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Flying With Puppy Nanny

July 31, 2016.Mythic Kingdom.19 Likes.3 Comments

PUPPY NANNY – hand delivery service

Many of our families drive or fly in to pick up their puppy or puppies. But we know not every family can do this. So we offer a Puppy Nanny service. A loving human will fly with your puppy in cabin and care for your puppy until your puppy is in your loving arms at your at your international airport. NO we do not fly our puppies, young adults or adults our in cargo! It is dangerous and not at all pleasant for the puppy! We know all other Chinese Crested breeders do this, but we do not. We are the only Chinese Crested breeders who offer this very important service. Thankfully, many Mi Ki breeders don’t do this.

We have a few Puppy Nannies we use to hand deliver your puppy. They are flight attendants who are able to fly with our puppies from Newark International Airport. They are all pet people, meaning they understand how important our puppies are to us and to you. They understand that puppies need comfort and caring before, during and after the flight. They know how we like to do things and have the same standard of high ethics.They take direct flights, if and when possible, which is most of the time, to make the flight home the best for your puppy.

The service is generally $350 – $400 in cash to the Puppy Nanny at the time of hand deliver for most international airports in the continental USA. As our Puppy Nannie fly on standby to keep their costs down, we ask all families to work around their schedule. It is about 2 weeks lead time to get a date for flight with our Nannies.

The states in blue are $350. The states in yellow are $400.

To prepare your puppy to fly with a Puppy Nanny, here is the information to make everything run smoothly.

  • We will contact our Nannies after we know when the puppy will be ready or when you will be ready to have your puppy/dog home. As the Puppy Nanny flies on standby, all of us have to work around their schedule. So if there are dates and times you cannot meet them at your airport, then please let us know. We will give your the mobile number for the Puppy Nanny and vice versa so the two of you can start to co-ordinate. We are available most dates and times, so we work around everyone. The Puppy Nanny will let us know which date she/he is aiming for.
  • You will choose what travel bag and supplies your puppy will fly in. Some of our families are very particular, so they have shipped Louis Vuitton and other designer bags and supplies to us so their puppy can travel in 1st class. Most families buy the flight bag and supplies from us which is $100 – $130 for the entire kit. Otherwise, your puppy will fly in one of our Puppy Nanny’s travel bags.
  • You will let us know if you are ordering your puppy’s food and supplements or if you want us to set it all up for you.
  • We will email you the Mythic Kingdom Puppy or Adult contract, as posted on our website, for you to counter sign and email back to us. It will have the projected flight date. This is 1-2 days before the flight. OR we will send it with the Nanny.
  • We will email you the Puppy’s vaccination and deworming record 1-2 days before the flight: at least 1 set of puppy vaccines and 2 round of dewormings done. OR send it with the Nanny.
  • We will freshly groom and bath your puppy, including ear cleaning, pedicure and sani trim if needed.
  • We will give couple of single meal containers of food if you have the food and supplements already delivered to your home, or if the food and supplements have not arrived yet, then 2 single meal containers of food and a bag of dry food to last for a week
  • We will give few treats for the travel
  • We will include your puppy’s non watermarked baby pictures on a cd
  • We will text or email you that Tim has left our home to meet the Puppy Nanny with your puppy on the day of flight.
  • We will text or email you when the Puppy Nanny has your puppy.
  • You will text or email us when you have met the Puppy Nanny and your puppy is in your arms.
  • You will take your puppy for a Puppy Wellness Checkup within 2 days and email the report to us.
  • You will call, text or email us with any questions at any time of the day or night.
  • You will have your puppy spayed or neutered at 6 months or within 2 months of adoption. A clear photo of the puppy, young adult or adult with the face and incision mark is to be emailed to us, along with your veterinarian’s proof of the procedure.
  • You keep us updated on your puppy and any change of contract information, as noted on our contract.
  • We will be available to advise, answer, suggest or guide you on any question you have for the puppy, food/supplements, or anything else 24×7! We know your puppy better than anyone right now. So if you have any questions no matter how small, ask. There will come a time when you and your veterinarian knows your puppy better than we will but until then and even after, we are here.

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  • JSouthernBelle . November 27, 2017 .

    All of our Chinese Cresteds, except for 1, were sent to us via cargo. Wish we knew about you guys earlier. Why don’t other Crested breeders send their puppy with a nanny instead of shipping cargo? It’s not safe. The 1 breeder we did drive to didn’t even invite us to her house to pick up our puppy. We had to meet at a public place. 🙁 Thank you for being so careful and caring with your Cresteds. Since we found you, we keep reading all your articles to learn more. Your site is the go to for Chinese Crested info! Thank you!

  • JJJS . November 2, 2017 .

    Our Cresteds were sent to us cargo and at the time, we did not think anything of it since all Crested breeders did this. Getting a nanny was just not offered. For the most part, everything was fine but the 2 out of 7 babies did seem really afraid. Of course, the 1 baby we picked up since his breeder was within driving distance from us had an easier transition. He got car sick but other than that, he was a trooper during the long ride. Now, we would never consider flying them in cargo. We hope other Chinese Crested breeders start following your steps. Thank you for caring for these precious babies. Your family are a different breed of breeders!

  • T LaMere . May 22, 2017 .

    Everything went flawlessly! We are so thankful you don’t fly your puppies in cargo. The care you give to your puppies is so admirable. By the way, we do add extra time when we go out as Sunny gets so much attention. She has to be the most adored powderpuff in the world. Everyone can’t believe she is an adult. They all think she’s a 4 month puppy when she is with Daisy. She is just over 3 pounds, very close to your 5 pound projection. No worries about Daisy crushing her when they nap. She seems to know she’s a big girl and is careful. But it is certainly easier to go about with a small Crested versus the standard size. We are hooked on your puppies.

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