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Mythic Kingdom Puppies







We are very fortunate to work with wonderful families who have adopted and love our little Princes and Princesses. The extended Mythic Kingdom families have shared with us pictures of their little bundles of joy. They too have found our puppies to be the best and have fallen madly in love with our Royal puppies. We greatly value the close relationships we have developed with the expanding Mythic Kingdom families. We are always available to answer any questions families have or just to share their joy. We love getting royal emails filled with praise and pictures of their little Prince or Princess as they grow into fine and elegant young adult.

Here are just a few of the correspondences we have received regarding our lovely puppies. It is music to our hearts to know our little ones are in such great homes!  We love to make a royal puppy love match.

Mythic Princess Destiny

Princess Destiny is a super micro sized 3 pound gold powderpuff girl. She loving and sweet with the prettiest doll face. Because she is so tiny, we wanted to make sure she was going to be adopted by a family who would appreciate her super tiny size. She was adopted by Lynn and family in 2014 when Destiny was almost  1 years old.  Lynn and her driver came to visit us and then came back to pick Destiny up.

Destiny lives in New Jersey with her family, house staff and a Yorkie sister. She eats the food we recommend. She is a joy and blessing to her Mom. She is her Mom’s constant companion in the house and during the doctor’s visits. Lynn has always had Yorkies but now she is a Crested convert, or at least to our Cresteds. Destiny being so tiny is just an added pl to her sweetness and charm.

Since adopting Destiny (she kept the name we gave her), Destiny, her Mom and driver have been over to visit us at our home. It is always wonderful to meet up with our puppies.

“Hi Christina and Tim,

I have neglected sending you an email but had left ankle replacement, arthritis. I am all right now. We had one granddaughter get married and my son’s 30th anniversary. They live mostly in NYC but keep the Livingston house. My DIL will not part with it. My younger son remarried a lovely woman and moved to the city. I am not fond of NYC but when I had to see my surgeon I stayed at a hotel that allows dogs. It was really nice to have Destiny with me.

I hope all is well with your family and are enjoying the holiday season.Destiny is on my lap. I never had a dog like her. She is healthy, smart, and loves to steal socks. She has kept me company constantly. Destiny is  lover. I am so lucky to have her. I think of both of you often and watch the pups on your website. I only have praise for the way you care for dogs and socialize them.

Wishing you a happy holiday and a healthy year.

Best always,


December 2016

Mythic Princess Pretty Pumpkin

“Hi Christina,
It was exactly one year ago today that I adopted my sweet Pretty Pumpkin and got to actually hold her in my arms for the first time.
It has been a wonderful experience raising my little Pretty and so much easier than I had anticipated. She has only one desire and that is to please me.
She is 100% housebroken and never has an accident. She takes three walks daily around the block on a pink leash. …..always causing quite a stir with all passers by. Most people have never seen such a  Chinese Crested. …….so tiny and perfect and well-behaved. She still weighs 2 lbs 9 oz.
Every day,  Pretty Pumpkin practices all her behaviors that she learned in Puppy School…..sit, come, down, stay,  let’s go, wait, release, walk, stop, etc.  We practice multiple times daily, before and after  meals and at random times. She is a lovely little puppy with the sweetest disposition whose only goal is to be a good girl.
I love my sweet little Pretty Pumpkin soooo much. Thank you again for allowing me to adopt this precious little girl.
May God continue to bless you and your family.”
Texas July 2015

April 2016: Pretty Pumpkin’s Mom said she is going great. She has gone through dog obedience classes and can pose for pictures without moving for 30 minutes. She is the best little Crested ever and is her Mommy’s joy. 

Pretty Pumpkin is a sweet very hairy hairless Chinese Crested girl who ended up being under 3 pounds as an adult! She was projected to be 4 pounds. She has the lovely doll face we love at Mythic Kingdom. Goldie, her Mommy, flew in from Texas with her daughter to pick her up. Her family loves Chinese Cresteds and did not care what size she was projected to be. They are over the moon with her sweet & playful personality, great health and outstanding good looks. They liked the extra care we give to our puppies and our puppy families and fell in love with her as a puppy. Goldie calls us several times a year just to chat.

