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LEVEL OF HAIRLESSNESS: Number 5 hairless Chinese Cresteds have the average amount of body hair versus furnishings. That is why they are #5 right in the middle. They may have a thick band of hair from their head, down their neck and back to the tip of their tail with a think band of hair going down each leg with sprinkling of body hair on their chest and side. The area above their belly button to their crotch will most likely be hairless. This is the most common hair pattern for #5. There are other Cresteds with the same amount of hair but distributed differently on the body. They may have less of a band down the back and legs and spread out over the top and sides in a more even manner. Like everything else about Chinese Cresteds, each one is unique. The common  denominator with #5 is that they do have nice furnishings. They have enough crest, plum and socks to look like a Crested that is in everyone’s mind. No they do not have the super furnishings. They do not have gogo boots but their toes do not show through their boots. Their crest does grow long but never as thick as a hairier Crested.  Caesar and GKhan are examples of #5 (as well as our first Chinese Crested, Lady Godiva). With #5, it take about 2 years to see the full effects of their furnishings to show their glory.

GROOMING: Like most Cresteds, #5 should get a bath every other week. The buzz grooming should be done every month or 2 months to depending on the parents preference. I can go 2 months without a buzz down while other parents do it more often to show off their beautiful body. The ideal areas can be trimmed to give the best look since they have enough furnishing to trim off. There is hair going to the tip of the tail so about 1/2 to 1 inch can be trimmed off the base (for people  with bigger Chinese Cresteds, it should be 1-2 inches that is trimmed off to keep in proportion to the rest of the body). The socks are trimmed mid fore arm. The Crest is trimmed right to the withers (where the shoulder bones meet on the back) since the hair will grow long from there and flow like a silk scarf.  The top of the Crest, above their eyes, should never be trimmed (unless bubble gum or anything else that cannot be combed out) as it will grow long and flow down around their face. The ears can be trimmed or left long to grow out. the face should be buzzed to keep it clean and kissable.

LIFESTYLE: A Chinese Crested like Caesar and GKhan are wanted by families who want the fuller look without the excessive body hair. They want it all. Not too much of this or that. These families definitely want the show Crested look but less of the body hair.

Both Caesar and GKhan are medium energy boys. They look very similar with their pink and slate/black skin with the white and black furnishings. They are both very happy, confident and loving boys.


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Our passion: Breeding the smallest sized Chinese Crested puppies in the world with rare colored eyes out of health tested parents. To go above and beyond what other breeders do by treating each puppy and our valued puppy families like royalty.

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  • AandD2999 . November 2, 2017 .

    Adorable Crested puppies! Been following your site for several years now and we love to see examples of your Cresteds. These boys are so incredible!

  • (Author) Mythic Kingdom . November 2, 2017 .

    Hi. Great to hear you love Chinese Cresteds and love their range of loveliness. Few families prefer the true hairless, others want only powderpuffs, while most Chinese Crested families prefer the hairy to super hairy hairless. Then there are those who love them all. They appreciate the beauty of each one, as unique souls ready to love and get love. When your family is ready, you can start the process by filling out our adoption form and then we will speak. Of course, we will invite you to visit us at our home too. In the mean time, keep loving your babies and enjoy every moment.

  • Illa and Luciano . October 28, 2017 .

    Our 1 hairless crested has sprinkling of hair all over except for around her private area. It looks like someone went mad with a hair duster. She does have lots of lovely furnishings, just lovely. Our other hairless would be, I suppose, an 8-9 on your hairless scale. He is very hairy with the most amount of furnishings. He is just gorgeous and everyone comments on his look. We have been owned by a powderpuff and an other hairy hairless. It is commendable you show examples of them. People who have never loved a variety of Cresties do not realize what a range they come in. Our babies have been and are much larger in size than yours. We have been following your Cresteds for what seems like years and we just keep admiring your puppies. The next Crestie will be hopefully one from you, if are so lucky enough to have one. We love all Cresteds so the amount of hair is not an issue for us. Cheers, Illa, Luciano and family

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