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All of our Mi Kis are very special to us and we want the best homes for them.

These young adults, 7 months and older, were bred and born here at Mythic Kingdom, unless otherwise noted. They are priced according to gender, size, coloring and other factors. They are all potty trained and pre-loved. They are up to date on all their puppy vaccines and dewormings. We have done all the work. All our young adults are placed into pet homes only. That means they must be spayed or neutered.

We sometimes have retiring adults available for adoption. After they have lived with us in our home and have done their royal duty, we look for loving homes where they will be pampered pets. We prefer to place them while they are young and can enjoy the rest of their life in homes where they will get more one on one attention. They make wonderful additions to homes looking for an older Mi Ki that has already been trained and ready to be a part of their family. All of our adult Mi Kis are placed into pet homes only on a strict spay and neuter contracts. They are not available to breeding homes. They have given so much. We want them to bask in the sun.

Deposits are only accepted after we receive a completed adoption form and both Christina and Tim interview. *All of our young adults and retiring parents are placed as loved pets only and must be spayed or neutered. Proof of the procedure must be emailed to us. We reserve the right to contact your veterinarian to verify the spay or neuter. We reserve the right to have the spayed or neutered prior to leaving Mythic Kingdom at the family’s expense. We do not give breeding rights.

If you are interested in any of our young adults and/or retired adults, please fill out a Mi Ki Adoption Form. The adoption process is the same as with our puppies.

AVAILABLE: These Mi Ki young adults or retiring adults are available for adoption. If you fall in love with one of the Mi Kis, fill out the Mi Ki Adoption Form.

RESERVED: Deposit is in for these Mi Kis.

PENDING: Deposits and partial payments are in for these Mi Kis

PLACED: These Mi Kis have been paid in full and are waiting to be picked up by their families, fly out with our Pet Nanny or will be driven by our Pet Chauffeur.


Read the Mi Ki Questions & Answers page, forms and puppy or retiring adult contract.


Look at the Mi Ki puppies that have already been adopted & Mi Ki videos.


Love what we do and our very sweet young adults or retiring Mi Kis.


Fill out a Mi Ki Adoption Form and email it back to us.

ADOPTED: Small Prince Francisco by Annie and husband

dob: 10/8/15
Tri colored Long Coat Mi Ki Prince


7 pounds

Mom: Lady NoKA, tiny white and chocolate Long Coat
Dad: Cesar, micro sized tri color Long Coat

10/8: NoKA gave us 3 beautiful puppies. Francisco is mostly black with some white and brown color.    >10/14: Puppy pictures at 1 weeks taken. Based on NoKA’s past puppies, he will be will end up being around 7 pounds.    >10/4: Puppy pictures at 4 weeks taken. Francisco is very mellow and sweet boy.    >10/7: Puppy pictures posted.    >11/26: 1st round of deworming started.    >12/29: Fracisco is a sweet boy who with a medium/low energy level.    >12/2: had 1st puppy vaccine. He is very easy going.    >12/9: Started 2nd round of deworming.    >12:13: Monica and Lawrence came to visit us and our puppies. They are the parents of our 3.5 pound Mi Ki girl and are ready for another puppy girl puppy from us. They played with Francisco who was very happy to be around them.    >12/30: had 2nd puppy vaccine.    >1/5: Francisco is a lower/medium energy boy. She is happy to play gently or chill out next to us.
1/11: Puppy bath. He is very good at bath time.    >1/12: Started 3rd round of deworming.    >1/27: 3rd and last puppy vaccine given.    >2/4: bath and puppy pictures at 17 weeks taken and posted.    >2/12: Stephanie and friend visited us and our Mi Ki puppies. Stephanie visited us 2 years ago and now she is ready to have a Mi Ki baby. Stephanie’s neighbor has one of our Mi Ki girl who goes to school with the son as an emotional support dog. Stephanie wants a girl Mi Ki but helped to socialize Francisco too.    >2/26: Puppy pictures at 20.5 weeks taken and posted.    >2/28: Puppy videos of Francisco with his litter sister, Naomi.  Our other Mi Ki puppies Eric, Dominik and Ashlyn (renamed to Lexi by her family) taken and are with Francisco.    >9/16: Pictures and videos at almost 2 years young posted. He’s so much sweeter than in his pictures. His videos shows his personality really well. He is best for a family without kids, as he is more of a sensitive boy. He is a lower/medium energy boy great for a parent or parents who either work or are retired. He is not demanding at all and is very good about spending time with others, 2 legged or 4, and alone.    >12/24: Annie and her husband loved a Mi Ki boy who passed away. They are adopting Francisco and are super excited. We are happy for them and for Francisco as his Mommy works from home and he will get to be with her.

Mythic Kingdom Mi Kis are all long coats as they do not shed, unlike the smooth coat Mi Kis. They are great for traveling with in cars, planes or boats. They make great pets for all families. Families with young children to older people love our Mi Kis.

We use health tested Sires and Dams that are from smaller lines or are known to give smaller puppies consistently. Mi Kis bred at Mythic Kingdom are 4 – 8 pounds but may be smaller than 4 pounds at 6 months of age. We do breed teacup sized and miniature Mi Kis as we are smaller people. Some Mi Kis weigh less but are slightly bigger looking if they have finer bones. Others, more traditional style Mi Kis, are smaller looking but weight more. They have heavier bones with longer bodies. Mythic Kingdom’s ideal type is for the medium/light boned with short legs and short muzzles. We do our best to weigh and project the adult weight as the puppies grow. We do produce super micro sized Mi Ki adults under 4lbs or micro sized ones at around 4 pounds. 

Depending on gender, coloring and size, all young adults and retiring adults are priced accordingly. All prices are subject to change without prior written notice or consent. For families who have a deposit in on a young adult that ends up being smaller than projected, the adoption price does not go up.

All prices of young adults and retiring adults are as pets. That means they are adopted with a strict spay or neuter contract and proof of procedure must be mailed or mailed to us, no exception. We reserve the right to have the young adult or retiring adult spayed or neutered prior to leaving our home at the family’s expense. So if you are looking to have an “accidental” litter of puppies, please do not contact us. If you are a breeder looking to buy a Mi Ki young adult or retiring adult for breeding, please contact other breeders.

Our passion: Breeding the smallest sized Chinese Crested puppies, blue eyed and odd eyed Chinese Crested puppies in the world, as well as the rare breed of tiniest Mi Ki puppies out of health tested parents. To go above and beyond what other breeders do by treating each puppy and our valued puppy families like royalty.

Our mission: Share the love of Mi Ki puppies and hairless and powderpuff Chinese Crested puppies with you.

“For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it.”

Ivan Panin


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