“Hi Christina,
On Mother’s Day, you gave me the gift of allowing me the privilege of adopting Pretty Pumpkin.
On June 30, three months ago, I held her in my arms and immediately fell in love with Pretty Pumpkin. We have been in love from that day forward.
When Precious Kisses, our 12 pound Chinese Crested girl, went to Heaven, there was a void in my heart that I thought could never be filled.  My Pretty Pumpkin has wriggled her way into that void and has filled me with joy. Thank you so much for the gift of Crested love. …a love like no other, as we both know.
Pretty Pumpkin has a very, very sweet nature and a perpetually sunny disposition. She is incredibly loving and truly enjoys being hugged and kissed.
I love her soooo much.
She is 100% paper trained and I cannot remember her last accident. She is a smart little girl and from Day 1, has easily fit into our household routine. She has been an incredibly easy puppy.
I groom her myself. She cooperates when she gets her bi-weekly bath, toenail clipping, and grooming session. She has cooperated from the first time I put her on the new pink grooming stand that I bought just for her. She has always allowed me to shave her nose and body with no resistance at all. I think because you and Tim had groomed her, she was accustomed to the grooming table and strap and the hum of the clippers. She is such a good girl at all times.
My hairless Sphynx cat, Cutie Patootie, accepted Pretty Pumpkin’s presence from the moment that she entered the house. Cutie Patootie NEVER hissed or paw-batted or showed any dismay at having a canine sister. They sleep with me at night and Cutie Patootie has always lovingly accepted my Pretty Pumpkin as a member of the family.
My husband loves Pretty Pumpkin and says that she is a very easy puppy to have around the house. Dolly, my daughter, says that Terry (my husband) baby-talks to Pretty Pumpkin when I am out of earshot. He doesn’t want me to know that she has captivated his heart with her sweetness. …(manly man that he is.)
Pretty Pumpkin was spayed on September 15. I picked her up at the Veterinary Clinic at 6:30 pm and drove her home. Pretty Pumpkin pranced into the house, tail wagging, ate her 35 moistened kibble, fell asleep. …no pain medicine needed. The following morning, she pranced to the kitchen, tail a-wagging, ate breakfast, cuddled in my arms with no ill-effects from her surgery. She has never even whined when her abdomen was touched. …her surgical site has never bothered her at all. She had a remarkably uneventful recovery. She is one tough little Pretty Pumpkin.
I feed her 35 moistened kibble three times daily. She LOVES LOVES LOVES to eat. She is a very beautiful 1 lb 10 oz.
Again, thank you for allowing me to adopt my Pretty Pumpkin. She has brought sunshine into my heart and into my home. You are truly doing God’s work by providing so many families with a healthy and beautiful living being who provides such joy. You do change lives with your work with these lovely little animals.
May God continue to bless you and your family.”
Texas 2014

Mythic Prince Valentino

2016 UPDATE: Valentino did a grand European tour with his Mom and Dad! His parents loved being able to take him everywhere and did not think twice about leaving him at home.

A super sweet hairless boy loved by his Mommy and Daddy. His Mommy and Daddy flew in to pick him up and we loved having lunch together.

He has 75 Champions, multi Champions, SOD, SOM, DOD and DOM in his 6 generation pedigree.
My husband had wanted a Chinese crested for many years. Due to having two Weimaraners (Parker & Bella) I kept putting off my husband’s wishes… UNTIL good friends of ours adopted a little boy Chinese Crested and I just fell in love with his sweet personality. Upon searching for one to add to our family I came across The Mythic Kingdom, read all about the absolutely wonderful breeders Christina, Tim, Dante & Raiden and knew instantly I wanted to adopt a little guy from them! While filling out the adoption form & answering such important questions I realized how much these breeders care about their babies. Within the same day my husband and I got to talk to Tim & Christina on the phone & were even more impressed with the love & care they showed for their puppies. When they told us tiny “Puck” now named Valentino seemed like the perfect fit for us and hearing all about his personality and character we were so excited. We immediately made plans to fly into Newark to meet Valentino and the Paulhus family. They welcomed us to their home where we had lunch, chatted, laughed, played with Valentino and really got to know one another. Christina taught us how to bathe and groom Valentino, Tim taught us all the important training techniques and answered all of our questions, and Raiden even showed us some of his outstanding Wushu moves! My husband and I are so thankful for the wonderful experience we had adopting Valentino. He is an absolute blessing and the sweetest tiny boy – we are so in love! It is no doubt that the Paulhus’ breed exceptional, tiny, healthy, beautiful puppies, giving them the best quality of care anyone could give. We look forward to staying in touch with the Paulhus family and hope they’ll come visit us in Kentucky sometime! Thank you so much for everything.

Jordan & Seth
Kentucky 2012

Mythic Rocky, Demetrius & Sky

2015 UPDATE: super hairy hairless Chinese Crested girl Sky was adopted too! Now they have 3 of Mythic Kingdom Chinese Cresteds. She is the princess and  her Mom loves to dress her up. She is a tiny 5 pound pink with black spots with white and black furnishings. Sky is super hairy so her hair is growing very long and full. She does not have a double coat like her powderpuff brothers. She is a true medium energy girl, playful and loving, with ideal body type.

