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Mythic Kingdom Saga – part 2

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Mythic Kingdom Saga – part 2

The Epic Saga of Two Nations Together Forming One Peaceful Kingdom

story by TPaulhus  art by CMPaulhus

Again for one reason or another, a feast has been announced by Lady Godiva.  This is a common occurrence as illustrated by Lady Godiva’s increasing figure.  It is true that Her Majesty has always had a love affair with magnificent and simple food alike.  Both the Royal Houses, Mi Kis and Cresteds, have been called to attend.  Her Royal Majesty has decided to hold the banquet at the Ikim Castle.  Empress Romi Kahn although annoyed at the venue concedes to attend.  Each member of the families has been presented with a coveted invitation heralded by the songs of all.  Although banquets and feasts are a regular part of Court life, Lady Godiva has promised this feast to be one to remember.  The Menu is kept in the strictest of secrecy.  No servant, page or attendant is allowed in the kitchens.  Only the highest royal attendant, The Lady in Waiting, is allowed to know as she must oversee every part of the preparations.  All the requested attendees are a dither with anticipation and excitement.

Upon receiving their official invitation, the Cresteds spend the day collecting paper which they skillfully form into complicated origami.  These shall be presented to Her Highness as is the custom.  Truthfully the royal attendant Dante, the youngest female of the Moon Paulhus Clan skilled in this form produced the amazing pieces of art.  The Cresteds were too busy primping and pruning to spend time with frivolous traditions.  Prince Romeo, the sleek, small and handsome Hairless Crested, has come to live in the Mythic Kingdom.  He hails from the Mid West which explains his reserved nature.  He is outgoing but believes confrontation to be unworthy of his attention.  He is completely unrelated to the Cresteds at Mythic but is welcomed by all as a member of the court.  Much to the chagrin of the young princesses, Prince Romeo is granted the right to present himself to the maidens and if accepted court them.  Empress Romi quietly wishes for several pairings to continue her prominent line.

Princess Karma is almost of courting age.  Currently she dismisses the young swarthy Prince as an upstart and often berates him in public.  But even she succumbs to his charms occasionally and is found playing on the royal lawns of Crested Castle.   Princess Karma is a supple and silky fair skinned young lady, mostly palomino with a light belly.  Her soft white crest is small, her socks demure and her flag tail substantial in movement. She is deer like in appearance with subtle strength and blinding speed, always the leader and sometimes the instigator.  Princess Karma is the epitome of a Hairless Chinese Crested.  Although exemplifying a lady she tends to follow in her mother’s footsteps. As the daughter of powerful Romi Kahn, she shows all the attributes of a great matriarch.  It is only her mother’s iron grip on the Cresteds that prevents her from taking power.

Romi Kahn’s other daughter, Princess Tara, is more of a tomboy.  Some say she rivals her sister’s beauty.  Others who prefer her slate color and proudly displayed pink polka dot belly say she outshines her sister.  Princess Tara enjoys her more curvaceous yet small figure.   She has already participated in numerous beauty and confirmation contests winning many awards and colorful ribbons.  She truly shines in the face of competition.  Princess Tara is slower only by a step than the lightning Princess Karma.  To see Princess Tara you would immediately notice her happy tail.  Her flag is a blur at any meeting and she is always ready for a game.   It is said that her dazzling personality greets guests well before a formal introduction.

As Empress Romi awaits her Royal Chef’s preparation she sits quietly in her chambers.  The Empress has never set foot in Ikim Castle.  She knows she will have to walk down the greeting isle with Karma and Tara flitting behind and Prince Romeo following closely.  It is not that Empress Romi does not like the Mi Ki Clan.  It is that she has much to do and the opportunity has not presented itself.  She has had several conversations with them in a light way and even corrected the young Sir Chance as to a more mature endeavor than playing games with the young Crested regents.  Empress Romi considered the Mi Kis to be acceptable for the most part.  This would be an interesting evening she thought to herself.

At almost the same moment, the Mi Ki’s received their invitation.  Having only attended a few of the parties, the Mi Ki clan was at a loss as to what to present to her Highness Lady Godiva.  Sir Chancealot made the final decision.  As Mi Kis are known for their playfulness and gamesmanship, the Mi Ki clan would present toys.  From all corners of the Mi Ki lands the finest toys were collected.  Sir Chance knew that although the Cresteds held flashy style above all else they could not resist beautiful toys.

