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Mythic Kingdom Saga – part 1

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Mythic Kingdom Saga – part 1

The Epic Saga of Two Nations Together Forming One Peaceful Kingdom

story by TPaulhus  art by CMPaulhus

In a strange and far off land known as New Jersey, there is a kingdom of peace and love.  This Kingdom is the epitome of cohabitation and tolerance for similar yet distinctly different inhabitants.  The Kingdom is known as Mythic.  Mythic is ruled by a once beautiful Queen.  Her beauty is somewhat faded by time but her benevolence is matched only by the love she exudes to all who visit.  Queen Godiva or better known as Lady Godiva by her beloved subjects is often found sitting high above common view with her long flowing hair.  She does not need a thrown per say as anywhere she sets becomes the place of power.

Mythic is a glorious place often filled to the brim with visitors, and more often the curious.  The wafting smell of exotic food fills the gentle breeze inviting all those with the courage to sit and enjoy.  If a well traveled visitor were to close their eyes they could imagine or remember far off destinations by simply enjoying alluring smells at dinner time.

Although small to many who have traveled to much larger kingdoms, Mythic’s power comes from the diversity of its inhabitants.  There are the physically largest of all, known as humans.  These humans, known as the Moon People, are often found sitting up late enjoying the nights’ entertainments, hence the name.  There was a rumor that they at one time ruled the Kingdom of Mythic but this is unproven.  Their proper name is truly the Paulhus clan but now they are known as the Stewards and Keepers of the Mythic Realm.  Other more regal subjects, Cresteds and Mi Kis, have become the standard for majestic, elegant and gracious Mythic society and ruling class.

Notably in the Mythic Kingdom two factions have emerged.  There are the subjects known as Chinese Cresteds and the other known as the Mi-Ki Clan.  Chinese Cresteds are easily noticed by their flamboyant crests that often overshadow their gleaming eyes with fluffy socks and flag like tails, all of which they proudly flaunt.  Their exuberant personalities and often mischievous antics have led to a reputation teetering on scandalous.  Add to this that they are known as hairless, which is quite apparent since the majority of time they flounce about with nothing on but a tussle of hair and it is a simple thing to see why such a reputation exists.

Another equally famous yet less rebellious form of Chinese Cresteds is known far and wide as the Puffs, Powder Puffs to be exact.  Their long silky hair shimmering in the dimmest of light can at time overshadow all but the most exuberant of Hairless Cresteds.  Puffs tend to focus on the more sophisticated endeavors.  Their subtle personas and gentle manners are widely accepted as the standard of civilized existence.  Puffs are known to be gracious, proper, easy to befriend and slow to upset.  Their welcoming expressions and tolerant dispositions make them a perfect host or regal ambassadors of peace and love.

The center of power of the famous or some say infamous Cresteds is known of course as Crested Castle.  What other name could there be than to name the castle after themselves.  They are not necessarily conceited nor are they condescending by any means.  They are of course extraordinarily confident.  This slight personality foible is excused as they are exceptionally warm of heart and ever present good nature.  Crested Castle is every bit as spectacular as their occupants.  Asian in style, it stands atop a foundation of massive stone.  Yet the structure that proudly sits on the foundation is surprisingly Simple and refined.  Smooth walls with the warmth of wooden beams, windows allowing for goodhearted if not somewhat loud communication between the Moon servants and passersby and of course a flamboyant roof line which is in keeping with the concept of a magnificent crest is the best description of this exceptional icon.

Inside things are notably diverse.  The young Royals are constantly chattering, running and often sliding into mischief.  The more mature Regents simply prance about the halls each trying to outdo the other with outrageous antics.  Unlike the monochromatic exterior the interior of the castle is ablaze with color.  Each room is more lavish than the other connected by a Gilded Gold grand hall.  Mirrors adorn the walls in frames of every size so that the beauty conscious Cresteds can check themselves from every angle.  At the end of the hall there is the main reception at the head of which sits the Royal Sofa which is almost always occupied by at least one or more member of the Royal Family.  Even Lady Godiva, the reigning Queen of the Kingdom can be found there when she visits the Crested Clan.

Within the royal court the matriarch of Chinese Cresteds is none other than Romi Khan.  Khan is an Asian title for Empress.  She is leader and undisputed ruler of all of the Cresteds, Hairless and Puff alike.  Romi is known to be extremely tolerant of the young ones but rules the Crested community with an iron hand.  There have been scuffles and skirmishes for power but Romi Khan has always emerged victorious.  Even the Male regents who have courted and beguiled her Ladyship producing heirs to the thrown dare not usurp her absolute rule.  As a ruler, she is without tolerance.  As a mother, her patients know no bounds.  When Lady Godiva is officially ready to pass on the reins of power everyone assumes it will be to none other than Romi Khan.

Ikim Castle is in stark contrast to Crested Castle.  Ikim, which is Mi Ki spelled backwards as illustrated by the nature of the name, was built to rival the Crested Keep but follows the French style.  Incredibly large, the exterior is finished with smooth stone.  Each opening, doors and windows are adorned with fanciful architectural reliefs.  Long and lyrical was the intention to exemplify the physical stature of the Mi Ki Clan.  The interior is notably playful yet with sturdy structure.  It is comprised of smaller rooms each resembling individual play areas.  Mi Kis are at a moment’s notice known to be ready for a raucous game or adventurous endeavor.  The multiple halls are filled with flowing movement as Mi Kis scurry from room to room in an attempt to decide which game is best.  Often Mi Kis will play in several rooms at once which can be confusing to anyone other than a Mi Ki.