2012 UPDATE: Chocolate powderpuff Chinese Crested boy Demetrius was adopted too! Demetrius is a “me too!” boy and wants to be involved in everything. He has the light brown nose and hazel eyes. Demetrius and Rocky are best buddies and love to play and sleep together (in the big bed with the parents of course). Rocky and Demetrius’ family loves the boys sizes since the family is very active and they are able to do all the activities the family enjoys. From hiking, kayaking, long walks, car trips, boat rides, riding in a bike and snuggling, the boys join in and loves it. They are also taken on family vacations too.

2010: Rocky is a super mellow man and is the largest powderpuff Chinese Crested boy we have bred at 10 pounds. They love him! Since adopting Rocky, Mary and her family come over for many social events and we have become very good friends. 

“I have known the Mythic family for years before adoption.  Their philosophy of matching the puppy to the family and family to the puppy made the suggested choice simple.  Rocky, my Mythic puppy is perfect. When we started I was given detail descriptions of Rocky especially his personality. The breeder stressed the importance of getting the right match. The information on the puppy was detailed and informative. The questions for me were more geared to my lifestyle and expectations. I felt I knew Rocky before I met him.

Fortunately I live close enough to have visited the them on several occasions, to play with their puppies and their kids, Dante and Raiden. I love their family concept of breeding.  The adult Cresteds are always having fun and the puppies are always trying to get into the mix. They do limited breeding so every puppy has a chance have fun with the human family and adult Cresteds. The Mythic family children often refer to the puppies as their puppy brothers and sisters.

Before taking Rocky home the they offered wonderful advice on the training and care of a new puppy. They also let me know that if I had any questions at any time to simply call. They said they like keeping in touch with all of the puppy parents since they become attached and want to make sure everything is going well for both the parents and the puppy. I was a little nervous about bringing a 12 week old puppy home since I had not had a puppy for a long time. Their open communication, knowledge of the breed and commitment to producing only quality Cresteds put me at ease. I even requested a custom haircut which was done by Christina’s husband/show handler while I waited. He was cute strutting his new doo. The cut really showed off his beautiful spots, silky hair and Uggs (socks).

Rocky was a hit at his homecoming. He charmed everyone. Well almost everyone. My two middle aged dogs Bibi and Molly were not impressed by his dashing looks and took a couple of days to warm up to him.  But Rocky’s playful charm and stunning personality finally won them over. The fact that I brought my other dogs with me when I picked up Rocky made things easier since the breeders showed me how to introduce a new puppy to my other dogs. Now they all play together even though as a puppy Rocky is a bit of a rabble-rouser.

Rocky is truly a breath of fresh air in our home. Watching him is a pure pleasure. The only thing worry about is that someone will try to pocket him away.  Everyone that meets my little boy in NY and at our weekend home in PA wants to take him home.

The Paulhus’ also happen to have amazing children. They are very loving and involved with their children and it shows. Like the parents, the kids go above and beyond in their academic and sports activities. Like their puppies, the kids are a joy.

Thank you!”
Mary, John, Bibi and Molly
New York

Mythic Kublai, Michelangelo & Jean Claude

2016 UPDATE: The Kahns adopted our chocolate super hairy hairless older boy, Jean Claude who is 5 pounds at 8 months. He flew home with our puppy nanny. They also adopted our true hairless boy Michelangelo who is 5 pounds also. The Dad flew in to pick him up. Now they have 3 of our Chinese Crested boys, along with 2 much older and bigger sized Cresteds from other breeders. They love Chinese Cresteds and finds our sizes are easier for their active lifestyle


Kublai Kahn is the most hairless Chinese Crested to have been born at Mythic Kingdom. He only has hair on his head, feet and tail but he does have a strip of hair on his left side, like stuffing coming out of him. He also has a bald patch running from ear to ear on top of his head. 

His family fell in love with him as a very young puppy. They knew he was the one for them with all his bald splendor.  

Kublai lives in South Carolina as a loved boy with is Mom, Dad, human siblings and normal sized Chinese Crested siblings (from other breeders) and cats. His family loves Chinese Cresteds and did not care what size he was. But when they brought him home, yes they were extra happy that he is so small. This way, he is able to travel with them everywhere. 

From day one, Kublai was Christina’s favorite since she loves TRUE hairless Chinese Cresteds. As he developed, he was exceptionally sweet and played gently which is great for someone with lower energy like Christina.

