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CHINESE CRESTED: GKhan pictures & videos

November 3, 2017.Mythic Kingdom.19 Likes.2 Comments

Prince GKhan is a great example of a hairy Chinese Crested #5. At 8 months, his furnishings are growing long and he looks amazing. He is a medium energy Chinese Crested with lots of love and play.


11/15/17: GKhan was adopted by Madeline who adopted powdepruff Mythic Camacazi, super hairy hairless Mythic Fishlegs, and chocolate powderpuff Mythic Hiccup. Madeline flew in to pick up Prince Fishlegs. Madeline’s Mom, Judith, who flew in from Germany to meet us at our home is adopting super hairy hairless dark chocolate Prince Calisto. Judith has a hairless Chinese Crested boy, Giovanni, so Calisto will have a brother to play and snuggle with.

Baby pictures of GKhan growing are posted, as well as videos of him. I had named him GKhan since he was such a beautiful hairless boy when he was born. He is the grandson of our Romi Khan, slate and pink Queen, who was born with a lot of red, white and black furnishings but changed to white and gray with the best skin. She has passed on the great skin and the outgoing, confident, playful and loving personality to her line.

GKhan is a slate and with pink #5 hairless with mostly white with black and some red furnishings. He has absolutely amazing furnishings, silky medium texture. As he gets older, his crest, plum and socks will get longer. His furnishings are not as thick and full as a super hairy hairless but certainly of very good quality and amount to give him a very glamorous and classic Chinese Crested look.

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Mythic Prince GKhan’s pictures at week 4, week 5, week 10 his curled ears can bee seen, week 13, week 15, week 16 1/2, 8 months

11/3/17: video of GKhan after pictures at 8 months. He is very loving. His tail wags all the time. He does like to give kisses to show how much he loves his humans but not too much.

11/3/17: GKhan having fun outside after pictures at 8 months. He is fun and confident when it’s play time.

11/3/17: After he is done playing outside (about 10-20 minutes), he’s all mellow and loving, back on the lap. He thinks he’s a baby and likes to be held like a human baby cradled in our arm on his back.

6/24/17:  Khan is playing with younger hairless and powderpuff  Chinese Crested puppies. Khan is very smart boy. He is 16 1/2 weeks. 2 of 2 videos

6/24/17:  Khan held in Tim’s hand after puppy pictures. His furnishings getting longer but wait until he get’s older. Then he will be gorgeous.

Learn more about the different degrees of hairlessness in hairless Chinese Crested breed. GKhan is a #5 on Mythic Hairless Scale.

Home of the smallest and tiniest sized Chinese Crested puppies in the world, and the rarest colored eyed Cresteds!

“Genghis Khan was a fascinating man and way ahead of his time.”

Ian Botham

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  • WoodbridgeMay . November 4, 2017 .

    Yes, he does have really pretty coloring and markings. He’s gorgeous crested. We did notice his curled ears when he was younger. So unique and precious!

  • JimNathan . November 3, 2017 .

    Lovely Crested boy! Love his markings.

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