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Powderpuff Chinese Cresteds Hair Styles

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Chinese Cresteds are still a rare breed and many people have only seen them on TV, book or magazine. Few have had the pleasure of meeting a Crested or two and get bitten by the Crested bug. They want to bring home a Crested and think of only a hairless since that is what is most associated with the breed. But there is the wonderful full haired sibling of the hairless Chinese Cresteds, the poweder puffs, or as we like to call them the Ponies. The have long and silky hair that will grow to the ground if properly taken care of. But since most pet families op to groom their puppies in an all over shorter hair cut, puppy cut, in an effort to keep them looking puppy like longer, as well as the ease of care, we wanted to present another wonderful option than the puppy cut. We feel the pony cut is a better grooming look than the puppy cut, as it really brings out the very best of the Chinese Crested features.

Basically, a Chinese Crested with hair all over is groomed each spring like a hairless Chinese Crested. The body is groomed with a #40 clipper leaving only the crest, socks and plume. The very short hair on the body will feel like the softest of velvet. Because they are powderpuffs with two layers of hair, one like fine human hair and the other a powdery fine hair, their skin cannot be seen. The face is kept buzzed and neatly groomed once a month or every other month, showing off the fine face of a Crested. The hair on the body will grow out during the summer and autumn, and by winter, the hair will be about 2 inches long which will keep your Crested warm in the winter. Then it is a nice clean clip when the weather is warm by the spring sun. This is great in areas where the summers are very hot. For the families living in colder climates, the Pony cut allows for the puppy to wear clothes all day with out having any tangles or matting.

Our daughter loves her powderpuffs and super hairy hairless Cresteds. She considers the powderpuffs in the pony cut as the best of all worlds. They have the sweetness of the Chinese Cresteds but not the bare skin.

Most Mythic Kingdom powderpuff Chinese Cresteds will have their faces, necks and ears trimmed. Sometimes we will have our powderpuffs in a Nudy cut. We offer all our powderfpuff puppy families the option of having their puppies groomed in a Nudy cut prior to leaving our home.

We also offer to show all families how to bath their puppies and groom them. This can be done when you are at our home or via Skype. This way you will be able to keep your puppy clean and can groom them at home if you choose. Most prefer to have a professional groomer to keep their little Princess and Princesses looking photo ready. We’ll be more than happy to show your groomer who to groom a Powderpuff or hairless Chinese Crested.

Powderpuff Chinese Crested show cut

AKC Mythic Chanel, a tiny Chinese Crested, in her face, ears and neck trimmed at 16 weeks. She is 2 lbs and 1 oz in this picture so she is a very, very tiny Crested girl. She has great silky hair which does not tangle easily. She looks great with her face and ear groomed giving her a classic Crested look but her body has not been cut since birth. This is the look most breeders and handlers like in the show ring. A few will be shown with the ears fringed, hair grown long. She is just under 5 pounds as an adult. As of 11/14/17, Queen Chanel is exactly 6 pounds. She is nursing 3 puppies so this is nursing weight.

Powderpuff Chinese Crested pony cut

This is AKC Chanel, the same girl on the left, on the same day after she was given a pony cut. Her skin feels like velvet and Dante says her skin feels like the “best of both worlds.” It has the softness but still can feel the hair. This is big from a girl who loves puppies with hair all over. A few Crested breeders will show their powderpuffs in a pony cut as the the breed is not separated in the show ring by hairless or powderpuff. Chanel is one of Christina’s favorites with her ideal looks and sweetest personality.

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  • insolvent . March 1, 2018 .

    I think thіs is among the mօst significant information for me.

    And i am glad reading your artiⅽle. But should remark on some general things, Τhe
    sіte stylе iѕ wonderfսl, the aгticles is really excellent : D.
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  • Evanngelina09runs . September 13, 2017 .

    Love the side by side comparisons. We used to grow our puffs hair out long but now do the nudie cut in the springtime. So much easier!

  • DaveAngela . July 5, 2017 .

    Very nice article on powderpuffs. We love them, and the hairless ones too. We have over the years kept our puffs in both the long show coat or have kept some buzzed down in the hairless look. Either way, they are so gorgeous. I have a fondness for the true hairless and miniature sized ones why Dave prefers the powderpuffs. So the puffs in the hairless style is a great pleaser for both of us.

  • SameDreamsNow234 . May 18, 2017 .

    We have hairless and powderpuff Chinese Cresteds. The puffs are more mellow but just as smart and loving. Great article on styling a puffer.

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