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Outstanding family breeders of the sweetest teddy bear faced and smallest sized breed of the rare Mi Kis.



We are very fortunate to work with wonderful families who have adopted and love our little Princes and Princesses. The extended Mythic Kingdom families have shared with us pictures of their little bundles of joy. They too have found our puppies to be the best and have fallen madly in love with our Royal puppies. We greatly value the close relationships we have developed with the expanding Mythic Kingdom families. We are always available to answer any questions families have or just to share their joy. We love getting royal emails filled with praise and pictures of their little Prince or Princess as they grow into fine and elegant young adult.

Here are just a few of the correspondences we have received regarding our lovely puppies. It is music to our hearts to know our little ones are in such great homes!  We love to make a royal puppy love match.

Families with Mythic Kingdom puppies treasure their experience with us and have given us permission to share their adoption pictures and reviews of us. They would be happy to either speak with you and/or email you. 

Mythic Quincy

Quincy is a really sweet Mi Ki boy. He is a tri color brindle (tiger striping on his coat) long coat. He was a very easy going boy at our home and he now lives with his parents who just adore him. He is their entire world as a pampered 4 legged baby.

We got to know his parents before he was even born so we knew what type of Mi Ki they needed. After he was born, his parents kept in touch with us to see how his personality was developing. They trusted us to know our puppy and to place the perfect puppy with them, They wanted a medium energy boy so he was the one. They drove up and stayed at the local Bed and Breakfast so they could visit him over couple of days before picking him up. We spent many hours with them on puppy training and care.

“Hi Christina & Tim: Just a quick update. Quincy is doing very well. He’s now 5 months & weighs just under 5 pounds. He just spent a week at the kennel we’ve used for many years. One of their senior employees told me he has the best temperament of the many hundreds of dogs she knows & has trained over the years. At the kennel, his little feet seldom hit the floor…the techs snuggled, played with, & carried him everywhere! Of course, he needs some retraining now that he’s home…chiefly on housebreaking.
We’re making progress on car sickness. And we’re amused about how ecstatic he is to greet & be greeted by everyone we meet on a walk. He’s a love puppy in public and clever & independent in the apartment.
In the picture, he’s worn himself out. It’s hard to get a pic of him awake. He’s either moving too fast or barking at the camera. He feels threatened by the extending lens, but we’re working on it.
One question. Is there a name for his spotted skin? His whole body is covered by big & little tan spots that darken some as he grows & can be seen through some of his white coat. I know there’s nothing wrong, but am curious whether that is common to the breed or to all toy white dogs?
Hope all is well at Mythic Kingdom!”

Pat and Alan R.
Maryland 2015

Mythic Clover Blue

Clover Blue is a micro sized Mi Ki girl and she knows she is something special! She is a medium energy girl who loves to play and snuggle. She greeted everyone who came to our home with lots of tail wags and kisses. She is on confident little girl in a tiny little body.

Her parents came to visit us when she was only a few weeks old. They wanted to adopt a Mi Ki because of their sweet and even tempered personalities. They also needed a very small Mi Ki since they want to travel with her and take her everywhere. They also need a girl that could be sweet with their much older 4 legged girl, Poppy, and still be playful with their very outgoing Yorkie girl, Mika. Her parents keep watching Clover grow over the weeks and came to visit us again to make sure. Well it was love alright! They knew our description of her temperament and size was spot on.

Clover lives in NYC and will have an amazing life with her doting parents and 4 legged sisters. We look forward to seeing her during summer when they can come out and enjoy a pint of Guinness (for the humans) and some healthy freeze dried and natural treats (dogs) by the stream.

“Hi Christina and Tim,
I hope all is well with the two and four legged family.
I just wanted to send this to you for your files. We had Clove spayed in July. Also the vet fixed her herniated belly button. Everything went well and she was back to herself in a few days.
We took the girls on vacation to the Southampton for a week. They could not have been happier. We played on the beach every morning and clover loves playing in the sand. We got home yesterday and think we all have a bit of post vacation depression.
Clover is an absolute joy and I can’t thank you enough for her. She is just a love and a beauty inside and out. I have to tell you that she barks in her sleep – little high pitched ‘pops’ which make us laugh. She has become quite the little athlete and gives Mika a run for her money now. She loves to play hide and seek with me (I hide) and when she chases after me she gets excited and makes these hilarious speaking noises. We thought at first someone was playing with a squeaky toy, but it is her!
Her coat has really lightened up, she is almost white now with grey tipped ears. It is funny when I look at her baby pics she was almost charcoal grey in parts (maybe protective coloring for baby Mi-Kis in the wild? Hahahahahha). We get stopped on every walk with people asking what she is and if they can pet her. Small kids think she is a kitten!!
We would love to come for a visit at some point maybe in the upcoming months – we will be coming out that way to visit some other friends in NJ so will let you know when we are in the area if you are free.
Sending some pics separately.”
NYC, Aug 2015


“Hi Christina and Tim,

I wanted to let you know that Clover is a little joy and connects with each of us in her own special way.

