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Mythic Kingdom Saga – part 3

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Mythic Kingdom Saga – part 3

The Epic Saga of Two Nations Together Forming One Peaceful Kingdom

story by TPaulhus  art by CMPaulhus

Before the wake of dawn servants scurried about in measured steps as not to wake the Mi Ki clan.  At the helm, or what more resembled the receiving area, stood Ms. Dante, head mistress of all royal servants, attendants, pages, and stewards within Ikim Castle.  The Paulhus Clan was formidable when challenged with near impossible tasks, and today was just such a task.  Ikim Castle was to receive Her Majesty Lady Godiva, loved by all.  Much to the chagrin of the Mi Ki’s, the Cresteds were to attend also.  The only solace to the Mi Kis was the fact that Lady Godiva chose Ikim over Crested castle.

Lady Godiva had sent her personal servant, Ms. Christina, to oversee the preparations.  Ms. Christina had arrived some days earlier with the full power and authority of Lady Godiva.  Ms. Dante had prepared for Christina’s arrival.  Everything was polished twice, cleaned twice and of course checked twice.  Nothing could be left to chance as Ms. Christina was known to be loving, kind and demanding of performance.  As the fire red conveyance came to a swift and sure footed stop, attendance opened the door.  There she stood, not tall, nor menacing, nor even powerful at first glance but as she moved her voluptuous form became a single motion.  No one could take their eyes from her.  One could almost feel the very air sway to and fro.  It was not that she was the most beautiful woman in the world although truly beautiful.  It was not that she was the most sensual although many a lad had fallen to her charms.  No it was shear confidence which exuded from every pore, every breath, every motion.   Ms. Christina had fulfilled many a men’s hearts with yearnings and filled many more late night blissful dreams.  But Ms. Dante knew all too well the reason Lady Godiva sent Ms. Christina.  Make a plan, execute the plan.  Dante was happy that the plan was not to execute her.

Late morning of the feast a loud and power machine came to a stop in the courtyard.  It was Tim, defender of the realm.  Battle scared and worn, undefeated and arrogant Tim was a powerful foe.  Out he stepped with heavy boot.  As he stood all those around him made way.  He was a formidable presence dispatched to Ikim by Lady Godiva herself.  As he entered the castle, servants and inhabitants alike scurried to look busy.  Everyone could hear the stomping boots and creek of heavy leather as he approached the servant’s area where Christina awaited.  His gaze missed nothing as he scanned the room only to stop at the sight of Christina.  Only she stood not in defiance but with her ever present confidence.  The powerful Tim tilted his head slightly as he bowed to no one other than Lady Godiva.  With this acknowledgement Christina took a slight breath, and with a warm slight smile allowed him entry.

Ikim was a hum with whispers and huddled conversations.  It was known that Tim loved Ms. Christina as he often found excuses to be in her presents.  Tim would often regale her with tales of battles and strategies, which Christina would patiently listen to often offering questions regardless of her questionable interest.  He would contrive ways to hold her hand or to offer his cloak so that her perfume would linger upon its return.  Yes the jest was how the mighty had fallen to such a delicate hand.   But this was different as his orders were clear.  Secure Ikim castle and prepare for Lady Godiva.  Let nothing spoil the feast.  Not the snobbish airs of the Cresteds or the cunning ways of the Mi Ki’s.  Tim had a way of stating the simple as the dramatic.

By late afternoon Ikim Castle was ready.  Christina walked with Dante in tow occasionally pointing to this and that making last minute adjustments.  The secret main course was slowly simmering as the intoxicating scent filled the air surrounding the castle.  Tim having completed his rounds found reason to stand in supposed guard of the kitchens knowing full well that Christina would return upon her final inspections.  As she returned Tim offered his hand to help the exceptionally capable Christina enter the room.  Even Tim was slightly embarrassed by the fain attempt to have contact.  As he looked about everyone’s expression was that of obvious necessity in view of his clumsy attempt at charm.

Soon Her Highness would arrive.  Each person was at their station checking their straightness and their areas.  Although Lady Godiva was kind and benevolent there was much tension surrounding this feast.  Lady Godiva made it known that the reason for the feast was to secure and continue the peaceful ways so well known throughout Mythic Kingdom.  The good natured bantering between the Mi Ki’s and the Cresteds had become almost a competition for the nonexistent and contrived title of cutest and most loveable in the land.   Each side had their substantial charms which both sides enjoyed flaunting.  Keeping peace with such outgoing personalities was becoming a daunting task.   Lady Godiva hoped that each side would appreciate the other and allow for both to enjoy their time in the spotlight.

Guests started arriving early evening.  First of course were Princess Karma and Princess Tara.  Princess Karma did not want to arrive early and certainly not the first but Princess Tara could not contain her excitement as she prodded her driver faster and faster.  Next was Countess Candy with Prince Romeo as passenger.  Prince Romeo wanted to arrive with Empress Romi Kahn but Romi understood the importance of an entrance and would not allow Romeo the power by association.

Each was greeted with the line of Mi Ki hosts.  Lady Ava was chosen as the first as she exuded charm and grace.  Sir Chance with his disarming style was next.  Princess Kitana stood with commanding confidence as only someone with her pedigree could and of course Princess Jasmine still recovering from her ordeal with the attendance as happy fun events were about to start.

As the last of the Cresteds’ entourage were finally settled, in strode the powerful, Empress Romi Kahn.  Silence was not lost on the ears of everyone.  Eyes were transfixed for the moment as Romi Kahn stopped for dramatic effect.  Romi was happy with her decision to enter alone as a single focus.  Even Lady Ava took a deep breath as she knew this evening would be a match of wits and courage.  Lady Ava was the first to Greet Empress Romi.  She led the Empress down the greeting line as each of the Mi Kis showed proper respect as good breeding and training were ever present.  After some time of idle chatter Tim, Defender of the Realm, stepped out from the dining hall doors and in a low powerful voice announced that Her Royal Highness Lady Godiva awaited their presence at the great feast.

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