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You want a Chinese Crested puppy. You have thought about him or her or them. You have dreamed of one day kissing and loving your Crested baby, hairless or powderpuff. You have your ideal Crested baby in mind.

Just as you have your ideal puppy, we have our ideal puppy we strive to breed for and our ideal puppy parent/family we work with.


Our Ideal Puppies:

♥Much smaller than the standard Chinese Crested: most are in the 4-8lbs range and 6-10″ tall instead of the 10-16lbs (and there are plenty of Chinese Cresteds bred to be over 16 pounds!) and 11-13″ tall

♥Has a medium build, not deer nor cobby but in the middle wth finer and elegantly built body and yet athletic

♥Has a very pretty and feminine doll face: bigger eyes and shorter wedged muzzle (less hound looking than the standard Crested)

♥Playful and intelligent

♥Raised in a calm and loving family home from day one

♥Properly socialized around children, different adults and other pets

♥Super Puppy Trained: potty training started on paper and/or litter box (as of 2016, we offer a litter box to puppies 12 weeks and older). Most puppies are 95% potty trained by the time they come home to you.

♥Perfect for taking on airplanes as carry-on instead of cargo when going on vacations as they are so much smaller than other breeders’ Cresteds

♥Is loyal and devoted to you

♥Loves to be picked up and carried

♥A real companion, a tiny loving four legged child

♥bred from health tested parents

♥Fed the hightest and complete nutrition

♥Comes with an 8 year genetic health gaurentee

♥Comes from a breeder with great referrals with vested interest in the puppy’s well being


Our Ideal Family:

☺Looking to work with an experienced breeder who wants to get to know you and not just make a sale

☺Wants to work with a breeder who health tests all parents and gives an 8 year genetic health guarantee. NO OTHER CHINESE CRESTED BREEDERS OFFERS THIS. Most give 1 year and at most you will get 2 years.

☺An animal lover/advocate interested in the wellbeing of all animals

☺Will provide a home where the puppy is provided with daily exercise/play, clear boundaries, proper and consistent socialization and love

☺Either has trained and raised a well mannered puppy or is willing to follow advice on proper puppy training

☺Wants a trained and well mannered companion puppy

☺Wants a much smaller Chinese Crested puppy than the standard size

☺Be willing and able to provide regular checkups to keep their puppy in optimal state of wellness

☺Has done tons of research on the breed

☺Loves, loved or have always dreamed of a Chinese Crested and knows how special and wonderful they are

☺Want a breed that has a sweet and playful personality of a monkey, cat and dog but looks like a micro pony

☺Understand how important nutrition is and is willing to continue the optimal food program our puppy is on

☺Spoken with many Chinese Crested breeders and have asked them lots of questions

☺Contact us after doing all research and speaking and or visiting other breeders

We are not right for every family contacting us, just as not all of them are right for us. Yes we are picky. Few families are shopping around for a Chinese Crested puppy and not wanting to be educated. Few families think a Chinese Crested is rare, unique and want to show it off like an expensive purse. Few families cannot be bothered to read the information on our website. Few families do not want to get to know us and vice versa. Few families are just plain not right for any Chinese Crested puppy.

We have been blessed to work with so many wonderful families who love Cresteds are are enamored and want to adopt their first Crested baby. They are open. They have read all the information. They ask good questions. They are ready for a puppy now or down the road. They want to work with us because of who we are and the beautiful little puppies we raise. They email us updates on the puppy. They honor the puppy contract and email us the spay/neuter report and picture. They love our puppy or puppies unconditionally.

It is up to us to interview each family thoroughly and decide if one of our puppy is the perfect fit for them. It is up to each family to interview us, or any breeder, and be educated on the this very special breed.

Making an ideal puppy match involves both us and the family working together.

Home of the smallest and tiniest sized Chinese Cresteds in the world!

“Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”
William Shakespeare, author

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  • (Author) Mythic Kingdom . April 23, 2017 .

    Thank you for loving him. Give Jadin kisses from us. When you are ready, we’ll work with you to find your next perfect baby.

  • Jason's Family . April 23, 2017 .

    Hi. Jadin is the best boy! He is happy and healthy 6 years old. Everyone who meets him love him! We can’t go anywhere without people swarming him and wanting to hold him. He is just the best. Jack is almost 10 so we’re going to want another boy from you soon. Jadin is 6 pounds and you know Jack is 16 pounds. So around Jadin’s size would be perfect. Jack’s breeder is retiring and besides, we want one from you because you socialize your puppies properly. Also, Jadin being so much smaller makes it easier for him to go everywhere with me as a service boy. Hope your garden is blooming and everyone is doing great. Fyi: both boys are on your nutrition plan and all of us love it. Thank you for everything you do!

  • Evanngelina09runs . February 14, 2017 .

    You are our ideal breeders 😀

  • New healthy man . November 11, 2016 .

    You have got possibly the best webpages.

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