Thank you Kahn family for loving him so much.

“He is doing wonderful & is pretty much running the whole house…..

Thank you for making this wonderful addition to our family possible!!!

Michael K
S. Carolina 2014

Mythic Princess Valentina

Princess Valentina is a small Chinese Crested powderpuff Princess super star. She is a high energy alpha girl who knows she is the prettiest and smartest. Valentina is very active in her community and does many charity events to raise money for canines in need. She likes to look good while doing good for others. V is a seasoned traveler having done many flights across the US visiting friends and family. She also has the energy to keep up with her Doberman Pintcher brother during canine training classes. With big or little dogs, she is the alpha. After all someone has to be in charge and it might as well be a beautiful and smart girl. Her Mommy has been loved by another Crested girl and really treasures her little co-pilot.

69AKC Champions, Multi Champions, SOD, SOM, DOM and DOD in 6 generations.

2016: Valentina’s Doberman brother, Hobo, passed away suddenly. She has now out lived 2 brothers. The loss of Hobo has deeply affected Valentina and her Mom. Val misses her brother. He was her snuggle buddy, training partner and the big boy to boss around.

“I wish to thank the Mythic Clan for all their help, kindness, and expertise. Mere words are not enough to describe how elated I am. My experience with them will always hold a place in my heart. Due to the loss of a dear co-pilot I was in pieces. After much research, I was told she was a Chinese Crested. Needless to say, I started researching Crested breeders. Mythic is above the others.

Since I could remember my family always had companion animals. Sometimes they were shows; sometimes not. It is in our blood. My Grand Mama always told us “the only thing missing on them is their speech, but if you listen real close they will tell you a story.”

Acquiring a new family member can be a very difficult task as there are so many things to consider and ponder over. All breeders and lineages are not created equal. Many breeders wish to make a quick sale as some even offer to ship overnight. I find the latter to be quite disheartening and was very worried thinking excellent breeders were becoming extinct.

It is wonderful when a breeder welcomes questions about both breed and lineage. It’s even better when the breeders are sincere and genuine. More over, it’s so warming when a breeder takes pride in both what they do and their dogs. They should want to tell you stories about their dams and sires. The aforementioned is part of the process. Anyone who is lucky enough to get a baby from Mythic knows it’s a blessing.

Christina and Tim are beyond knowledgeable. Finding them was an answered prayer. They truly care about both baby and person, as they are extremely helpful and honest. If one is looking for a very special four legged child, bred to be the finest, and perfectly matched, then look no further.

I worked with them before my Valentina was even conceived. They took the time to get to know me and my needs, lifestyle and concerns. When my baby was born, they sent me pictures and updates each week which made me feel a part of her growth.

They invited me to come visit them to meet Valentina and the other tiny puppies in the litter. So my sister and I flew out to New Jersey and it was a wonderful experience. We played with the puppies and spend couple of days getting to know each other even better. I was thinking about getting two puppies but Christina said no. She felt it was best for me and a puppy to have special time instead of getting two at once. After my visit, I knew Valentina was my baby, just as Christina matched.

While I waited for Valentina to be ready to fly home with me, Christina and Tim still answered all questions and sent weekly pictures. When my sister and I flew out again to pick up my little girl, it was just a wonderful visit. They opened up their home for two days to us, showing me how to bath my Valentina, answering even more questions and going over everything I needed to know to care for my tiny girl. All the time Christina and Tim took to get to know me paid off by matching me to my perfect little co-pilot.

Valentina is incredibly adorable. She is a joy to be with, she is very outgoing, brings a smile to the most serious faces, and is very intelligent. With a warm smile on my face, she even knows how to work a crowd. I love her so much as she is truly a Fortunate Blessing.

Dante and Raiden, a special thank you. I know one of your many task is to help socialize the babies.

I look forward to our future talks.”

Warm Regards,

Mythic Princess Luna

UPDATE 2016:  Luna is so adored by her family. They love our Crested girl so much that they adopted our retired true hairless Mom, Tara. Diana calls, email and texts us updates all the time.

Luna was projected to be 4 pounds and she ended up at 2 pounds 6 ounces! She has a really pretty toy face with the big eyes, and medium ears. She is adored by her Mom, Grandmother, grown up human brother and a Chihuahua brother who is 6 pounds.  (you can see more pictures of her with her brother on the Pictures from families page). Her family wanted a Chinese Crested because they wanted a puppy to love everyone in the family and not just the Mommy. They are so happy with Luna since she does love everyone, two legged and four, as per the breed. She was finally spayed when she reached 2.5 pounds at 8 months of age. 


