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Mythic Chinese Crested Benji

November 16, 2017.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#adopted Chinese Cresteds

Benji 6 pounds and his standard sized brother 12 1/2 pounds Zak is on the left and Mythic Benji is on the right. They are both example of hairless Chinese Cresteds. Benji was born at Mythic.  Zak was bred by another Chinese Crested breeder. Mythic Kingdom Benji is a hairless pink and palomino Chinese Crested [...]

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Double Blue Eyed Chinese Cresteds

March 28, 2017.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#adopted Chinese Cresteds

DOUBLE BLUE EYED CRESTEDS Mythic Princess Lotus is adopted by Dawn and family who already have 2 of our Chinese Crested girls. They adopted Fifi, a 4 pound powderpuff girl, and Venus, a 3 pound hairy hairless girl. Dawn loves our Cresteds and us. After living with her Mythic Kingdom girls, she came back for [...]

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Crested: Queen Lily

August 16, 2016.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#blue eyed Chinese Cresteds

MYTHIC ODD EYED LILY - BIO 11/14/17: Lily just made it to 6 pounds (nursing eight). Mythic Lily is a tiny little pink and black spotted skinned with mostly white and black furnishings. She has one ear which has black hair making her look so adorable. Queen Lily has brown eyes but is a blue [...]

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July 13, 2016.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#Chinese Cresteds

CHINESE CRESTED SIZES Pandora, our 4 pound adult Chinese Crested Princess, sitting by her standard sized Chinese Crested sister from another breeder. Yes, our Cresteds are that much smaller Mythic Kingdom Chinese Cresteds vs. other Chinese Crested breeders Breeding smaller sized puppies is not new and many dedicated and ethical breeders have spent years devoting [...]

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Getting A Tiny Chinese Crested

May 26, 2016.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#Chinese Cresteds

IS A TINY SIZED CHINESE CRESTED PUPPY OR DOG RIGHT FOR YOU? Before you buy a Chinese Crested puppy from us or from another breeder, please do your research. Read as much as you can. Speak to families with a Chinese Crested. First call your local breeders. Ask questions. See if they do health tests and [...]

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