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11/14/17: Lily just made it to 6 pounds (nursing eight).

Mythic Lily is a tiny little pink and black spotted skinned with mostly white and black furnishings. She has one ear which has black hair making her look so adorable. Queen Lily has brown eyes but is a blue eyed carrier.

She was very tiny and up until she was a bit older, it looked like she was going to be too small for us to keep. At 15 weeks, she just reached broke 2 pounds! I kept telling Tim to feed her more but he told me what he always says, “It’s not going to make her bigger, just fatter.” Now at 6 months, she is about to crack 5 pounds which is great for us. It’s still on the smallest side for us as a future Mom but still big enough since we have such tiny sized Dads.

She was more reserved than her sister but has really bloomed. She plays very gently with puppies and now plays with her sister and the hairless cats. Her sweetness and gentleness around puppies is great as she will help socialize our puppies once they have had their first puppy vaccine and need to be socialized around pets other than their Mom and litter mates. Her look and personality reminds me so much of my first Chinese Crested love, Mythic Lady Godiva Out On The Town. Godiva was our Crested ambassador when visitors came and she was the one who tolerated all the young puppies hoping all over her. 

Lily, as a young adult has a medium body, moderately deerish with a bit of cobby thickness. She is still using the pee pad and is now also going outside to do her business with the other adults. She is an odd eye Chinese Crested with her left eye being a medium brown and the right eye being mostly brown with a spot on her right corner being blue and green. This is called sectoral heterochromia. It is also called mosaic eye which is very rare. At first, we kept thinking her right eye was catching the light a certain way to reflect a much lighter coloring in that spot. We also thought it was capturing the surrounding colors and reflecting it back. What a pretty look and the first for us or any other Chinese Crested we know of.

Dam: Posh, has 2 brown eyes, is a blue eye carrier. Posh’s Mother has birthed double blue eyed Cresteds. She always gave her birth Breeder much smaller than the standard puppies. Her puppies are very hairy hairless with cobbier bodies with shorter muzzles and tons of furnishings and big eyes. Posh with our males gives us even smaller puppies. Girls are 4 – 5 pounds and boys at 5-7 pounds. Posh has given us such pretty and little Chinese Cresteds. With the other 2 tiny Dads, she has given us more of the doll face Cresteds while with Mickey Blue Eyes, she gave us deer type and more classic style Cresteds. Thank you Christina for letting us bring her home and giving us permission to use her in our breeding program.

Sire: Mickey, has double blue eyes. He is 8.5 pounds. He’s a sweetie pie. Mickey has the modern Chinese Crested face: more almond shaped eyes, longer muzzle and standard sized ears giving him a more serious look rather than the Mythic Kingdom doll face. We breed for the prettier and feminine look: bigger eyes, shorter muzzle and smaller ears. Mickey cam to us from his former “owner” who had brought him from his breeder for a small breeding program. She did not realize how much work was required to care for and breed Chinese Crested. As a mature lady doing it all herself, it was just too much. Linda let us adopt Mickey knowing we breed smaller than every other Chinese Crested breeder. Thank you Linda!

Lily will, when the time comes, give us micro sized to tiny sized hairless and powderpuff puppies. Mated to the right male, Mythic Lily will have double blue eyed,  odd eyed and mosaic eyed Chinese Crested puppies.

Home of the smallest and tiniest sized BLUE EYED and ODD EYED Chinese Cresteds in the world!

Our passion: Breeding the smallest sized Chinese Crested puppies, blue eyed and odd eyed Chinese Crested puppies in the world, as well as the rare breed of tiniest Mi Ki puppies out of health tested parents. To go above and beyond what other breeders do by treating each puppy and our valued puppy families like royalty.

Our mission: Share the love of Mi Ki puppies and hairless and powderpuff Chinese Crested puppies with you.

“Fashion is mysterious, as a rule. Why are blue jeans a classic? You just hit on something that happens to be timeless and right.”

Diane von Furstenberg

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  • (Author) Mythic Kingdom . November 2, 2017 .

    Hi. Lily is about a 7 on the Mythic Hairless Scale. She has plenty of body hair so her furnishings can be trimmed the way Tim likes. Because she is a very hairy hairless Crested, she looks gorgeous. Her furnishing could a bit fuller though to give her that true show Crested look. But we love her.

  • FastBeau . September 18, 2017 .

    How hairy is Queen Lily? We have been reading your website non stop and have learned so much. This kind of information on Chinese Crested is not available from other breeders. They like to create an air of mystery. Thank you for passing on your knowledge.

  • Liz . November 11, 2016 .

    She is so sweet. We would love to adopt one like her. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. We’re not used to a Crested breeder spending so much time getting to know us. We are really impressed with you and Tim.

  • Janie . October 26, 2016 .

    Lovely! Super breeders!

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