by a family who have 2 of your Cresties. As we were waiting to board our plane, we saw 2 tiny mini hairless boys sitting on the Mommy’s lap. Of course we had to go say hi and the parents were just the sweetest answering all of our questions. They had nothing but praise for their breeder. When you name came up, we were curious. We had heard about you through the breeders we have bought our Cresteds from and people on a blog site. The main comments were that breeding smaller is unhealthy and that your family is not breeding to the standard. We had agreed with this. But now we are complete converts. Seeing is believing. The boys parents gushed and gushed about your family and how nice it was to go visit you at your home. They loved their experience with you and even now, they said you and Tim are always happy to speak with them.
    We got to hold the boys on our laps and they are just so well mannered, playful and loving. Not only that, they are perfect miniature Cresteds with the best skin we have seen and just beautiful faces. So these must be puppies still to be so small. Well they are 5 and 4 years and the parents say the healthiest and best Cresteds they have ever loved. Like us, they are die hard Crested family. Between our stories of Cresteds we have and have loved, the boys sat on our laps or on their parents laps. We had such a crowd around us. Everyone as enthralled. There was one man who said they are cute even though they are normally ugly. Another convert to the Crested world.
    Currently we have 3 Cresties: a blue eyed hairy hairless girl at 16 pounds, a hairless boy at 18 pounds and our smallest one at 12 pounds. She was shipped from a boutique pet store that breeds and sells blue eyed puppies. She was suppose to be smaller at 8 pounds but she is a glorious 16. We were afraid a 4-5 pound Crestie would be unhealthy or just too small for us. We would have preferred her to be around 8-10 pounds so she could travel with us every where but it is as it is. We love her and are still working on her skin. We call her our pretty little girl but now it is very funny after meeting micro ones.
    We asked so many questions and the parents were so gracious. We did ask for your info and they said to read your website first. They warned us that you are very picky and have turned down families. Well we hope we will pass your test so we can bring home our next Cresties from you. We have bought from AKC show breeders, hobby breeders and boutique stores and none of them want to know us. They want the money and then they will ship. We hope other breeders start being as demanding as you are.
    Thank you,
    Josh and Stephie

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