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The rare Mi Ki (pronounced Mee Kee) is an intelligent, calm, sweet matured and affectionate dog.  They have a moderate activity level making them ideal for apartment or condo living as well as in a house. They can easily be trained to use a pee pad, litter box or use a small yard.  Mi Kis are friendly and alert, making an excellent companion to the handicapped, seniors and families with children. They are laid back and seldom bark. They possess a high degree of intelligence, making them easy to train. They make great emotional support, therapy or service dogs. They love to be around people, and readily accept strangers.  Mi Kis have a very even temperament, which makes them an ideal therapy dog. The Mi Kis love kids and enjoy being carried about by them. The Mi Ki is not aggressive, nor are they intimidated by dogs. They are extremely social, outgoing and sweet.  Mi Kis come in two coats: long and smooth. Long coats do not shed. Smooth coats do shed. At this time, we only have the non-shedding long coated Mi Ki puppies. Mi Kis are very adaptable little dogs, and once families have one, they are hooked on these rare and sweet puppies.

Mythic Kingdom is a member of both American Mi Ki Registry Association and Continental Mi Ki Association. As this special breed is new, we wanted to be able to bring the very best examples of Mi Kis from of both of these dedicated registries into our breeding program. Continental Mi Ki Association, CMA, requires all of their breeders to health test: OFA eye, cardiac and patella. It is optional to do the OFA eye and OFA patella as an American Mi Ki Registry Association, AMRA, breeder. We choose to do all the tests for all of our Mi Ki parents: OFA eye, OFA Cardiac and OFA Petella.

Mi Kis are not recognized by the American Kennel Club yet. Pure breed Mi Ki to pure breed Mi Kis have been mated for generations around 36 generation and we are working towards AKC recognition which will happen but will take time. For now, there are only a few Mi Ki registries that certifies and gives out pedigrees for pure breed Mi Kis puppies based on know pedigrees or genetic testing. Most Mi Ki breeders choose to belong to one of these registries/groups. After much research on the different Mi Ki registries and the quality of Mi Kis they have available, we have chosen to register our Mi Ki Queens and Kings with just two groups: American Mi Ki Registry Association and Continental Mi Ki Association. We wanted to work with breeders dedicated to breeding the healthiest Mi Ki puppies by doing health testings. We also choose to belong to groups that promote unity in the Mi Ki world and share knowledge on health and pedigrees. A new breed will only grow by breeders coming together on common ground to breed for the best pure breed and healthy puppies. As with any young breed working to be recognized by the AKC, there are differences of opinion on what a “real Mi Ki” is. Let’s work together to promote and share this wonderful breed with the world by being committed to health testings, properly socializing puppies, sharing information, being open to opposing views and most importantly, being supportive breeders to families who want Mi Ki puppies.

We would like to thank the Mi Ki breeders who have shared their knowledge and love of this breed with us. Their openness and generosity is so greatly appreciated. As new breeders to this breed, their advice and guidance has lit our path to breeding the healthiest Mi Ki puppies possible. In particular, we would like to thank Dr. Geri Wojeck for sharing her extensive knowledge, especially on health issues, different backgrounds on pedigree lines and Mi Ki genetics. Like us, she understands an experienced hand at a breed can make a huge difference in starting a breeder in the right direction. Thank you Geri.

Our dedication is to improve the Mi Ki breed and share our love of this breed with others.

Every Mi Ki Breeders has a different look or “type.”  Some are deliberate and others are by happen chance. We have a type we consider to be ideal. We deliberately breed for these traits. When people see one of our Mi Kis, they should have a certain look that marks them as our Mi Kis. Mythic Kingdom’s ideal Mi Ki is:

TEMPERAMENT –  Adaptable, intelligent, sweet, whose only purpose is to be a faithful and loving companion. They make excellent emotional support dogs.

SIZE  –  Height at the wither (bottom of feet to shoulder blades) is 5 to 8 inches. Ideal weight is 4 to 6 pounds. Many Some of our Mi Kis are under 4 pounds. We deliberately choose to breed smaller than the ideal Mi Ki weight of 8 pounds.

