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Flying In To Pick Up Your Puppy

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You have been dreaming about your puppy. You can’t wait to hold, kiss and share your life with your puppy. Soon you’ll be holding your puppy in your arms and be covered in puppy love! To prepare to fly in to pick up your puppy, here is the information to make everything run smoothly.

  1. You will let us know dates and times best for you to come. We will work around your travel schedule. We are available from 10am EST – 6pm most days. Of course, if you are flying in earlier or later, then we will certainly do our best to accommodate. Christina will work with you the dates and times.
  2. You will let us know if you want to come to our home and pick up your puppy. We welcome you to come. It is about 70 minutes to 90 minutes from there to our home, depending on the time of day. Some families spend time in NYC, Washington DC, Philadelphia or Boston and then come to pick up their puppy or vice versa. Information on hotels and things to do near our home is on “THINGS TO DO NEAR US” blog page.
  3. OR, you will let us know if you want to have Tim and your puppy meet you at Newark International Airport, as some families fly in to pick up their puppy and then board a plane back home within the same day.
  4. We will take your puppy to our veterinarian for a Flight Health Certificate 1 – 2 days before the projected flight date. This is required by airlines in order for dogs to fly in cabin, insuring the airline that the puppy, young adult or adult is in good health and able to fly. All of our puppies, young adults and adults have all passed with flying colors. The Flight Health Certificate is valid for flight within 10 days of health exam. The fee for this is $100 paid to us at least 5 days before going to the veterinarian.
  5. You will choose how you that travel bag and supplies your puppy will fly in. Some of our families are very particular, so they have shipped Louis Vuitton and other designer bags and supplies to us so their puppy can travel in 1st class. Most families buy the flight bag and supplies from us which is $100 – $130 for the entire kit. Otherwise, your puppy will fly in one of our Puppy Nanny’s travel bags.
  6. You will let us know if you are ordering your puppy’s food and supplements or if you want us to set it all up for you: and This is posted on our website. It takes 7-10 days for the first shipment to be delivered to your home (homes)
  7. You will read the “AT HOME PUPPY PLAY PEN SET UP” blog page under GET READY FOR PUPPY CATEGORY to prepare for a safe and best way to get ready for your puppy.
  8. We will have the Mythic Kingdom Puppy or Adult contract, as posted on our website, for you to counter sign. 1 copy is for us and the other one is for you.
  9. We will have the Puppy’s vaccination and deworming record: at least 1 set of puppy vaccines and 2 round of dewormings done
  10. We will have your puppy’s non watermarked puppy pictures on a cd for you
  1. We will have your puppy freshly groomed and bathed, including ear cleaning, pedicure and sani trim if needed
  2. We will give couple of single meal containers of food if you have the food and supplements already delivered to your home, or if the food and supplements have not arrived yet, then 2 single meal containers of food and a bag of dry food to last for a week
  3. We will give few treats for the travel home or first few days at home
  4. We will give your puppy’s non watermarked baby pictures on a cd
  5. We will give your puppy’s Flight Health Certificate
  6. Your puppy who is ready to go home and be the most amazing member of your family!
  7. You will take your puppy for a Puppy Wellness Checkup within 2 days and email the report to us.
  8. You will call, text or email us with any questions at any time of the day or night.
  9. You will have your puppy spayed or neutered at 6 months or within 2 months of adoption. A clear photo of the puppy, young adult or adult with the face and incision mark is to be emailed to us, along with your veterinarian’s proof of the procedure.
  10. You keep us updated on your puppy and any change of contract information, as noted on our contract.
  11. We will be available to advise, answer, suggest or guide you on any question you have for the puppy, food/supplements, or anything else 24×7! We know your puppy better than anyone right now. So if you have any questions no matter how small, ask. There will come a time when you and your veterinarian knows your puppy better than we will but until then and even after, we are here.

Please bring the following so the flight back is easy with your puppy, :

  1. Puppy flight bag, airline approved
  2. A tiny baby blanket or hand towel to line the bottom of the flight bag
  3. xxs collar that has many holes since our puppies are so tiny, or Tim can make an Adjustable Bling Collar/Leash for $30- $50 depending on the crystals and beads used. This can be used for the super micro sized puppies all the way to adults.
  4. 4′ leash
  5. Couple of pee pads

If you prefer to have us buy flight supplies, then it is $100 – $130 depending on the style of airline approved bag. Please let us know if you need this so we can have everything ready.

Home of the smallest and tiniest Chinese Cresteds & the sweetest teddy bear faced Mi Ki puppies.

Our passion: Breeding the smallest sized Chinese Crested puppies, blue eyed and odd eyed Chinese Crested puppies in the world, as well as the rare breed of tiniest Mi Ki puppies out of health tested parents. To go above and beyond what other breeders do by treating each puppy and our valued puppy families like royalty.
Our mission: Share the love of Mi Ki puppies and hairless and powderpuff Chinese Crested puppies with you.

For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.”

Leonardo da Vinci

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  • Armando578R . July 9, 2017 .

    Wanted to write and update you on Jake since he just celebrated his 7th birthday. He had his favorite people and friends over for a big party. He greeted everyone, played and had a blast. We could not have asked for a better Crested. Of all the Crested we have had, he stands out. He has the best of Crested traits but just tinier. He has a huge personality in a 5 pound body. His furnishings are gorgeous. It was worth flying in to pick him up from your home. We loved meeting your family and there’s not a day that goes by without us being thankful for you and our Jake. Thank you!!! Big hug. xoxo

  • JJJS . May 23, 2017 .

    Love how picky you are with your families and who gets to adopt one.

  • Valerie G. . April 15, 2017 .

    By the way, we love your updated website. Even better than before.
    Could you give me a call so we can order the food and supplements for Darcy? Danny Boy’s parents love it and recommended we use it too. We want to make sure Darcy gets exactly what she needs. V

  • Valerie G. . April 15, 2017 .

    Thank you for having us fly in a visit your puppies and then to pick our Darcy when she was ready to come home. It was such an amazing experience! We really appreciate the time you took with us. You guys are the very best. Darcy is the smartest girl ever! She just had her 6th birthday. She and Mojo are best friends. He is very gentle not to step on her. Darcy also has play dates with your little Danny Boy. They are just amazing Cresteds! When people meet Darcy, they always ask where we got her from. Of course we tell them she is a Mythic Princess. We met another of your Cresteds dowtown. We were so excited as the little one had to be from you. We are thinking of starting a meet up with the local families with your puppies. It would be a parade of the smallest, most glam and attitude filled party. Thank you for everything! Kissess and paws up.

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