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NON USA FAMILIES WANTING A PUPPY Yesterday, we received a very thoughtful email from Gail asking if we place puppies to families in the UK. She did read everything on our website and could not find the information. We really appreciate her diligence and felt compelled to provide her information. “Hi I have endeavoured to [...]

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Puppies from Other Breeders

October 12, 2016.POST ADOPTION INFORMATION.#Breeders

QUESTIONS from families with puppies from other breeders or with rescue dogs In the past, we have had many families how have bought a puppy from other breeders calling us asking for guidance and assistance. The first thing we ask is, "Have you contacted your breeder? They should be the ones to guide you." When [...]

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Visit Us and Our Puppies

August 15, 2016.GENERAL INFORMATION.#Breeders

VISITING OUR PUPPIES AT OUR HOME We do invite every pre qualified family to visit us and our puppies. It's the best way to get to know our puppy families. They get to meet us and vice versa. There are as many types of breeders with visiting policies as there are families. 1 STAR BREEDERS [...]

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Breeder Reputation

August 6, 2013.GENERAL INFORMATION.#Breeders

OUTSTANDING BREEDER = OUTSTANDING REPUTATION We, as a family, are passionate about what we do. It's a labor of love for our puppies. Our mission is to breed the very best puppies. They are the smallest, sweet, pretty, healthy and super socialized. Our goal is to treat our puppy families the way we would want [...]

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Different Breeding Practices

August 24, 2010.GENERAL INFORMATION.#Breeders

DIFFERENT WAYS TO BREED PUPPIES When interviewing breeders, as them what their breeding practice is. In order to understand the very basics, here are the four practices in dog breeding: thoughtless, in breeding, back breeding line breeding and out cross breeding. It is up to you as a prospective puppy parent as to what is [...]

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We Stand Out

January 1, 2005.MYTHIC KINGDOM.#Breeders

We Stand Out What makes us stand out in the world of dog breeders? What makes us so special? Well we do things the way we would want our ideal breeder to do it. We've had some good experiences with breeders. We've had a lot of bad or less than desired experiences with breeders. But [...]

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