Good Luck on a house- hope you find a good buyer … I will pray so you can get everything smooth .. You guys are amazing and deserve the best….

Luna’s weigh is finally 2lbs.  She is a great dog. She is very play full and loves the sun. When the sun is in the house we have to move her pillow with the sun and when sun moves she let us know its time to move her pillow for the next spot of sun… she is so funny.  We give her a bath every week or other week and she is good with that now…still Andre goes with her in the bathtub… LOL.  I know you are very busy – Hope you have a good summer.”

New York

Mythic Princess Nori

Nori Mouse is a 4 pound hairless Princess.  Her Mommy fell in love with her soon after she was born and flew in from California to pick her up.

“Hi Christina and Tim!
I wanted to send you these pic’s of Nori after her day of beauty at the spa (groomers)! She looks so adorable with the pink bow (which lasted about 2 hours longer in her hair than I predicted!).
Believe it or not, Nori has reached 4 lbs! (the vet says that she eating just the right amount). It appears that she’s actually doubled in size and is almost as big as my cat Lily now!
Nori is an absolute character! She has gone from a mild to moderate energy dog to a high energy dog–she is constantly in motion! And she is a little tomboy wrestling around and chasing Lily all over the apartment (lily chases Nori too)!
She still licks my face and behind my ears like crazy (she can’t seem to resist it)! She’s very food motivated, but it’s hard to teach her anything new because she gets so excited about the training treat that she can’t keep her focus!
She loves riding around in my pouch sling that I wear across my chest and she’ll go anywhere with me in her sling! And she sleeps under the covers every night with Lily and me. She loves to bring her squeaky toys up onto the couch with me one at a time until there is an entire collection there!
She’s great in the playpen when I am gone (she’s always sound asleep when either I or my pet sitter get home). She not great in the play pen when I am home though (she makes too much noise and I’m afraid the neighbors will hear.
The one thing that I’ve failed miserably at is potty training. She just can’t get the hang of peeing or pooping on pee pads. I’ve just adapted to it and do more cleaning!
I just have to thank both of you so much, because we have a very happy home indeed and Nori and I just adore each other (and Lily too)!
I hope all is well with you all and that plans for your move to the country are going well!
Thanks for everything–especially sweet little Nori!”
California 2014

Mythic Princess Aida

Aida is a smart and stunning little hairy hairless  3.5lbs Chinese Crested Princess. Her Mommy flew in from California to pick her up from our home. Her Mom just adores her and has “made life so much better because she is in it.”

I was stunned that the darling Chinese Crested that is now my little beauty and joy, Aida, was available, but Tim and Christina are breeders like no others, and that is no exaggeration. It is because of that that she had yet to be adopted. They had plenty of people who wanted her but none they thought were right for her.
They know their puppies and their needs and they match them to the homes where they will be happiest and best off. They would rather keep a puppy than place him or her in a home that isn’t exactly right. Well, I’m a newspaper columnist and author who sits at a computer all day, and I have no kids or other pets (other than my big man-pawed boyfriend!) and Aida needed a home like mine — one where she basically would be doted on all day, which she is, without the raucousness of kids and other pets. She sits in my lap while I write and then we play and she follows me around the house — a little four-legged, beautiful, scampering, loving ball of joy.
Aida, as I’m writing this, is a little over three months old, and is the most calm, amazingly well-adjusted doggie, and this is no accident. Tim and Christina (and their adorable kids, Dante and Raiden) socialize the puppies in amazing ways. Aida had a baby book (doggie book?) posted on the Mythic Kingdom site with all her history, from shots to…yes…visits to trusted friends’ houses for the weekend so she would get used to being around strangers.
I live in California, across the country from Tim and Christina, and was planning on flying my dog with me back home to Los Angeles. Tim did something amazing. Because she’d be in a small travel case on the plane, to get her used to it, he drove with her to the kids’ karate class in a small case for a week or so. This meant, on the plane, as a tiny puppy, she wasn’t scared; she was already used to being in a case, and Christina gave me a baby blanket that smelled like her littermates and Christina so she’d be even more comfortable.
I hope you’re getting the idea that these are THE most extraordinary breeders you will ever encounter. People asked me, “Aren’t there dogs in California?” And the answer is, no, not like these dogs and not from these breeders, who seriously set the standard for how breeders should be. My dog is not only extraordinarily beautiful and even elegant while most Cresteds have a more honking houndy look; Tim and Christina told me that they breed these dogs to be both sweet in temperament and courageous, and I’ve seen evidence of that in spades in just the week I’ve had her. She’s also an extremely smart little doggie, which is important, because it means she picks up on training fast and can be socialized to go anywhere.
I would encourage anyone from afar (not near Tim and Christina) who is lucky enough to be chosen to get a dog from Tim and Christina to not use the puppy nanny to bring the dog to them, and to take advantage of Tim and Christina’s generosity in being willing to take a day to answer your questions about caring for your dog, teach you how to groom her, hold her properly and everything else. Tim told my boyfriend and me on Skype, “The only dumb question is one you don’t ask,” and he and Christina are there for these puppies and their families long after the puppies leave them. They’ve been just great about answering questions, and Tim’s lessons on puppy ear-wrapping and grooming were invaluable.
By the way, we kept the name Aida both because it fits this elegant and big-hearted little dog and to honor all that Tim and Christina and Dante and Raiden (amazing kids) put into creating and raising happy, beautiful, well-adjusted dogs and their continuing concern for their doggie babies.     We wanted to keep that connection to them in place because they have done something amazing in the care they take.
They really set the standard for how a breeder should be, but their care comes both from knowing these dogs and being so great as breeders and from being extraordinary and extraordinarily wonderful people, and that’s just not something other people can replicate.
If anyone wants to talk to me about my experience and the wonderful, strong, courageous, elegant little ball of joy Tim and Christina entrusted me with, I would be happy to oblige. I just can’t say enough to tell you how wonderful these people are — as people and as breeders.
Thank you, Tim and Christina, for all you do and have done. I now spend my days laughing and filled with joy, thanks to Aida scampering through them and sitting in my lap and looking up at me for more ear rubs and tummy rubs.