PROPORTION  –  Length should be slightly (really slightly) longer than the height at the withers. We prefer a just off the square proportion. We do not breed for the longer bodies. Legs are short and should be in proportion to the length of the body to create an off square.

SUBSTANCE  –  Medium to finer build Mi Ki giving the Mi Ki a lighter and elegant appearance. We do not breed for the stocky cobby bones. The movement should be light and not heavy.

HEAD – The skull would be well rounded and have a well defined stop of 90 degrees with the shorter muzzle being wide.

EYES  – Well placed apart, round and big eyes.

EARS  –  Winged ears: 3/4 of the ear is up and erect. the 1/4 at the end tips down with long hair flowing down. Many of our Mi Ki puppies get up ears and few of them keep them if the ear hair is kept off. Most end up with winged ears. All of our Mi Kis’ ears are mobile and strong and will express a Mi Ki’s mood in motion. They act like mobile satellite dishes.

TEETH – The bite is even to slightly undershot.

NECK – Medium length, not too long or too short compared to head and body.

COAT  –  The long coat (non shedding) should be luxurious with a single coat that is silky and straight and not too thick.

TAIL  –  Set high coming right off the top, heavily plumed and carried curved well over back.

MOVEMENT – Gait is light, straight, smooth and flowing. When they walk, they sashay wagging their rear and tail.

COLOR  –  All colors and markings.

Mythic Winning Ways “Winnie” as a puppy. She has the ideal look: lighter bones, short legs, tight rectangle body, round head, short muzzle, big eyes and winged ears. She is a super tiny sized Mi Ki at 4 pounds.

Mythic Winning Ways “Winnie” as an adult.  She also has the ideal Mi Ki personality: even tempered, confident, sweet, smart, loving, adaptable, playful, adores everyone, gets along great with cats.

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

John F. Kennedy

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  • LeoDivak2 . October 15, 2017 .

    Fascinating article. It is beautiful too see a breeder with ethics and amazing values.

    Personally, if all dog breeders made good content material as you do, the pet world will be a much better place. Cheers.

  • JULIANNEskyline . October 13, 2017 .

    I’m extremely impressed with your writing skills as well as with the layout on your weblog.

    Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself?

    Anyway keep up the nice quality writing, it is rare to
    see a nice blog like this one nowadays.

  • (Author) Mythic Kingdom . March 8, 2016 .

    Hi Dawn, Thank you for your nice referral. It has been our pleasure to have your family be a part of our extended puppy family. Mi Kis are still a new breed and a lot of people have never heard of them. And when they do, they have questions. Some people think they are a mix breed or they are a “designer” breed. It very nice when a long time Mi Ki family who have Mi Kis from several breeder speaks up about how wonderful they are. Each Mi Ki breeder, just like any other established breed, has their type or a look they are imprinting on their puppies. We like our Mi Kis to be on the smaller end of the Mi Ki standard with the really cute gremlin or bear face. So thank you for your support. And as always, when ever you and your husband are in NYC area, you are welcome to visit us.

  • DawnMM . March 7, 2016 .

    We currently have a Mi Ki girl who is 11 pounds. All of our Mi Kis have been around 6 pounds to 13 pounds, except for our two boys from Mythic. It’s to be expected to have different sizes and looks as Mi Kis are a new breed. What we really appreciate about our Mythic boys is that they are so healthy, socialized beautiful as puppies, playful, social, and have that nice medium shorter nose gremlin look. The much smaller size is just an added bonus. We were so happy with the larger size but after having Lucas (almost 3 years and only 3 pounds 1 ounces on his fattest day) and Roger (4 years and 4.5 pounds), we wouldn’t adopt a Mi Ki puppy from any other breeder besides Mythic. They really did make us feel at home when we flew to their home to pick up our boys, 2 times. They are exceptional, just like their adorable puppies. We love our Mi Kis!

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