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Mi Ki: Ideal Puppy Family

May 23, 2016.Mythic Kingdom.9 Likes.5 Comments

Our ideal Mi Ki puppy & ideal Mi Ki family

You probably met one of our sweet Mi Ki puppy and now want a Mi Ki puppy, young adult or retiring adult of your own. You have thought about him or her or them. You have dreamed of one day kissing and loving your Mi Ki baby. You have your ideal Mi Ki baby in mind.

Just as you have your ideal puppy, we have our ideal puppy we strive to breed for and our ideal puppy parent/family we work with.

Our Ideal Puppies:

♥On the smaller side of the Mi Ki standard. Our Mi Kis are in the 3-6lbs range (We have families who have Mi Kis from other breeders that are 8-12 pounds!)

♥Has a medium build, not too cobby (heavy boned) with a rectangle body (not too long)

♥Has a very cute teddy bear face: big eyes and short/short medium muzzle (shorter than many Mi Kis out there)

♥Sweet, playful and intelligent

♥Raised in a calm and loving family home from day one

♥Properly socialized around children, different adults and other pets

♥Super Puppy Trained: potty training started on paper and/or litter box (as of 2016, we offer a litter box to puppies 12 weeks and older). Most puppies are 95% potty trained by the time they come home to you.

♥Perfect for taking everywhere,  including car rides and airplanes for day trips and going on vacations

♥Is loyal and devoted to you

♥Loves to be picked up and carried

♥A real companion, a tiny loving four legged child

♥bred from health tested parents

♥Fed the highest and complete nutrition

♥Comes with an 8 year genetic health guarantee

♥Comes from a breeder with great referrals with vested interest in the puppy’s well being

 ♥Comes from a breeder who wants to stay in touch and gives life long support to puppy families

Our Ideal Family:

☺Looking to work with an experienced breeder who wants to get to know you and not just make a sale

☺Will come and visit us and our puppies if they are within a reasonable driving distance and not “just send a check and have a puppy shipped to them.”

☺Wants to work with a breeder who health tests all parents and gives an 8 year genetic health guarantee. NO OTHER MI KI BREEDERS OFFERS THIS. Most give 1 year and at most you will get 2 years.

☺An animal lover/advocate interested in the well being of all animals

☺Will provide a home where the puppy is provided with daily exercise/play, clear boundaries, proper and consistent socialization and love

☺Either has trained and raised a well mannered puppy or will take puppy training classes

☺Wants a puppy bred, raised and socialized in a home by a family with children and other pets and not bred in a barn, pet shop, puppy mill or by a single person

☺Wants a smaller Mi Ki puppy

☺Be willing and able to provide regular checkups to keep their puppy in optimal state of wellness

☺Has done tons of research on the breed

☺Loves, loved or have always dreamed of a Mi Ki and knows how special and wonderful they are

☺Wants a breed that has a sweet and playful, forever a puppy

☺Understands how important nutrition is and is willing to continue the optimal food and supplement program our puppy is on

☺Spoken with many Mi Ki breeders and have asked them lots of questions

☺Contact us after doing all research and speaking and or visiting other breeders

We are not right for every family contacting us, just as not all of them are right for us. Yes we are picky. Few families shop around for a Mi Ki puppy looking for the cheapest puppy without thinking of the enviroment where the puppy comes from.  They are not interested in knowing about the breed.

Since Mi Kis are still very very rare, some families want to show it off like an expensive purse. Few families cannot be bothered to read the information on our website. Few families do not want to get to know us and vice versa. Few families are just plain not right for any puppy.

We have been blessed to work with so many wonderful families who love Mi Kis and are adopting their next Mi Ki from us.  Some families are adopting their first Mi Ki baby. They are open. They have read all the information on our website, as well as other sites. They ask good questions. They are ready for a puppy now or down the road. They want to work with us because of who we are and the beautiful and healthy little puppies we raise. They email us updates on the puppy after they adopt. They honor the puppy contract and email us the spay/neuter report and picture. They love our puppy or puppies unconditionally.

We love our Mi Ki puppies and take the interviewing process seriously. It is up to us to interview each family thoroughly and decide if one of our puppy is the perfect fit for them. It is up to each family to interview us, or any breeder, and be educated on the this very special breed.

Making an ideal puppy match involves both us and the family working together.Yes, it takes a village to raise a great puppy.

“Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”

Robert Kennedy

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Comments (5)

  • Darline . October 17, 2016 .

    Our Mi Ki girl is so amazing. She get’s along great with our other Mi Ki girl from another breeder. Baby is named that since she looks like a baby compared to her sister, Janet. She is only 3 pounds but full of spunk. She can hang with 9 pound Janet. It’s so cute because Janet treats Baby as her baby. Christina, Tim and their kids are the best! We went to visit other Mi Ki breeders and hands down they are top. They never pushed for a deposit in fact they kept telling us to show it down. Love them!

  • (Author) Mythic Kingdom . October 14, 2016 .

    Thank you for being such great parents! Give Carla a kiss from her breeder parents.

  • (Author) Mythic Kingdom . October 12, 2016 .

    Hi Dave. We’re happy to hear you adore our little Mi Ki Princess. We had projected Carla to be around 4 pounds so 3 pounds is close. Can you believe it’s been 3 years? Hope everything is great and give Carla a kiss from us.

  • Dave . October 12, 2016 .

    Well our Carla is ideal! And thank you for letting us adopt her. It has been 3 years of love every day with her. She is the very best puppy we have ever had and that is saying a lot. We love all the dogs, Mi-Kis and non, we have had over the years but Carla is so special. We know it’s due to her being from your home. At 3 pounds, she is everything you said she is and so much more. She gets along great with her older Mi-Ki sister, Jenna. Jenna is 8 pounds and Carla can keep up with her and do everything she can. Well, not jump on the bed or couch lol. You guys did a fabulous job in breeding and raising her. Could not be happier! In couple of years, we’re going to bring home our next Mi-Ki from you if you still approve. Want to also thank you for letting us visit her while we waited. You guys really made us feel welcomed during the visits at your home. Our friends adore Carla and will be getting in touch for a Mi-Ki from you. Thank you for everything!

  • Betsy . October 7, 2016 .

    You guys are the best!!! Love you! I tell everyone who meets Baron about your family! They think he is the cutest dog they have ever met. It was definitely worth flying to visiting your family. Oh, your new home looks so pretty. I love the new look of your website too. Your old one was amazing and this one is even better. How do you guys do it all?! I would love to fly out and visit the next time Baron and I are in NYC.
    Baron’s Mom

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