Fondly and with great gratitude,
Amy A.


Mythic Prince Apollo and Princess Bella

Apollo is a beautiful 6lbs powderpuff Crested man adopted by Shavaun. Bella is a small and gorgeous 6lbs true hairless Chinese Crested Princess adopted by Shavaun’s Mom. Their family came to visit us several times and we got to know each other really well over lunches. We greatly appreciate and value our continued relationship with their wonderful family.

“Hi Christina, Tim & Family,

We just wanted to thank you so much for our special little babies. Bella & Apollo are doing great!! It was such a pleasure meeting you and your family. You certainly went the extra mile when you always made sure we all had plenty to eat, you couldn’t have made us feel more welcome in your home.
As you know, when I lost my beautiful Rumor it took me a long time to want another Chinese Crested. I did my research and I was able to find Mythic Kingdom. You took the time to listen to what I had to say and what I was looking for in my new baby.
Bella has turn out to be such a joy to have in my life. Plus we also have the added bonus of having little Apollo here too! They are so fun to watch playing and wondering what they are going to do next. If you have ever had a Crested in your life, you certainly know what I’m talking about. They are like no other dog, such great personalities.
One very big reason I choose Mythic Kingdom and there are many, was the fact that you health tested your dogs. Your family also takes the time to socialize all of the puppies from birth. When Bella & Apollo went to my Vet he was really impressed with their temperament and health.
We are so happy that we had the opportunity to find such a wonderful breeder and we look forward to seeing you again when you come to visit.”

Thank You,
Shawn, Renee & Shavaun

Mythic Prince Thor

Thor is a high energy and super outgoing hairy hairless boy. As a puppy he loved to run and play with everyone and everything. He was projected and ended up on the larger side of our breeding program at 7 pounds which was prefect for his family since they have 2 active and young boys.

“Hi Mythic!
Just wanted to let you know that things are still going great here!  Thor is completely settled in as part of our household! I ‘ll be able to send you a much more detailed update later, but wanted to share a new photo with you. Aeryk loves this puppy and carries him around everywhere! They’re so in love!  Have a great weekend!”

