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Our Mi Kis are adored and pampered by their forever families

Examples of puppies bred, born and loved at Mythic Kingdom.

They have all been adopted and are living as pampered and loved pets with their forever families.

Thank you Mythic Kingdom Puppy Families for loving our puppies and keeping us updated.

Detail information on this rare and sweet breed of dogs can be found on our Mi Ki Information blog.

The pictures taken at Mythic Kingdom are with Tim’s hand (he is 5′ 8″) or with Christina’s tiny hand (4′ 10″). Or we take pictures of our puppies with a water bottle, wine bottle, soda can or something else to give a reference point in size. We never photo shop our puppy pictures. What you is how it is. We are into natural.

TIMMY: already adopted

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Timmy was born as Mason. He and his 3 siblings were some of the most ideal Mi Kis we have bred. Timmy from a young age was the lover. He was a great combination of the classic Mi Ki traits: playful, sweet, loved to be held, kisser and just the most adorable little man. He was born quite dark and as we predicted, his hair coloring did lighten up. He did keep his sweet and mischievous personality. Timmy lives with Janelle and her standard sized Chinese Crested (from a different breeder) sister, Lily. Timmy’s Mom has been following us for a few years, knowing that she was coming to us for her next pet baby. She had orignally wanted a tiny sized Crested but then she saw Timmy and it was all over. She loved that we provide so much information on our puppy’s personalities and that we place puppies based on energy level. Over the years, Janelle saw how much we love our puppies so she adopted Timmy. When Timmy flew home with the puppy nanny and his home coming travel kit from DOG+DIVA, Janelle was beyond happy. He was even more charming and cute than in his pictures and videos. He also happened to be smaller than in his pictures too. She was so pleased with Timmy’s homecoming as he did his business on the pee pad from day 1 and acted like he was born in her home. Timmy of course adores his human Mommy ad his older sister. Janelle absolutely adores him beyond belief. Another perfect puppy family love match.

Mei Mei: already adopted


Mei Mei was born as Maisie. She was a darling little girl and was just a really easy and sweet girl. Nothing bothered her at all. She did as she got a little oder enjoy some light play with her brothers and us but really, she was a lap baby. Mei Mei now lives with her Forever Family as a constant companion to her human sister who is home schooled. She and Nell spend 24/7 together, along with human Mom and Dad. Nell is so happy to have Mei Mei as her very best little friend. And Mei Mei is so happy to be loved and adored the way she deserves to be. Mei Mei flew home with a puppy nanny.

CRIPSIN: already adopted

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Crispin was and is still the happy and fun lover boy. As a young puppy, he was the first one to come out to meet us. He wanted to know what was going on and always wanted to be involved in everything we did. He is so cheerful and nothing bothered him. All the noises of a home with 2 children and lots of pets never bothered Crispin. So we knew he would be perfect for Beth, her husband and 2 young children. They contacted us because they dog sit for our teacup-purse sized Mi Ki boy, Keanu. Whenever Keanu’s family cannot take him with them, he goes over to Beth’s in NYC. They of course spoke with Keanu’s family and were very impressed with the way we do things. So they put in a deposit before Crispin was born. Then they came to visit at our home. Since they have 2 young children, we did have them wait as we needed to see all the puppies personalities. But we knew Crispin was the one.  Then they came to visit us at our home. Just as we predicted, Crispin was adored being babied by the older 12 year old daughter while he loved the high energy of the 7 year old daughter.  Beth and her family came back to our home to pick him up and took home micro sized puppy items for Crispin. The collar and harness they had bought in NYC were just too big. Crispin lives in NYC and has lots of fans while he is out.

ELLE: already adopted


Elle is a super micro sized champagne colored Mi Ki Princess. She was very soft and low energy with us. She is adopted by her Mommy to join her Chihuahua brother in NYC. They get along great!  They play together and sleep together when Mommy is at work. They get walks and play time with the puppy nanny too. Elle has made her Mommy so happy! Her Mommy and her friend came to visit us and love how we do things here. She is now looking forward to adding her second Mi Ki puppy from us.

LEXI: already adopted


Lexi is adopted by a family who already adopted one of our micro sized Mi Ki girl, Coco. They are so impressed with how well we breed and socialize our puppies so when they were ready for their next puppy, they came to us. They especially loved that our older puppies are so well adjusted and are potty trained when they go home. Both Lexi and Coco were adopted at 4+ months. Lexi and Coco fly to and from their homes in New Jersey and Florida. They get to go to their human sister’s tennis matches and are a hit with everyone they meet.
Lexi is a tri colored long coat girl with a sweet and loving personality. Like her sister, she will be a emotional support doggy so she can go everywhere with her family.

NOVA: already adopted


Nova lives lives in New Jersey with her Mommy, Daddy, human sister and 3 other canine siblings. She gets to play with her siblings and is going to be so spoiled. She is all set up with a doggy booster seat, pet stroller and anything else she needs to be comfortable getting around the town. Nova is a medium energy Mi Ki Princess who loves to play with humans and other pets. But as soon as she is picked up, she loves to be held! Nova was the smallest of her litter and was projected to around 4 pounds which is exactly what she ended up being. She is going to love her life as the smallest of her canine pack. We look forward to having her visit Mythic Kingdom once the weather gets nicer.

