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December 2014:
Welcome to our home! 

     In late 2014, we moved to to our home. We love it here. We live on 11.5 acres of wooded bliss with a year round stream with micro waterfalls and 2 bridges. Wildlife abounds and the only sounds we hear are birds, stream and the wind blowing through the trees. We are so fortunate to have great neighbors who have been so helpful and sweet.
The primary goal of Arya Tara Farm is to continue our passion of breeding and raising the tiniest sized, from micro to miniature Chinese Crested puppies and the rare long coat Mi-Ki puppies from health tested parents. The parents will have lot more space to lounge around, inside the house and out. They will have bigger yard spaces which is a good thing. We are still in the process of setting up the house to make everyone as comfortable as possible. After all, they deserve it.
The second goal is to practice micro permaculture. What is Micro Permaculture? Permaculture is the holistic approach to land management incorporating ecological design using local materials and water sources to regenerate and self maintain natural habitat and agricultural systems modeled after natural ecosystems. It is a gentle approach to tending the land while growing organic food and raising animals in a humane manner. It is in essence creating a healthy micro world. Since our home already has clean year round stream from a reservoir, and lots of trees, it is up to us to be mindful stewards of this land which is in our care. We want to make this place better after us then before. We look forward to starting an organic and non till garden, fruit orchard, plant nut trees and raise quails and chickens for eggs so we can feed our children healthy and natural foods. Our daughter developed an allergy to many fruits and we believe it is the use of so much pesticides, fungicides and herbicides that triggered her allergies. So it is our hope to be able to share with others the benefits of NATURAL living which is good for us, animals and our planet. YES, we are tree huggers. But at the end of the day, who wants to live in a polluted world? Instead of contributing to more of what we don’t want, we all can be a part of what we do want. Even though we have a lot of land, as most of it is wooded, we are going to do micro homesteading. That means growing and tending to an acre of land to produce food. Micro is from the Greek word mikros meaning small. It is used to indicate something much smaller than the average scale. And everyone knows, I love everything tiny and smaller than average.
The third and most important goal of Arya Tara Farm is to live simply and joyfully with each other and with nature. It is so easy for us to get lost in things and running around accomplishing our goals that it can be a challenge to just be with each other and be present to the moment. The running stream reminds us of how fast life goes before us. It is a constant reminder of the many changes of life that is often unpredictable and uncontrollable. But we can choose to be happy and thankful. And that is what we want to be able to share with others here.
This is a work in progress and we will post updates on our micro farm, well more like a mini home stead.
   Thank you for visiting. We hope the information on this page is helpful if you are looking for simple ways to live naturally or have a dream of starting you own micro homestead. If you have any questions or would like to give us suggestions on organic micro homesteading, please send us an email. We have a lot to learn and all suggestions are appreciated.

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