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Meaning of the name Mythic

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Why we are called Mythic Kingdom

Meaning of the name Mythic

pronounced as “mith ik”

When we brought home our first Chinese Crested girl on a show contract, our breeder asked us what name we wanted for her AKC name. Since we were getting her on a breeding/show contract, we will have our name as well as her kennel name, “Curios.” It was exciting! Our girl will have our name on her official AKC paperwork. After some thought, I told her it was “Mythic.” She loved it. “Do you realize it’s created by combining your and Tim’s names?” Tim and I did not intend on that but it is true.

I chose Mythic because I have always been interested in multi cultural mythology, even as a young child. And for me, Chinese Cresteds are magical and almost mythical like creatures from heaven, like unicorns. It was a short name and for me very easy to pronounce. This is how our first show girl was named AKC Curios Remember Me At Mythic.

Though it’s easy for us to say it, it’s not the most commonly used word. Few people pronounce it as “my thick kingdom, ” “Why would anyone name their dogs my thick?” It did not occur to me that some people did not know the word mythic and the meaning of it. I saw it as an opportunity to expose them to a broader prospective. I tell them it is pronounced as “mith ik” and share with them why we chose that name.

When we launched our website, we chose to name it Mythic Kingdom as it is a magical place where puppies and families are treated as royalty. Like other mythical kingdoms, Shangri-La, Atlantis, Shambala, Zanadu, El Dorado, Camalot and other places of legends, our mythic kingdom will be just as beautiful and filled with harmony and joyful co-existence. Most breeders would have used Mythic Chinese Cresteds but we wanted something bigger and deeper. We wanted our name to reflect our vision of a world of love for our puppies.

As we incorporated Mi Ki puppies into our home, the name Mythic Kingdom worked out beautifully. They are also very rare breed of legendary sweetness and smarts. Most people only knew them because they met a Mi Ki. Then it’s “I have to have a Mi Ki.” Both Chinese Cresteds and Mi Kis hare similar in that they are loving, smart, quiet, playful, non smelly and non shedding, making them excellent companions to a variety of families and lifestyles. They are also known to live well in the city, suburbs or in the country.

Of course, anyone who takes the time to get to know us in person and through our website, they will see that we often use mythological name, particularly Greek and Roman names for our Chinese Cresteds. They are exotic dogs so it’s a natural route to take. I like to give them big, beautiful and meaningful name for a puppy to go up to. Many families change the names after they adopt but few love the names and they have kept their puppy’s birth name. Over the years, we have had Mythic Venus, Mythic Apollo, Mythic Aphrodite, Mythic Perseus, Mythic Pluto, Mythic Zeus and Mythic Tara. We have also had Mythic Romeo, Mythic Isis and Mythic Romi Khan.

The names we prefer for Mi Kis are on the other hand quite American, as they are an all American dogs. So my personal favorites are after Barbie character names, Disney Princes and Princesses or American celebrities. We have over the years have or had Princess Jasmin, Prince Mythic Dominik, Princess Mythic Ashlyn, Mythic Fred and Mythic Ginger (Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers).

The many families who have visited us know we are real and not a mythical place with tiniest little Chinese Cresteds and sweet Mi Ki puppies. We welcome each visiting family with open arms to our kingdom. We always strive to be the best that we can be for our puppies and our puppy families.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

William Shakespeare

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  • Natasha . October 18, 2016 .

    I admit it. When I first called Christina, I thought it was my thick kingdom. She was super nice and didn’t make an issue of it. They are so nice in general and so knowledgeable. We fell in love with our baby’s pictures and bio and wanted to put in a deposit right away but they wouldn’t accept it without getting to know us. We had a great feeling through all the phone calls and we are so happy we flew in to visit them and pick up our Crested baby. We’re not used to a breeder being so on top of things. They are top breeders not like any other breeders we know. Other Crested breeders we called all wanted the money and they would ship the puppy asap. Show breeders and hobby breeders have nothing compared to Mythic. They have been so supportive over the years answering questions like grooming and clothes. They love their puppies and we love them. Thank you for doing what you do. We love our baby and our life is so much better because of your dedication.

  • Jane . October 18, 2016 .

    Hi Mythic! Love your updated website! Post more pictures of your new place. Your garden was so nice so we’ll love to see what your new garden looks like.
    Your newest puppies are so cute! It’s making us want to adopt our third Crested baby from you. Brutus is a chubby 5 pound rock star and Popeye is a sweetie pie and only 4 pounds. They get play time with our parent’s Crested and ours look like little miniatures. He’s a sweetie pie too. He towers over our boys at 17 pounds. We used to think this is normal but now it’s all about Mythic puppies. Our parents definitely want their Crested from you. They are getting older and a smaller Crested is better for them. They love to puppy sit Brutus and Popeye. thank you so much for letting us adopt them. We love them.

  • Sarah and George . October 17, 2016 .

    We went to visit Mythic Kingdom when they lived in West Orange. They are a lovely family with the prettiest Cresteds. We met their kids and the puppies and adults were out on the patio playing while they answered our questions. We would love to visit them in their new home. It looks so nice. Yes, we did adopt a puppy from them and we adore her. They are very serious about puppies and we had to prove we would be great parents. The adoption process was long but well worth it. Our girl is so tiny compared to other Cresteds. Families who have the Cresteds from other breeder are jealous of our tiny girl. We’ve heard, tiny ones are not healthy but it’s so not true. From day 1 of bringing her home to now, she is healthy, confident, and just plain the prettiest and tiniest Crested. Thank you Mythic Kingdom.

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