She is a brilliant playmate for Mika, and I can’t tell you what a joy it is watching them play and their funny antics. She is calm with Poppy and doesn’t ever antagonize her – she really seems to respect her elder.

She makes us laugh with her cleverness and admire her ability to learn so quickly, her sweet calm loving nature just brings us joy. I love her little pink tummy and little white feet, and everyone that had met her so far just thinks she is beautiful (I do too of course, but am clearly biased). Laurence thinks it is hilarious that she is a “violent” sleeper like I am…. we were clearly made for each other!

This first week has gone well and she has just been really easy – much more so than I thought, or how it was with Mika. I am able to sleep almost through the night and she holds herself until the morning – I didn’t even know that was possible for such a young girl. Her potty training is going really well although I don’t want to jinx it she seems to understand where to go most of the time. I gave her our first grooming session (to clean up her face after she was sick in the car) and she was really good. I did trim her ears with clippers to try to keep the “up ears” so we will see what happens. She really does eat like a little piglet – my other two have had to up their game.

We saw the vet on the Monday after we saw you and everything was fine. He said she could stand to gain a little weight – so I have increased her meal size a wee bit. I have been adding a little bit of fresh food in with her dogfood (chicken, salmon, apple, carrots, etc) which she likes (although she pretty much likes anything!) My vet suggested spaying her around 8 months based on her size and also in case there are any retained baby teeth since adult teeth come in slower for little dogs.

Here are some pictures from the first few days and with her sisters (Poppy 16 yrs, Mika 1.5 yrs) . Thank you so very much for matching us up with this special little girl.”

Monica and Laurence
New York City 2015

Mythic Mia

Mia is a micro sized Mi Ki Princess.
Mia lives in Long Island with her Mommy (dog trainer), Daddy and 9 year old human sister. She is a happy and bouncy little girl. Because of her personality, she was a great fit for a family with a young gentle girl. 

“Hi Christina & Tim,
First, Happy Mother’s Day Christina!
Welll…our little Mia (Mi-Ki) is now up to a whopping 2lbs 2 oz. 🙂 at her second vet visit last week. She has completed all of her puppy vaccinations and is doing wonderfully! She has been completely integrated into our daily lives! We take her everywhere! Today she visited with our family at my in-laws and then came with us for some llama lessons! Yes, Mia has met horses, llamas, ducks, chickens, sheep. She has 2 guinea pig and 1 hamster friend here at the house and she likes to play with them too. She gets along well with everyone and everything. She adores her big sister…14 year old Coton Lily and follows her everywhere. Lily has been wonderful with Mia as well. Even at 14, Lily has a lot of energy and play in her and the two of them will bounce, hop and play together. Mia has recently found her voice…when she gets all jazzed up or is trying to get a dog or us to play, she lets out these little barks that are hysterical. She does “puppy zoomies” all around the yard outside, loves to explore and sniff everything, loves to dig 🙁 and her favorite outside treat…dead worms and acorns! She is a real character. She adores each of us in her own special way that makes each of our hearts melt…yes, even big guy Chris 🙂 He shows his co-workers pictures of Mia all the time and they keep asking him when he is going to bring Mia into work. Mia comes to Puppy Class with us every Friday night. I teach and Erin works Mia in class. She loves toys, but doesn’t have tremendous food drive…and I’d say overall she is a low drive puppy, but we are fine with that. We mainly wanted her for Pet Therapy and I think she will be wonderful with that. When she gets into someone’s arms, she just relaxes and is so sweet…just what we wanted. She is not crazy about having her face touched and eyes cleaned out for grooming…but we are working on counter-conditioning that and it is going well.
She is cautious when meeting new people and she gets overwhelmed, at times, when groups of people crowd around her. We are working on that as well. The problem is that she is so darn cute…everyone rushes up to see her and crowds around 🙂 At home and in her yard, she is bold, confident and outgoing. She is doing fabulous on going potty outside and she holds it overnight. She truly goes with the flow around here and honestly, she is an easy keeper. I can’t begin to tell you the amount of smiles and joy she brings into our household!
Thank-you again for entrusting your little Jazette in our hands! We ADORE her!!!!! I promise to send pics next time…she is definitely changing.”

