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MI KIS: Princesses Coco & Lexi

November 21, 2016.Mythic Kingdom.12 Likes.5 Comments


micro sized

Princesses Coco and Lexi are both only 4 pounds. They are adopted  by a family that had a home in New Jersey and in Florida but after adopting Coco, they moved full time to Florida. They do come up to NYC/NJ area often with Coco and Lexi.

PRINCESS COCO PUPPY VISITS: Coco and Lexi’s Mom, Lisa, and her daughter came to visit us wanting a very small sized Mi Ki puppy. We did tell them the standard sizes and that many Mi Kis are much bigger than 8 pounds. We are very good at projecting adult weight but it is not a science. We said Coco would be ideal for them and she is projected to be around 4 pounds. But since they needed and wanted a tiny girl, they should wait until she was 4 months before they  fell in love with her. Lisa, a very glamorous and decisive Mom, listened to our advice and appreciated how much we educated her. She said she was going to leave it to us to pick out the Mi Ki puppy that would be perfect for her family. We knew Coco would be the one for them and they did adopt her. They came to visit Coco often while they waited for Coco to get old enough to come home with them. Over the many visits, Tim and I got to know them really well. They wanted and got a Mi Ki that would be very tiny and would be well socialized so she could go everywhere with Lisa, a working Mom who has her own business. And they wanted a tiny girl that would love to hang out with their human daughter who was 9 years old at the time. Well, Coco was just the perfect puppy for them. She goes to tennis practice and matches. She flies all over with her family. Lisa said she was coming back for another Mi Ki from us and I told her to enjoy her time with Coco and wait couple of years.

PRINCESS LEXI: Lisa was so impressed with the way we breed, raise puppies and the level of service we gave her. After loving Princess Coco for 2+ years, Lisa did came back for her second Mi Ki girl. She and Ava flew to our home from Florida to visit us and talk about their 2nd girl.  This time, she was hoping for a girl that would bond with her daughter who is now 11 years. Ava, her daughter, was envious of how bonded Coco is with her Mom and she wanted a constant companion too. They flew back in from Florida and adopted Lexi. Everyone, including human Dad is happy.

PERSONALITY: Both Coco and Lexi as babies were happy, loving and gently playful. They are that way still. Since Lisa and her family are so active and are around a lot of people, their little Princesses are just right. Not to active, not to mellow. And they are very tiny which is exactly what Lisa wanted. She loves that the girls can travel with them everywhere.

GROOMING: Coco and Lexi are in a California Puppy Cut. Their body hair is kept very short and their ear hair is cut in a straight line. This gives the a very sweet demeanor.


Thank you Lisa for all the updates, being an amazing Puppy Mom and your trust in us.

Princess Coco at day 6, week 6 & week 10

Princess Lexi week 2, week 9, week 13

“For true love is inexhaustible; the more you give, the more you have. And if you go to draw at the true fountainhead, the more water you draw, the more abundant is its flow.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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  • (Author) Mythic Kingdom . April 13, 2017 .

    Hi and thank you for your feedback. Yes, we do love our puppies and puppy families. We love our Mi Kis smaller and so do our families. They are not for everyone, especially a micro sized one. But they are as tough as the bigger Mi Kis and are portable, which I love. As you see, micro sized ones can live very happy and healthy lives with all kinds of families.

  • Levis90210 . April 13, 2017 .

    Our friends adopted one of yours a year ago after speaking with us about our Mi Ki. They picked you after speaking to all the Mi-ki breeders on several key factors. They said you spent the time to really speak with them. They said it wasn’t about selling any puppy to them. They also love that it’s your entire family raising the puppies versus a single person doing it alone or with a partner. And they also wanted a smaller one than ours who is 14 pounds. We thought it would have been better for them to buy a puppy from the same breeder and not to get such a tiny sized Mi-ki. But after having puppy play dates for over a year, we are now converted. We love their puppy. He is the most elegant little man! All of his 3 pounds. He is sweet, loving and played gently from day one. We spent months getting ours to the same point. Our boys play together but we have to watch Max since Bo is so much tinier than he is. It looks like David and Goliath. Now our friends say we should have adopted from you. And they are right. We are very much impressed with you. Nice to know you care about your puppies and who adopts them.

  • grace . January 14, 2017 .

    We lost our 7 pound Yorkie and was researching toy breeds when I saw your site. Did more research. Seems like an ideal breed. Please let us know how to start the process of adopting one of your precious puppy.

  • GraysonB1969 . December 4, 2016 .

    You have the best Mi Ki site. We love Mi Kis. Thank you for sharing

  • Charlotte H. . November 25, 2016 .

    oh so lovely Mi Kis. our girls are 8 pounds and 10 pounds. we are getting older so we want smaller. next one is from you.

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