BELLA: already adopted


Bella lives in New York City with her adoring Mommy. Her Mom knew as soon as she saw her picture that she was the one! Bella will spend her time in NYC and in Florida. Bella is an ideal Mi Ki Princess. She is medium energy girl so she is playful, loving and very confident. With her great temperament, she is perfect for an active life of travel as well as hanging out with Mommy and friends. Bella has the big eyes, shorter muzzle and a lovely lighter frame with a flat back with tail coming right off the top and cover over her back. She was so much fun to have in our home. We love her look and wanted to keep her but she just stayed small and at 15.5 weeks we let her be adopted.

MAIZIE: already adopted


Maizie was born as Beauty to our Belle, golden Mi Ki. She has beautiful hazel eyes and a dynamite personality. She is an ideal Mi Ki with her big eyes, short muzzle, winged ears and a medium body with short legs and forever wagging tail. Since birth, she was Raiden’s special baby. Belle is one of his favorites so her daughter naturally was his favorite. I would say she was chubby and his reply was ‘She is perfect in every way!” She was a singleton so she spent a lot of puppy time with Coco’s puppies who were a week older than her. Between Puppy Mommy, Coco’s puppies and then later time with the other puppies close to her age, and us, Maizie got lots of interaction and love. I wanted to keep her as she represents an ideal Mi Ki in looks and in temperament but she was not growing as big as I needed. The singleton her Mom and Dad gave us before her ended up being under 4 pounds so the likelihood of her being super tiny was too high. As she was Raiden’s favorite, he had to give his consent for adoption. He listened in on most of the interview calls. When I spoke to her final prospective Mom, he gave a thumbs up. He wanted to make sure she was going to be loved and adored no matter what. Just as he loved her, he wanted her family to love her. She is adopted by her Mom and Dad who live in NYC and have a home in Southampton. Her Grandmother and Great Aunt also have a Mi Ki so she will have lots of play dates with other Mi Kis.

QUINCY: already adopted


Quincy has such a cute teddy bear face with his big eyes, short muzzle and winged ears. He has a cute cobby body with short legs. He is loving, playful and just a sweetie pie. His Mom and Dad adore him. They came to pick him up and stayed near our home. They had lunch with us and it was really great having them here. Quincy is an only child and gets so much love and attention from his parents.

MIKA: already adopted


Mika is a very pampered little baby to her family who absolutely adores her. Her Mommy saw her pictures and knew she was the one for them. After being interviewed by both of us, Mika became a part of their family. Mika is a great example of a Mi Ki with her short nose with great stop, big round eyes, lighter frame body, short legs and round little head. Even though she is so tiny, she is a spit fire and loves to play with anyone. She is a great Mi Ki in that she plays and loves to snuggle with her Mommy. She inherited the best from her parents: her Mommy’s face and her Daddy’s body. She lives in KY with her Mommy, Daddy, human sister, Chinese Crested sister and cat sibling.

TOBY: already adopted


Toby is a really sweet and fun boy. He enjoys spending his time with his human Mommy, Daddy and two young human brothers. So he gets lots of love at home and get taken out a lot. His family are first time puppy family and they are loving every moment with him. Due to his early life here at Mythic Kingdom, he easily learned to use the pee pad at his new home as well as go outside. They love life with Toby. He is a medium/lower energy tri color long coat Mi Ki boy who just loves everyone.

MERLYN: already adopted


Merlyn lives in NYC with her Mommy. She gets lots of play dates with our Mi Kis in New York City. Her Mommy fell in love with our girl Lola adoted by Doug and family. She puppy sat and after knowing for a long time, when the time was right she came to us. She heard all about us: how we raise our puppies and give such special care to our puppy families. She can to visit us with her family and fell in love with Merlyn when she was only a few weeks old. Many families wanted to adopt her but her Mommy had a deposit in, so she was able to make Merlyn her baby girl. Merlyn goes to work with her Mommy and help out the 2 legged kids at the school. Merlyn’s coloring will lighten up to a white with medium blond coloring. She has a rare and beautiful green/hazel eyes. Merlyn’s Mommy’s friend and Principle of the school also came to visit us and adopted a Mi Ki from us. Then Their friend visited us and adopted a Mi Ki from us. We are very fortunate to have families love what we do and give us such great references.

Our passion: Breeding the smallest sized Chinese Crested puppies, blue eyed and odd eyed Chinese Crested puppies in the world, as well as the rare breed of tiniest Mi Ki puppies out of health tested parents. To go above and beyond what other breeders do by treating each puppy and our valued puppy families like royalty.

Our mission: Share the love of Mi Ki puppies and hairless and powderpuff Chinese Crested puppies with you.

“There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.”

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