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High Energy Level Crested

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Bold, Inquisitive, and Super Loving


Who’s the four legged kid with a zest for life? They absolutely love everyone and everything. The wind is blowing so they’re happy. The bees are buzzing so they are happy. They are the playful and loving monkeys in a tiny pony body. Life is just a wonderful place for a high energy kid.

When they walk, the walk fast or run. When their tail is wagging, it is going a mile a minute. We joke that if we could harness their tail wagging, it would be clean renewable energy. When they want to show you how much they love you, and they do need to show you how much they love you, you will be showered with kisses. When they want to snuggle, they will not wait to be invited. Oh no. They will jump and do their best to get on your lap. If they can’t jump, they will climb their way up your legs. When they are on your lap or in your arms, they will remind you if you forget to pet them. After all, you live for them and vice versa. They give you love and in return, you give them lots of kisses and pets. That’s the deal.

These kids love to have lots of people to play with or with one parent who can give them all the love them have, as well as get all the love they need to share. They will want to play with others, but like all Chinese Cresteds, they want to be with their humans.

At home, they are busy bodies. They eager to be a part of everyday life. They will be running in front of you anticipating where you are going. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, they just want to be part of the party. If you have young children or human babies, the high energy one will either play gently with them, sit with them or know the human kids aren’t in the mood. If the human children and parents wants to play and rough house, they are all for it! When friends, family, and guests visit, they are more than happy to show them how much they are loved. Some parents feel a bit of jealousy when their baby is so loving to everyone. But it’s a good thing. When they are loving to others,you have continued to socialize them and keep up their confident and friendly nature. Just a reminder, they love everyone. That means they will go off with anyone. If they could, they would show the burglar where the silver is kept. Then they will keep them busy with lots of kisses.

On the town, the high energy Chinese Crested can be seen from a mile away. They strut their stuff. They think they are the best. They believe they are the prettiest. Even our tiniest Chinese Cresteds that are high energy have no fear of big dogs or strangers. They think they are special and everyone should know it. When people meet him, he exspects to be adored. He may sit and let people admire them by petting him. OR he will just take the lead and show them how much he love them. But no matter what, they will always love you the best. As his parents, he thinks YOU ARE THE VERY BEST! He is so happy when you call his name, hold him, kiss him, and whisper how much you love him.

High energy kids can be adopted by medium – high energy families. But we do have to say now that we have Crested families (they have loved several Chinese Cresteds) who are lower energy and the high energy ones fit right in. So there are always the exceptions. With the lower energy families, the high and medium energy Cresteds will naturally tone it down when need be. Chinese Cresteds, being intuitive, will mirror their parents moods. It can be so charming to a high energy baby be so mellow with their lower energy parents. But that is the magic of Chinese Cresteds

Cowboy ll (birth name Dorian) is a high energy true hairless chocolate Chinese Crested Prince. I called him Monkey Boy because he was so playful and charmingly funny. He was a low energy baby but around 6-8 weeks, he realized he’s some kind of wonderful and bloomed. Now he lives happily ever after with his low energy Mom who has loved many Chinese Cresteds. With her, he is sweet, attentive, and absolutely adores getting her attention, as well as from everyone who meets him.

Blue Lotus is a high energy hairy hairless Princess. She, with our other high energy Cresteds, was one of the first to go to the door to greet guests. She loves to play with everyone. She loves to sit with us. She loves to kiss. She loves to be included on everyday events. As you can see, she has a lot of loves. We were going to keep Blue Lotus but as a young adult, she was not getting bigger so we let a family who adopted a super hairy hairless and a powderpuff Chinese Cresteds from us adopt her. She has double blue eyes with pink and black skin. She is a hairy hairless, a #7 on our hairless scale, with white and black furnishings.

High energy Chinese Cresteds are like dahlias. They are so bright and bursting with blooms for a long season. Dahlias are know to be the showoffs in the flower world and these four legged babies are certainly show offs. The dahlia flower, due to it’s eight genes compared to two for most other flowers, comes in a riotous shapes, colors, and sizes. They are known as the queen of the autumn garden. They have a long blooming season which extends from mid-summer through early frost. Each plant is laden with tons of stunning flowers, as well as having lush emerald green foliage. Dahlia flowers can be as small as 1.5 inches or as large as 12 inches across. The plant itself can be as short as 12 inches or 6-8 feet tall. Some are over 20 feet tall for wild species. The highly desired blue dahlia does not exists. A prize for their cultivation exists since 1826. We’ve had the pure joy of seeing dahlias grow in our puppy garden and feel they represents our high energy Chinese Cresteds perfectly.

Home of the smallest and tiniest sized Chinese Cresteds in the world, and the rarest colored eyed Cresteds!

“True love is eternal, infinite, and always like itself. It is equal and pure, without violent demonstrations: it is seen with white hairs and is always young in the heart.”

Honore de Balzac

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  • JJJS . October 30, 2017 .

    Spot on about energy levels in Chinese Cresteds. We have loved everyone from low to high. All loving but just different styles of relating to the world. 😀

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