New York

Mythic Cooper

Cooper is a 5 pound Mi Ki boy who lives with his Mom, Dad and Mi Ki brother (from another breeder). His parents flew in to pick him up from our home. We got to know each other even better over lunch.

“Hi Christina, Tim, Dante and Raiden,

What can we say. We LOVE our Mi Ki boy Cooper! He is everything and more. Coop is so loving and sweet. His tail is always wagging. There is no stranger to him, just a friend in the making. He is exactly as you described! Since he has been with us over the few months, it has been puppy heaven for us. Everyone loves him. They all want to doggy sit and are so impressed with how wonderful he is. His nick name is Superman since he is such a super dog.

Thank you welcoming us into your home for the visit. It was so worth flying in to meet all of you. You two are so passionate about your puppies. It’s so amazing to adopt our puppy from a breeder who really loves their dogs. Thank you also to your children too! Cooper is so great around kids because he was socialized with your kids. Our Bently was not raised around children so he is still nervous around kids. We wish he had the same great start as Coop. It took us so long to bring him out of his shell. So it was a blessing to see Coop just rolling with life.

As a side note, we did not care about Coop’s size but it is a pleasant to have him so small! It’s so much easier to carry him around than Bently. Don’t worry, we give both boys lots of love. Just wanted to say we do appreciate the smaller size of Coop.

Thank you!”

Amanda and Dave

Washington 2014


Hi Everyone!

Cooper is all grown up and each day he is sweeter! He is just the cutest cutest boy ever. Dave and I have a lot of toy dogs over the years but Superman Coop outshines them all. We love everyone of them but Coop is a one of a kind. Both of us know it is because of you and Tim. Honestly, you guys are amazing. All the love you give your puppies really shows. We feel so blessed to have Cooper with us. We are so thankful to have been chosen to adopt him. Every night, we say our nightly prayers with our fur boys and we always remember Mythic Kingdom. Breeders can be so easy to sell a puppy but you really interviewed and educated us. Even having Bently, we learned new things from you. We are grateful you did a thorough job interviewing us. It was refreshing not being sold a dog but being screened as parents. You are angels.

Thank you thank you thank you for what you do. We know you hear it all the time from other families but we are so thankful! Know that your puppy is our heartbeat. He has brought us more joy than we could have ever imagined. He even comforts his older brother by playing and snuggling with him. His heart is so big and we are truly blessed. You are always in our prayers.

Amanda and Dave


Mythic Lola

Lola is a tiny medium energy girl who is getting certified as a service dog. She will go to school with the family’s son, as well as travel with him everywhere. She loves her life as a pampered girl and enjoys her life on the Upper West Side of NYC. Her family came to visit us every other week to evaluate Lola and her siblings to see who was the perfect fit as a service dog and as a loved family dog. We updated her family and guided them through the adoption process. They came to visit her often until the family was ready to bring her home. Lola goes to school with her human brother.  Lola’s great personality has referred several families to us. The Principle and Vice Principle of the school adopted a Mi Ki from us. Then a childhood friend of the Principle also adopted a Mi Ki. They saw how well socialized our Mi Kis are and the level of support we give to our puppy families. So they spread the good word about us.

“We love her so much!  She is thriving, fun, gentle and so lovable!

Training progressing nicely and she has already accompanied Cole on train to Baltimore by himself as a service dog! She was amazing and calming.

Thank you guys again and will keep you updated.”

Doug H.
New York City

Mythic Jesse

Jesse enjoys a great life as an only child living at a condo on the Upper West Side. But don’t worry as she has plenty of friends who adores her. She goes out on the town all the time, visiting friends, going to Central Park and everything else NYC has to offer. She is the love of her Mommy’s life. Her Mommy came to visit us and Jesse several times until Jesse was big enough to go home.

After Eli adopted and lived with Jesse for a while, her friend adopted a Chinese Crested girl from us. Jesse and Sadie get play dates and keep their Moms young and active.

“Jesse… The sweetest dog ever!!!”

Eli R.

Our passion: Breeding the smallest sized Chinese Crested puppies, blue eyed and odd eyed Chinese Crested puppies in the world, as well as the rare breed of tiniest Mi Ki puppies out of health tested parents. To go above and beyond what other breeders do by treating each puppy and our valued puppy families like royalty.

Our mission: Share the love of Mi Ki puppies and hairless and powderpuff Chinese Crested puppies with you.

“In the past, people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do.”

Gianni Versace


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