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Oxi Shot Stain Remover

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“Oxy Shot™ removes the toughest stains FAST! Our powerful oxy formula penetrates deep and fast to permanently remove the toughest pet and household stains and related odors. See the difference Oxy Shot™ can make on your stains!

Product Benefits:
• Eliminates the toughest pet and household stains
• Effective on: Feces, diarrhea, dirt, vomit, blood, grass, ‘pet sweat’, wine and coffee
• High-impact odor neutralizers completely and permanently destroy pet-related odors
• Helps prevent repeat marking
• Effective on both old and new stains
• Safe for use on carpets, upholstery, bedding, clothing and any water-safe surface
• Made in the USA

Purified water, hydrogen peroxide, mild surfactant blend, oxygenated odor neutralizer, stabilizer and fragrance. ”


Information above, in quotes, is provided by the manufacturer as of 6/8/16. 

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