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MI KIS: Jada, Jewel, Jordan, Julian, Juliette videos

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Mi Ki breed puppies Princess Jada, Princess Jewel, Prince Jordan, Prince Julian and Princess Juliette are from our non shedding long coat Mi Ki parents, Queen Jasmin and King Cesar. They are all tri color partied colored. The white hair will stay white while the darker coloring will fade out to a dark to medium light blonde coloring as adults. They all have the compact Mi Ki bodies and short legs. We are looking forward to seeing them grow up and finding their perfect forever families.

Gorgeous rare breed of toy dogs known as the forever puppy dogs. Our Mi Ki puppies are all long coats so non shedding and just wonderful. These Mi Ki puppies are projected to be from 4-7 pounds making them ideal for most families with children and without. Our Mi Kis are socialized with children, lots of people and cats so they are ready for everyday life with your family. They made wonderful therapy dogs, as well as little co-pilots.

DOB 5/17/18 from our very sweet white and fawn colored Queen Jamin and our micro/teacup sized King Cesar.

AVAILABLE: Princess Jewel

AVAILABLE: Princess Julitte

AVAILABLE: Princess Jada

ADOPTED: Prince Julian

ADOPTED: Princess Jordan

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at 1 week

AVAILABLE: Princess Jada   DOB 5/17/18

5/23/18  Princess Jada at 1 week sleeping.

AVAILABLE: Princess Jewel   DOB 5/17/18

5/23/18  Princess Jewel at 7 week with Raiden.

5/23/18  Princess Jewel at 1 week sleeping.

ADOPTED: Prince Jordan   DOB 5/17/18 by Anne

7/6/18  Prince Julian at 7 weeks with Raiden.

5/23/18  Prince Julian at 1 week sleeping.

ADOPTED: Prince Julian   DOB 5/17/18 by Aarti and family

7/6/18  Prince Julian at 7 week with Raiden.

5/23/18  Prince Julian at 1 week sleeping.

AVAILABLE Princess Juliette   DOB 5/17/18

7/6/18  Princess Juliette at 7 week with Raiden.

5/23/18  Princess Juliette at 1 week sleeping.


7/6/18:   2 of 2 group videos of the puppies at 7 weeks. Raiden plays with Jasmin’s Mi Ki puppies. They are having so much fun. Then he decides to go for a walk with them and get some exercise. Mi Kis are definitely not high energy dogs. Princess Jewel and Prince Julian are really into playing with Raiden. Princes Jada loves to go in and out of play. Prince Jordan wants to play but he really would prefer to sit close. Princess Juliette wants a warm lap or arms so she can take a nap.

7/6/18: First part of 2 group videos at 7 weeks playing on the floor with Raiden (12 years old). Prince Jordan likes to sit on laps, Princess Juliette wants a lap to sit on too, Princess Jewel loves getting her tummy rubbed, Prince Julian loves toys and Princess Jada likes to hop around like a bunny.

7/6/18: At 7 weeks from left to right after we took their puppy pictures: Prince Julian, Prince Jordan, Princess Jewel, sleeping beauty Princess Juliette and feisty Princess Jada.

5/23/18  The five puppies look so much alike. At 1 week sleeping.

Home of the sweetest and tiniest sized of the rare all American breed of Mi Ki puppies!

“Motherhood is tough. If you just want a wonderful little creature to love, you can get a puppy.”

Barbara Walters

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  • LoniL05 . May 24, 2018 .

    Lovlie little Mi Ki puppies. They are all so pretty! We have 3 Mi Kis and we love them. They are not as small as yours though. We keep saying we wish we found you sooner when we got our 6 years ago! We have so much fun looking at all your puppy pictures and videos. We’re addicted. 😉 😀

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