   “Hi Mythic Family!
I can’t believe that I’m just getting a chance to email you now.  It has been a very busy weekend here… Thor is the BEST! When we left West Orange on Friday, we had a 2-hour drive before we got home. Thor was great… he sat in Adam’s lap the whole way and slept. Occasionally he’s stand up and look out the window… then he’d just curl up and go back to sleep.
Upon arrival at our house, we introduced Thor to Hui (his Chihuahua big brother). They met outside in the front lawn and we let Hui check out Thor’s “defensive” end first. The introduction couldn’t have gone more smoothly and shortly after they met, 16-year old Hui was trying to get Thor to chase him through the yard.  Thor passed his vet visit with flying colors on Friday afternoon!  Everyone in the office came in to check out the most adorable puppy EVER. Naptime for puppy before the boys got home from school.  We purchased one of those “cave” beds for Thor before he came home and somehow he just knew it was his. He jumped right in and napped. The boys were SO excited when they got home and Thor was here… (especially Aeryk). He just couldn’t be away from that dog for a second. The 2 bonded immediately and it is SO fun to watch. Thor was NOT a fan of sleeping in his crate alone on the first night. He howled every hour (on the hour) all night… as soon as he heard our voice though, he was fine. Until the next hour. He’s doing great now… no whining. His housebreaking is going very well. He goes almost all night (6 hours maybe) in the crate without an accident. We give him little reward treats when he does his stuff outside and he now expects his treat, so he runs right outside and goes potty and runs to you for a treat. Perfect. We also hung a bell on the front doorknob… it hangs low enough so that he can ring it himself when he needs to go outside. He just started ringing it today and I love it!
We had a number of friends stop by over the long weekend and he loved everyone (and they love him). He has the best personality… hangs out with everyone and barks only when he should!  Since I’ve taken about a million pictures of Thor in the 4 days that he’s been here, I’m going to set up a spot where you can view them. I always take high resolution pics, so emailing them just won’t do. Thank you so much for pairing our family with Thor… he’s the perfect puppy for our family and we love him so much! I’ve attached one picture to hold you over until I can get a place to post pics online. Thanks again for everything… we’ll be in touch!”
“The matching process that took place to bring us together worked flawlessly. At the time that we contacted Mythic, they had a number of puppies available. They took the time to find out about our family and our lifestyle and then were able to make a great recommendation about a puppy that would thrive in our family.
Once they made a recommendation, we were welcomed to visit Thor as he grew and went through his weaning process. Mythic kept us up to date on his development and sent weekly photos to help us ease the wait until Thor could come home with us! From the moment we got Thor home, we knew that we had made the right decision about the breed and that Mythic had made the perfect match. Our 2 young boys (ages 6 and 3) are very active, and we needed a puppy that could not only keep up with them, but would enjoy being carried around and being part of the family. Boy, did we succeed!
Thor has started vacationing with us in our mountain home and has adjusted to that transition very easily… as long as he’s with his boys, he’s happy anywhere! He loves the car ride, the lake and his “vacation bed and toys”.
I must admit, that the thought of bringing a new puppy into our very busy lives was stressful, but I knew the boys wanted a puppy that they could call their own. Our chihuahua was getting older and we figured it was now or never… Thor has been a dream… I don’t know what we were so worried about… when you have the perfect match… you can just sit back and enjoy!”

-Kerri, Adam, Aeryk, Grey and Hui (Chihuahua brother)

Mythic Prince Remi

Remi, a small red sable powderpuff Prince. His parents have been loved by many powderpuff Chinese Cresteds. When they lost their powderpuff boy, they wanted another one to love and they did not care about color size. They just wanted a healthy puppy. They flew in from Florida to visit us and after falling in love with Remi, Peder flew back in to pick their baby up.

“Hi Everybody!
Just a note to update you on Remy, or as we call him, Prince Rough Hausen.
He’s def a high energy puppy that has kept us on our toes!  He’s a sweetie, kisses for everybody, friends & strangers alike.  He is very vocal when he wants something…. a combination of yips, yaps & yodels, otherwise he is a very quiet dog.
I fill his food bowl on the counter above the dishwasher, so he has decided the dishwasher must be the provider of the food.  When he is hungry ( which is pretty much always) he goes to the kitchen & gently taps the front of the dishwasher & then sits & stares at it & waits for food to appear!  He is a little over 7 pounds.  Very solid but lean with a beautiful strawberry blonde coat with a little ash running thru the top & on his face.  He has lost almost all of his darker markings.  He would much rather play than cuddle but is beginning to understand that a good rub down isn’t a bad thing either.  I think he would make a great agility dog.  He is very fast & loves running & dodging thru objects ( think table & chair legs)
Not sure if I have the time to make it happen but I am considering it.
We had him neutered a couple of weeks ago.  Had to wait a little longer, as one testi hadn’t dropped & we were trying to avoid an abdominal exploration.  Had to explore the abdomen anyway, but he did well & recovered quickly.  Our vet is in love with his personality & tells me every time I take him what a healthy dog he is.
All in all, he’s just too cute & we adore him!”
Linda & Peder
Florida 2012

Mythic Princess Auchie

A 7 pound hairy hairless Princess. Her Mom flew in from South Dakota to pick her up and stayed with us overnight. We had a great time getting to know each other better over lunch, dinner and breakfast. It was really fun.