Lady Ava would attend as would be befitting a lady of her merit.  She was relieved to know Sir Chance had promised to be on his best behavior although this was yet to be seen.  Lady Ava was more comfortable in her own surroundings.  She often liked others in the castle to make the first introduction.  Lady Ava, although the oldest Mi Ki in the Mythic Kingdom, is still considered very young for one with so much responsibility.  She is playful as are most of her kind, but on her own terms.  Her favorite game is in bed with the covers over her head desperately trying to figure out who is tickling her.  Soon she will be of courting age.  Sir Chance has already made overtures. Lady Ava is often filled with seeming indifference to the love advances although socially acceptable humping motion of her demure ruler.  Lady Ava understands her duty to the Kingdom, Her Clan and to her family line and will subject herself to a paring for the good of all.

Princess Jasmine and Princess Kitana busied themselves making final selections for the toys.  Although they are from the same nearby lands, neither of them are related to each other nor to any of the Mythic Kingdom’s inhabitants.  This does not preclude them from acting like sisters.  Truth be known, they are not truly Princesses regardless of exceptional and extraordinary pedigree, as this title can only be bestowed by the mighty Royal Forum known as the American Kennel Club better known as the AKC. Sir Chancealot is comfortable with his seemingly precarious status as the ruler of the Mi Kis.   Lady Ava is of the belief that how one conducts one’s self is more important than the presumed status of dubbed Royalty.  But both Jasmine and Kitana have adopted the title of Princess which no one questions and even the mighty Empress Romi Khan accepts.  Her Royal Highness Lady Godiva is more than willing to overlook the formalities of the AKC’s recognition and is happy in the knowledge of such carful breeding.

Princess Kitana who was named after a warrior queen is known as headstrong and adventurous.  It took much patients from the Royal attendants for Kitana to focus on required training which every member of the family dredged through. Since the Mythic Kingdom is a peaceful place her warriors energy and strategic thinking is relegated to mach attacks and capturing enemy territories known as the kitchen.  The royal attendants are often included in battles for the island prep area or the stronghold chair skirt which is met with good humor most of the time.  Despite her ferocity, Princess Kitana is a sweet faced young lady sporting a black long coat and white tail.  Her brown eyebrows and exceptionally long eyelashes did not go unnoticed.  The overtures of Sir Chance were seemingly ignored for the moment as she is still too young to take such things seriously.  Princess Kitana is more interested in play and considers little else important.  The majority of her day is spent playing with her almost sister and with Sir Chance vying for attention from both girls.  She enjoys running with the Crested bunch as well as collapsing in sheer exhaustion on the comfortable Royal Sofa.  Although Princess Kitana is best known for her endless energy her favorite pastime is to be massaged by her attendants.

As the day of the Royal feast approached attendants at Ikim Castle flashed back and forth.  Even the fearless Kitana treaded carefully down the halls as not to be run over by overloaded helpers.  Lady Ava struggled with her personal attendant who brushed her luxurious long hair.  Lady Ava considered herself as a more natural person and dreaded the grooming procedures.  With her patients nearing an end, when the chance arose Lady Ava bolted through the door with frustrated attendants in tired pursuit.  She ran down the hall and into the rooms of Princess Kitana.  What a strange sight Kitana thought seeing winded attendants chasing the royal mistress.  With a gleaming steadfast glair, Kitana sent the defeated helpers away.  Kitana’s expression was that of disgust at Ava’s inability to command her servants.   Never run from your opponent, bark orders only when necessary and always be ready for an attack.  Even Kitana realized the over dramatization of the situation, and rolled on her back for another massage from her attendant.

At Crested Castle things were decidedly different.  Attendants sat quietly as Empress Romi Kahn and Countess Candy sat on the lounging chair speculating on the day to come.  This was never done as Empress Romi and Countess Candy were often at odds with each other.  This must be important for the two combatants to sit so decidedly close. Prince Romeo sat nearby attempting to emulate a cavalier attitude as he strained to listen in.  The tones of conversation were markedly softer indicating to Romeo the grave nature of the conversation.  It was an opportune moment when Princess Karma and Princess Tara barged in as at that very moment Prince Romeo fell off his chair while attempting to eaves drop.  His wits about him, Prince Romeo glared at the two in an attempt to dramatize his startled moment.  Now he will have to wait to see what unfolds at the feast he thought to himself.  Princess Tara with Princess Karma in tow came to see Countess Candy.  The Countess is a natural beauty with an amazing full white crest, socks that flowed when in motion and a flag tail that seemed to defy gravity even in the still air.  She is stunning in her small light frame.  Countess Candy had also born another new generation of royals yet her figure seemed almost unchanged, a mild point of envy on the part of Empress Romi.

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“Where there is unity there is always victory.”

Publilius Syrus

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    I know this site provides quality information on Chinese Cresteds but reading this charming story is just a bonus. The Mi Kis look very cute but the Crested ones are to die for! Have not found any other dog breeder website which offers these kinds of information in quality.

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