Ikim Castle is more of a home to the Clans leaders than a center of power.  It sits on a flat plain surrounded by fields of grass.  As Mi Kis are newer to the Mythic Kingdom than the Cresteds, Young ones have not made their appearance.  The leader of the Mi Kis is Sir Chancealot.  Sir Chance to his subjects and Chancy to only his closest of friends is small in stature and young in both age and temperament.  Sir Chance is a bold golden haired leader with his stout heart far exceeding his small physicality.  Due to innocence of his youth he will often play with both Crested and Mi Kis alike.  It can be seen since the Mi-Ki Clan as a whole tend to be shorter in nature, Sir Chance does not have the dazzling speed of the Cresteds.  This does not seem to deter the joyful ruler as his heart and his sharp wits have gained him the respect of the Cresteds.  Even with his substantial mental prowess, Sir Chance has been known to be trampled by the speedy Cresteds.  Fortunately this does not deter his gamy sportsmanship.

As witnessed by many inside and outside the Mi Ki community, Mi Kis themselves are a rambunctious group with an adventurous live and let live attitude toward life.  Known to be wonderfully easy going, they are equally sharp and cunning.  Cresteds have more often than not found themselves outwitted or out played by Mythic Kingdom’s newest citizens.  Fortunately the Cresteds are a happy lot with more importance given to looking good while playing than winning the game.

Mythic Kingdom is a place where everyone is welcome.  Unlike most kingdoms, small skirmishes are often forgotten in moments, meals are shared by all and lighthearted fun is the fare of every day.

Our passion: Breeding the smallest sized Chinese Crested puppies, blue eyed and odd eyed Chinese Crested puppies in the world, as well as the rare breed of tiniest Mi Ki puppies out of health tested parents. To go above and beyond what other breeders do by treating each puppy and our valued puppy families like royalty.
Our mission: Share the love of Mi Ki puppies and hairless and powderpuff Chinese Crested puppies with you.

“May peace rule the universe, may peace rule in kingdoms and empires, may peace rule in states and in the lands of the potentates, may peace rule in the house of friends and may peace also rule in the house of enemies.”

Virchand Gandhi


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  • Heidi R . December 12, 2017 .

    I came across your Mythic Kingdom Saga part 1 website and wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed reading your articles and learning about your puppies. My husband and I were saying we have never come across a dog breeder website that is as informative and gorgeously presented. The level of care you show is so incredibly rare. Thank you for sharing with us all that you know.

  • VWilliams . December 3, 2017 .

    I came across your Mythic Kingdom Saga part 1 website and wanted to let you know that we have booked marked your site. It is amazing. We have a 12 year old Mi Ki girl who is just the perfect girl. We have a Yorkie girl too and they get along great. There are definitely differences between a Mi Ki and other small breeds. We have had/still do have a Yorkie, had Maltese and Shih Tzu too. Our Mi Ki girl has been the most easy going and sweet of them all. Our girl is 9 pounds which is a bit bigger than the standard but still very lovable. As we are getting older, still young, we are wanting a smaller sized Mi Ki bred by a family. We are looking to add to our family in couple of years so we have done all the reading on your site. We are very impressed with how much effort you put in. We will contact you when we are ready. Thank you, VWillimans

  • EBifid . November 11, 2017 .

    I really enjoy looking at your website. Watching your puppies grow brings me so much joy.

  • AWeaver . August 9, 2017 .

    I discovered your Mythic Kingdom Saga part 1 page and really enjoyed the writing and art. Very creative.

  • C Wallace . May 15, 2017 .

    I came across your Mythic Kingdom Saga part 1 website and wanted to let you know that we love the information on your site.

  • (Author) Mythic Kingdom . May 1, 2017 .

    Thank you for you for your positive feedback. We are happy to hear our information is helpful, and yes, we love smaller Cresteds. But no matter what size, each one deserves to be adored.

  • Frank and Carol Carlson . March 28, 2017 .

    I came to your Mythic Kingdom Saga part 1 page by searching on Google for Chinese Cresteds. I never knew Cresteds could be so small. Ours are 21 pounds and 17 pounds. We love them to bits. Next ones will be from you. As we are getting older, it’s becoming a challenge to pick them up. All the other breeders we called have the standard sizes and not as pretty as your babies.
    The pictures and art works are amazing, and I really enjoy the story too. Crested people are not average and your love for them is clear. I am so thankful I came across you. I read so many of your articles, and they really help with my Cresties!

  • Mystery Writer Samual . February 17, 2017 .

    I am a hobby writer and dog lover. Ours are all rescues and I found to your site when researching for the best puppy food. You are right, even rescues deserve the best so we really appreciate your share.
    Your site is a pleasure to read. It’s loaded with information that most of can apply to our dogs but it also has the nicest puppy pictures. You have a fantastic eye! Your art training shows, as well as your love of dogs! We read all the newest blogs and look forward to reading more.

  • Maria Anderson . January 24, 2017 .

    I discovered your Mythic Kingdom Saga part 1 page by searching on Google and it was a great find. I love your puppies!

  • Evelyn SFerza . December 17, 2016 .

    This is a great read! Can feel the love you have for your puppies! We’re looking forward to reading more as the saga continues. Cheers!

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