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Powderpuffs: Best of All Worlds

February 5, 2013.Mythic Kingdom.29 Likes.13 Comments

7 month old chocolate Chinese Crested powderpuff.


“Chinese Crested powderpuffs are so cute. They have such soft hair all over and are so sweet. They have a chill Crested personality but not naked.  They are the best of all worlds!”

Dante P.

Chinese Cresteds are not for people who like the common and average. In fact, we Crested lovers tend to be rather eccentric and go to the beat of a different drummer. Even with in the Crested world, there are people who only want hairless Crested or only powderpuffs. Of course there are many families who just love Cresteds, no matter how much hair, color, size, temperament, gender, age…

Since hairless Chinese Cresteds are better known, why would a family have or want a powderpuff?

During our interview process, we do ask families about the degree of hair they prefer. For the families who requests a powderpuff, they are very much like Dante in that they don’t want to feel naked skin but want a Crested.

Here are the top reasons why powderpuffs are the best of all worlds.

  1. The luxurious feel of the powder soft hair.
  2. The hair can be grown long or trimmed short.  In either hairstyle, powderpuffs look beautiful. Families love the options.
  3. Less sensitivity to weather and temperature due to the undercoat. That means most powderpuffs don’t mind the rain or snow, while most hairless ones will act like they are dying.
  4. Easier going temperaments than the bald naked to hairy hairless siblings. As they experience life differently being cuddled in so much hair, they are just more mellow and easier going.
  5. They do not have teeth issues like the hairless ones. The hairless gene is related to teeth health so puff families don’t want to deal with teeth decay and loss at a young age. Powderpuffs, just like any other breed of dogs, will go through the normal course of life as they age.
  6. Way less likely to experience sun burn if they have light colored skin under the hair due to the puff undercoat.
  7. Less time fussing about clothes to keep warm or sun burning.
  8. Our on the town, people stop by to say hi to their adorable dog instead of saying, “Is that one of those hairless Mexican dogs?”
  9. When family and friends meet your puff, they see smarts, loyalty, beauty and charm.  No need to explain how they were born that way.
  10. If you let their hair grown long, you can use them as dust mops.

This is the same powderpuff Chinese Crested Princess as she grew.

Why do you prefer or like powderpuff Chinese Cresteds? Please leave your comments at the bottom.

To all our families who have 1 or more powderpuffs from us, thank you.

Our passion: Breeding the smallest sized Chinese Crested puppies with rarest eye colors in the world out of health tested parents. To go above and beyond what other breeders do by treating each puppy and our valued puppy families like royalty.

Our mission: Share the love of powderpuff and hairless Chinese Crested puppies with you.

“I want to talk to the bullied kids of the world. Tell them to hang on, it will get better. Know that an ‘Iron Chef,’ actors, musicians, artists and all successful people have probably been bullied in their life. And the best part of your life is yet to come. Whatever it takes to live, do it!”

Cat Cora

Comments (13)

  • (Author) Mythic Kingdom . November 2, 2017 .

    Thank you. Keep loving all of them.

  • Evanngelina09runs . November 1, 2017 .

    Puffs are the undiscovered joys of the dog world. Ours have been more mellow than our hairless but then again, Cresteds are playful and mellow. So puffs are like marshmellows and the hairless are the chocolate for s’mores. We love all Cresteds so puff or hairless, we adore them. Thank you for letting us be parents to tiny Mythic Princess and Mythic Prince!

  • JJJS . October 24, 2017 .

    Love our puffers!

  • jayjaycc . October 14, 2017 .

    You are so right! Puffers are really easy to care for and are just as loving as the naked to super hairy hairless ones. We still enjoy reading your articles on Cresteds. You, Tim and your kids are the best!

  • Goldie166 . September 5, 2017 .

    We have had both hairless and powderpuffs in the past. From our experience, they are all just the most loving beings imaginable. The difference between the two is as noted. When new people meet our kids, they are drawn to the puffs. “How pretty.” Hairless ones on the other hand get the third or forth look from stranger. Not everyone’s cup of tea. Our little puff Princess does get the most attention where ever she goes as she is so little with the prettiest face. She stands out from our other babies. She is oh so spoiled! We’re so happy we got her from Mythic Kingdom. She is perfect and priceless.

  • JJ563smiling . July 22, 2017 .

    We like that they are less maintenance then the hairy hairless ones. Other than that, they are just the same in the kissing department lol

  • GooGooLook . October 3, 2016 .

    Agree with everyone who loves powderpuffs. They are so elegant with the long hair. Thanks for writing this article on them.

  • lifewithbutterfliesandcresteds . May 13, 2016 .

    We love all Cresteds. People definitely think of hairless Cresteds and don’t know much about the powderpuffs. It would be great if more Crested breeders educated families on the joys of puffs. We are so happy with ours. They have the loving personality with as all Cresteds do but way easier to live with since we don’t have to deal with any skin issues. Love them to pieces.

  • fishermanandlady . November 28, 2015 .

    We follow Christina’s advice and give our puffs a trim down in the spring and early fall. This keeps them cool during the summer and warm in the winter. Oh what cuddle bugs they are. They are really hardy little things. We were so happy to see how healthy they have been over the years and such joys in our life. We couldn’t imagine life before our puff Cresteds.

  • KayleeAllDolledUp . June 9, 2015 .

    Where does any powderpuff Chinese Crested parent start when explaining why we love them so much? The softest hair? Loving to cuddle? How smart they are? We have always had only puffs and will for life. But do have to say we are converts to the smaller ones now. You and Tim have opened our eyes to the wee ones. You know we have always had the 14-20 pound powderpuffs so 6 and 5 pound boys seemed so tiny! They were projected to be around 7 – 8 pounds but stayed smaller. In a world of living with the standard sized Cresteds, 1 pound is not anything. The only issue is explaining to people that Robin and Caruso are not puppies. They are both little athletes. But they looks like miniature versions of our other puff kids, everyone insists that they are puppies still instead of adults. Too funny. Thanks Christina, Tim, Dante and Raiden for letting us adopt them.

  • LyraB9080 . July 8, 2014 .

    Another great article on Cresteds. We really love the info you give out. Thanks

  • Charlie Loves Cresteds . March 15, 2013 .

    Puffs are the best. Loving, sweet, smart… the list can go on. Our are like mellow beach bums.

  • lindacctoomuchtohandle . February 8, 2013 .

    I keep my powder puff girl in a short hair cut. She is so adorable and everyone says how pretty she is. She does not mind the rain which is a plus.

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