“The Paulhus’ welcomed me into their home and treated me like family during my stay.  The Mythic Chinese Crested family- Christina and Tim Paulhus are very caring and knowledgeable, answering all my questions before, during, and after I brought my CC puppy home. I was able to see Auchie’s mother “Candy” and her father “Spider Man” and feel confident that I had made the right choice.  The Paulhus’ are not just “breeders.” Their love of Chinese Crested is obvious and it shows. Auchie is a very social, playful and healthy puppy.

Auchie and her big brother “Buddy” (English Setter) are so cute together, they get along great. I enjoy watching the two of them playing in my backyard.”

Thank you,

South Dakota

Mythic Prince Leo

Leo is a TRUE hairless Chinese Crested man. He was such a sweet boy and one of Christina’s favorite puppies. He was a love and stayed that way. He is  a palomino and will burn in the sun so it is good thing his Mother is allergic to the sun and stays out of it most of the time just like him. We love getting updates from him over the years.
69 AKC Champions and Multi International Champions in 6 Generations in his pedigree!

“Hi Christina and Tim!

I just wanted to let you guys know that Leo is doing very well.  He is happy and healthy.

I am so happy I am Leo’s mom.  He is so much fun to have around.  Leo is great!  He is totally lovable and everyone just adores him!  Leo is wearing the cutest shorts today… he looks like a real Jersey Shore dog!

He absolutely LOVES being outside both here and down the shore and loves going on our walks on the boardwalk.  He loves hanging out down the shore and lounging on his outdoor bed.  He also loves to chase the squirrels and birds in our backyard.  I was so shocked that he loves being outdoors.  When we are down the shore, we leave one door open that leads to a gated area where his pillow is and he will just lay out there for hours.  He has gotten tanner since we got him! We are going to try to get him on a boat ride this weekend to see how he likes that.

Leo is such a good dog. We have no complaints about him! He is so well behaved and we can take him anywhere.  Right now, I’m trying to get him to stay in his dog carrier bag so I can take him into stores.

Leo is a very special part of our entire family.  All of us adore him and all of my friends melt when they see him.  Everyone’s first question when they see me is “how’s Leo?”  Leo has made quite a few friends with some of my friend’s dogs.  He also gets along wonderfully with his cousin, Guido.

I will keep you posted on him!”

New Jersey 2009

Chinese Crested puppies for sale are generally purse sized Chinese Crested puppies and teacup Chinese Cresteds puppies bred to be in the 4-8lbs range in comparison to the AKC breed standard of 10 – 18lbs. Chinese Cresteds can be in the mid 20’s! We use health tested Sires and Dams that are from smaller lines or are known to give smaller puppies consistently so our hairless puppies and powderpuff puppies for sale are projected to be in this smaller weight range. We do our best to weigh and project the adult weight as the puppies grow. We do produce super micro sized Chinese Crested puppy that will end up being under 4lbs or micro sized ones at around 4 pounds. Each litter is a delightful surprise of colors and sizes. In 2016, as we are breeding for blue eyed and odd eyed Chinese Crested puppies, we will have puppies that may end up being on the larger side for us, 8-10 pounds. These puppies will be priced accordingly. Any puppies that may have blue eyes or odd eyes may not be priced until they are 5 weeks or if they are priced, if they have blue eyes, the price goes up. All prices of puppies noted are as pets, adopted with strict spay or neuter contract and proof of procedure must be mailed or mailed to us, no exception. We reserve the right to keep a puppy, young adult or retiring adult longer and have them spayed or neutered prior to leaving our home at the family’s expense. So if you are looking to have an “accidental” litter of puppies, please do not contact us. If you are a breeder looking to buy a Chinese Crested puppy for breeding, we can help you find other breeders who will sell you a Chinese Crested puppy. We would be happy to help you or guide you on being a great breeder. All prices are subject to change without prior written notice or consent. For families who have a deposit in on a puppy, if the puppy ends up being smaller, the adoption price does not go up. Some families have ended up buying a Chinese Crested puppy from us at a really great price because they had a deposit in and they chose their puppy early, between 2-6 weeks. If a puppy is older and is staying tiny, the price goes up. Puppies projected to be micro sized or blue eyed or odd eyed are more.


Our passion: Breeding the smallest sized Chinese Crested puppies in the world with rare colored eyes (double blue, green, hazel, amber, blue odd eyes and mosaic) out of health tested parents. To go above and beyond what other breeders do by treating each puppy and our valued puppy families like royalty.

Our mission: Share the love of hairless and powderpuff Chinese Crested puppies with you.

“In the past, people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do.”

Gianni Versace

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